McDonald, Shawn - Gravity Lyrics

The ways of this world are grabbing a hold
Won't let me go, won't let me fly by
It taken it's toll down on my soul
'Cause I know what I need in my life
Don't let me lose my sight of You
Don't let me lose my sight

I don't want to fall away from You
Gravity is pulling me on down
I don't want to fall away from You
Gravity is pulling me to the ground

This world keeps making me cry
But I'm going to try, going to try to fly, going to fly high
Don't want to give into the sin, want to stay in You 'til the end
Don't want to lose my sight of You
Don't want to lose my sight


I want to fly
Into the sky
Turn my back on this old world
Leave it all behind
This place is not my home
It's got nothing for me
Only leaves me with emptiness
And tears in my eyes

[Chorus 2x]

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McDonald, Shawn Gravity Comments
  1. NLGsy

    Still jamming to this song! This is not my home.

  2. Sharon Cole

    Wish I could give this song all hearts 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  3. Tripolic X Prime

    I used to hear this song on KSVJ but now its longer played there.

  4. Meli Banda

    This song brings back the best memories. I gave up so many things that were meaningless in my life. Social media was one of them. Everything felt in place. I felt so blessed and thanked God every chance I got. I just couldn’t believe how blessed I felt. I recall one stormy, drizzling night I went for a run and played this song on repeat. It was a run I’ll never forget.

  5. Rocio Martinez

    Thank you foe posting

  6. Chrissy Rountree

    I love this song!

  7. Jamie High

    not trying to brag but Shawn Mcdonald is my cousin and this is one of my fav songs!

  8. Deborah Pennock

    One of the most beautiful praise songs of all time

  9. Nadia Silva

    The struggle is real...

  10. Saigen Rose

    With all the things this cold old world has to offer I just need & want Jesus. He is all I need right now. God intervene in my life now & always, consume me with you grace, your mercy, fill me with your love & the holy spirit Amen, thank you Lord.

  11. 2life21

    Gravity may hold you down, but faith will lift you up.Jason Gray has a song called...Remind me who I am great song and a reminder of  who really and truly loves us-unconditionally~

  12. Rosemary Escobar

    I love to do our talent shows at church i did this song ..changed up some verses my good friend played guitar.. people were felt good to sing to Jesus..ALL FOR HIM .Never would i thought id be sing infront of a crowd ..Jesus gave me the strength and courage and vocie

  13. razoractive02

    Natalie Grant “held”

  14. honey bear

    Really ! How could not like this song amazing.

  15. April

    love this so much

  16. Jose Nuno

    One great song that explains in detail the daily walk as a christian, thank you JesusFreak for posting this video and to all who read this remember we are not alone....just call on Jesus and be still HE will answer

  17. Alphea Saunders

    First heard this in 2008. 10 years later i know I'm tougher than I ever imagined. Thank you.

  18. Greg White

    Man this song has always been in my heart for a long time now where did all the years go 8?9? I love you Jesus and all the memories you have blessed me so much ❤️✌️✝️

  19. Alan Fiebelkorn

    Great song

  20. Decor Mommy

    Love this songs 💞💞💞💖💖💞

  21. Ana Ren

    Love this song and yes, I'm late

  22. smallvilleluver80

    This is why I love music it always says how you feel when you don't or can't say what you feel music does out for you😀😀😀😀😀😀

  23. Media Junkie Tv

    I'm struggling with what may come. Lord hold me close!

  24. Sara Ramirez

    God bless :)

  25. Steve Smith

    It hurts so much to not have my mother here physically Father God but I know I can't fall away from you.. I never needed you more than now Father. If I could, I would rather be up there with you Father God and my beautiful mother, its killing me to not have my best friend here with me in this dark time but I know you got me God.

  26. Arcoiris System

    I didn't even know this was religious I Hurd it a few years ago and it spoke to me on the spiritual

  27. Lisa Munley

    Most beautiful song its my prayer to Him

  28. dojo guamboy

    This ones for you DOT, i love you and miss you everyday.
    rest in love my best friend.

  29. Dane Valles

    This song reminds me of a dark time in my life, being addicted to meth and being at my lowest of lows, I thank God for the mercy he showed me and his everlasting love. he's deserves all the praise and glory ill be 3 years sober coming up soon.

  30. Soul Vagabond

    That feel when you're agnostic and you read the comments (Agnostic: a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.)


