McDonald, Shawn - Don't Give Up Lyrics

Sometimes it is hard to go on
It's hard to see the reasons
For breathing, living, letting love guide the way
But you must hold on

Don't give up
Don't give up
Hold on for one more day

Sometimes we fall down
We get ourselves in trouble
But it's OK
Cause we still have another chance to get it right
To get it right

Don't give up
Don't give up
Hold on for one more day

I've come too far
I've seen so much
I've heard the call and felt the touch
I've tasted love that I cannot deny

Don't give up
Don't give up
Hold on for one more day

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McDonald, Shawn Don't Give Up Comments
  1. Pierre Malatare

    This song is a life saver, I'm listening to this on December 1st 2019 to remind myself not to give up on life or my shitty job being homeless with a wife and 2 daughters is hard, thanks to this song I won't give up.

  2. rachel Dixon

    This song has changed me alot I know I don't go to church but I believe in God and everything like that I had a hard year this year I lost my best friend , my step dad and a lot of my siblings and friends bc they passed away and I can't talk to anyone about how I feel bc it's just going to get harder so I leason to music and sing to it or dance to it bc that's how I copied with several things bc I gave up several times and cut and almost kill myself but I know that's not the way it should be bc I still have friends that care about me and a girlfriend to I can't leave them . Yes I know I have a lot of medical problems but it's not going to stop me from being the person I want to be .

    Daniel zone

    Be strong my man I am in a bad time too but jesus will change everything believe 🙏💪💪❤

  3. Gail Jimmy

    Rip dadir macow died August 2019 i will.miss him rest in peace

  4. Gail Jimmy

    Memory of my teenagers years was 1977s that i used to sing gospel songs.1970s and 1980s .

  5. Rick Rascon

    God bless everyone 😇

  6. Nayelli Avocado

    2019 - God told me he’s the one and I’m here crying needing faith but the songs is like my whole world to me, I won’t give up.

  7. TIMO

    I need this.
    Im suffering to some kind of depression. Fear that i dont have future.

  8. tressa dunn

    I love this song he is a very good singer

  9. Jose Martinez


  10. Carlton Hebert

    Matthew 5:48

  11. Ras Keisar

    *Dont give up*
    *hold on for one more day!*

  12. Divya Negi

    Dont give up....♥♥

  13. Avalons Animals

    Thank you

  14. Celina Nicole Caruso

    So because I'm a Christian I should think about not just being kind on Christmas but being kind all year and celebrating the birth of my savior who shed his blood on the cross for my sins I should not celebrate his birth!!! Um what I'm thinking actually what you may have wanted to say was if you are a Christian maybe thinking about how exactly you're celebrating this day because as a Christian just as a God loving person there's absolutely nothing wrong with praying going to church and celebrating the day by being kind to others and giving Jesus all the praise and love on that day I have to kind of wonder i'm speaking actually what you may of wanted to say was if you're a christian maybe a thinking about how exactly your celebrating this day because because Christmas is about Christ and the day he was born and as a Christian and a God loving person there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving Jesus all the praise on Christmas and the glory for the blood that he shed for not just my sins but yours too in the rest of the world what worries me is people trying to find conflict in it and fighting against celebrating Christ's birthday just because it doesn't stated in the Bible doesn't mean that it's not a beautiful kind act of love what the heck is going on with this world today is it just me or is everybody losing it just to want to argue on the internet well that's my thoughts about it and my last thought is I am a Christian and I did think about it and the only thing I have to say about it is that it's a shame that everybody in the world can't be more kind every day of their lives towards others like we do on Christmas Merry Christmas God bless and happy New Year and Praise Jesus

  15