    I was an agnostic when I was a baby.

  31. Herbivorous_Mari


  32. Fibly

    0:38 um, i don't have to say what the image looks like

  33. So_Southern713

    So anointed.....

  34. Roberta Peppler

    I just heard this song in Jan 2017. I love its simplicity and the lyrics.

  35. Nick Diamond

    Heard this as bumper music for Star Talk Radio. About the movie Gravity.

  36. Jason Palmer

    I just heard this song for the first it

  37. Th Moriendeer

    I love this song

  38. Miriam Levy

    the picture of jesus holding peter's hand at the end is so powerful. we might be drowning in this world, but jesus will never let go


    Jesus did not have long hair though.

  39. Will Morris

    I love the strings in this song and how they just blend in with the acoustic guitar, especially the low strings, it's a great addition to the song

  40. murder 1k

    grAvity. is. pulling. me 2. da the ground

  41. Starrla Riordan

    This song is rather profound...Love love of my favorites at the moment...

  42. timothy mckean

    great song, i enjoy the live acoustic more though.

  43. Lisa Rodriguez

    love this song gravity

  44. Denise Mama D Landon

    How I'm feeling right now, tear filled, streaming down my stupid face... in spiritual Brokenness, in a broken marriage, broken mind, broken heart, broken body...

    murder 1k

    Romans. 8 28. All things. work together for the. good to. those who love the. lord and. that. are. call. to. his. purpose

    Jon Alarcon

    murder 1k Jesus is the only way

    chris simpson

    God blesses the broken! Hold onto God until your healed. Stay on the wheel and let Him complete the work my sister.

    Jose Nuno

    Do not fear for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go

    MsUn PC

    Denise Mama D Landon
    God can mend you no matter how broken you feel.
    Humans can steer you in the wrong direction. God will never steer wrong.
    Give Him all your problems. He can carry every problem known to man and it will never stress Him out or say it's too much.
    Humans weren't meant to carry any stress. It can literally kill you.
    Give every problem to God. He can handle it perfectly.

  45. Jennifer Bernagozzi Blackwell

    This song speaks to me in such a large way.

    Denise Mama D Landon

    me too...How I'm feeling right now, tear filled, streaming down my stupid face

    Kent W

    God loves you, mistakes and all. He loves you so much he gave his only Son. Thru Christ's sacrifice you're perfect in God's eyes. Know this; he's always there waiting for you to return.

  46. Solrac Moran

    at 0:38 it looks like the guy is fapping

  47. USconspiracy101 Freemason

    best version of this song actually like it now!!

  48. johnene remalia

    Created in a room in new mexico

  49. Matthew Beckworth

    thanks Shawn for keeping jesus's promise of salvation and everlasting life alive in this corrupt world of music.. you brother are truly blessed

  50. Rachel -Reviews, ASMR and Life-LimeLight

    37 people have horrible taste in music.

    murder 1k

    rjaarizona o im sorry you be bless n Jesus name


    Murder 1k just worte this. Funny. They could have missclicked... and its not like your musictaste is the only one that counts on earth, that alone is pretty arrogant.

    Rachel -Reviews, ASMR and Life-LimeLight

    Criticl the Leviathan huh okay

    Mais twopointo

    Rachel -Reviews, ASMR and Life Agreed. Religious or not it's a great song.


    The Love of Christ changes peoples hearts,some just haven't been given the chance or opportunity to experience that KIND of LOVE., I believe in timing-right place right time and with a little prayer miracles happen and those that disliked this song will have a change of HEART~

  51. Kelly Jones

    i remember playing this over and over in rehab in 2009!!

  52. mic keech

    great song

  53. Josh Lock

    My wife and I heard him sing this song live at Creation Fest NW it sounded just as good live.

  54. michael trujillo

    I feel you ,I thought I couldn't cry to the Lord ,but now I can

  55. A Olivia

    Loved this song for over ten years now. Beautiful, elegant and charming. Just like Him.


    +A Olivia me too!

    Krystle Jean

    wilson y

  56. Maureen E. Martin

    Wow.... :')

  57. B Hadnot

    God bless

  58. guitargeekette

    One of my absolute favourite songs...message I relate to. Arrangement moves me...just perfect

  59. Mephalus No More

    I'm very far from the whole religious aspect, but i know well-written music. This is sub-par

  60. The Hatter

    Love the picture at the very end. Very symbolic. Very good.

  61. barbaro267

    WOW 2005.....great memories :)

    he is risen

    barbaro267 so true memories when I first came to christ

  62. Shirley Bathauer

    I like your music

  63. Alice In Brill

    Just realized how hipster this song is. Lol

    Éxito F


    fuq off mah screen boi

    wish I could call you out right now

  64. Dana Moss

    Love it:-)

  65. Baraka Sija

    don't want to give into the sin, WANT TO STAY IN YOUR <3
    Jesus you are the REAL GRAVITY <3

  66. Matt Wedd

    God's love is like gravity, invisible, strong.

    Beverly Thomas

    And remember there is no Calamity above God's sovereignty

  67. April Renteria

    This song is one that helped me stay strong in my faith and I have 8 months sober thanks to Jesus Christ my savior


    Yay April! I hope you have continued on this path since this was posted. Every victory in Christ.

    Jason Love

    Hi April,I want a strong faith. Maybe I should shut off worldly distractions like social media and negative entertainment.

    Carry U

    @Jason Love 143

    Jason Love

    @Carry U thank u mam or sir.


    Praying that you are still pressing into our King! He loves you so much and so do I. God bless you precious one.

  68. Andre Flowers

    Hi Nicky p I'm Andre. I'm feeling far from the Lord myself right now. I'm saying this because I know how you feel right now. Maybe not in the exact same circumstance but I do. So just know your not alone. One thing I'm slowly starting to realise now though is that the Lord is always with us even when we do recognize it. As long as we strive to do what's right he will always be there to protect / comfort/love/support/ and guide us. So no matter what I always try to remember that. I hope this helped. God bless

  69. Nikki P

    This is exactly how I feel like I'm falling away from him. Pray for me please. I haven't read my Bible, I work late Saturday, the closest good church is an hour away. I have to get up at seven in the morning and, I'm extra tired because I have a heart condition. Had to work during last two Bible study's. I don't know what to do. God bless you all.


    If you are still so shackled to sin that you have to make it the focus of your life to feel freedom, then you are not truly free. The beauty of grace is not having to focus on the sin anymore.

    paula garrett

    Nikki The Lord sees your heart and condition. Remember you are the church. Hold a bible study in your home if you like. I love you and trust me, I have been there too.

    Connie Navarro

    Nikki P Make the effort. It will be worth it. I guarantee it! No love like the love of Christ.

    MsUn PC

    SMD 014
    Yes. Joel Osteen is an ear tickler. He preaches 'feel good' sermons. He never talks about sin or hell.
    He's PC. Preachers aren't supposed to be PC. He cares more about what the world thinks of him.
    He never opens his Bible. Just holds it up.
    I used to watch him but I started feeling empty afterwards.
    Just because someone prays for something doesn't mean they'll get it.
    God does answer prayers. Sometimes His answer is no.
    God sees the end to the beginning.
    Meaning what we want might not be good for us later on.
    And, Joel preaches about asking God for stuff. God's not a genie.
    And, when a person doesn't get what he prayed for, he can get discouraged and possibly turn his back on God.
    A preacher is supposed to be truthful. Let us know we're not all that.
    And, the truth hurts a lot of the time.
    Joel may not be able to get to the nitty gritty but God sure won't mince words or coddle us or try to not to hurt our feelings by being truthful.
    God/Jesus are definitely not PC.
    Jesus did call the Pharisees a brood of vipers. That was harsh but true.
    Yes, God is perfect Love. But He can't let it override His perfect Justice.

    MsUn PC

    Nikki P
    Whenever you have a day of rest, that's your Sabbath.
    But, we can rest in Jesus every day.
    God knew there would be people that would have to work on weekends.
    I'm just grateful we're no longer under the law.
    If we were, I don't think any of us would be alive today. In fact, I KNOW we'd be dead long ago.
    Thank God for Grace.
    And, you can pray a anywhere. God won't mind. :)

  70. Sentient Tent

    This was a different sort of mass than what i was expecting.

  71. jess calderon

    This place is not my home
    It's got nothing for me...

  72. blessings4eva

    This song speaks to me.It is so beautiful

  73. Sandy Hileman

    One of those songs where they made all the right choices from start to finish

    Josh M

    Well said.

  74. Jake A Levesque

    new world 9

  75. Noemi Hooks

    GRAVITY. This song is deep. It's says out aloud what one is feeling and suffers in silence. In fear of no-one understanding them and being betrayed if you open up. Thank you Shawn for your obedience in birthing this song through your suffering and pains and all you went through. "Your Labor Is Not In Vain" I'm giving GOD the glory for HIS faithfulness over your life. And for giving us a prayer in song form. It helps me say what I'm having trouble saying. Blessings may the good Lord intrust you with many more music to come. And coming forth out of your spirit, and may HIS anointing (qualifications) rest over your life.

  76. Kat

    Every once in a while a song comes along and gets you.  This one did it for me.  Love it!

  77. susieQ 31

    I love his acoustic worship...

  78. ktmartin1996

    You know it's a great song when you break down in tears the first time you hear it and realize that you NEVER wanna fall away from God.

  79. Lenny Bisutti

    This song is SO right on how I'm feeling about my life with Christ...The words are so very true! This world is going to hell and I feel I'm slipping away. Please pray for me

    Liz Dee

    I am praying for you Lenny. Stay strong. Phillipians 4:13 

    MsUn PC

    Lenny Bisutti
    The closer the end gets, the more you'll have to stick to your faith.
    And, "We ain't seen nothing yet."
    But, just think of how wonderful it will be to finally make it to Heaven. No more pain, evil, diseases, etc. Just a perfect peace for eternity.
    Putting up with this world and hanging onto our faith is worth it to get to Heaven.
    Any suffering now is Heaven compared to what it will be like in hell.
    This life is but a vapor.
    Our minds can't fathom living forever.
    But, I don't want to think about forever while suffering in hell.
    Keep praying, ask God to help you then thank Him for helping you with whatever you need.
    Instead of asking Him over and over, just ask once. After that, thank Him. Even if it hasn't happened yet, thank Him for it.
    God responds to praise. People that complain about their problems, beg for stuff or want God to pity them, will definitely not get God's attention.
    Not saying you do this.
    I'm just pointing these things out.

  80. Lee Chips

    Where is the "I Love it" button...
    Love this song

  81. LuisTapia

    I´m an Atheist. But wow... this song is so beautiful. One of my favorites.

    Lynn D.

    No one cares if your atheist.

    chris simpson

    Roni S. S. Palermo Jesus is real weather you believe it or not.


    I have a video annihilating atheism in 1 sentence, also in Spanish, Luis.

    Greg Valdez

    @Lynn D. No need to talk like that , you sound like a extremely judgemental christian.

    Greg Valdez

    @chris simpson Then show us.

  82. Anthony J Salazar

    Heard this song on the radio (AIR ONE)  How can anyone not like this this song says a lot about life !!! Amen

  83. Mason Doyle

    This song is so awesome, I'm going to sing it for my show choir auditions!!!!!!

  84. Polioptila Caerulea

    At the bottom it's all that matters!  Beautifully done freak!

  85. Brittany Harada Whatley

    This has always been my favorite Christian song, ever since I started believing in him again recently and before everything happened

  86. Stephanie Briones

    i don't wanna fall away from you 


    Cool last name. :)

    Mason Doyle

    @draztecAKAjavi Seriously?!? What if his favorite fast food restaurant was McDonalds? 

    aurelio beatty

    @Mason Doyle So what if it was what would you do than!?

  87. arkenya jones

    This song be ridin' doe lol.

  88. Leslie Gallegos

    this song is just everything i need to say to God every time i fail i just might make a cover if it idk yet so don't think this is an announcement of it just saying it could happen if God wants that

  89. inquiring mind

    no other song like this....awesome

  90. mykingjesus102686

    Love this song, keep your eyes on Jesus

  91. OnlyHis

    Exactly how I feel. I get weak sometimes and with all that comes against a believer at times,it is so easy to feel like we are being pulled down..Sometimes I feel as though I'm hanging by a thread. I don't ever want to fall away from Jesus.

  92. jose merales

    Reminds me of my life without Christ vs my life with Him. Thank you Jesus

  93. Tim Linton

    His story is incredibly compelling.

  94. mvdiablo

    Very good song! I'm so glad I found this.

  95. Smith Smith

    That's a good song

  96. lightingbolt29

    took me about 10 minutes but i finally found it and man am i glad

  97. Lindsay Hemmer

    This is my favorite song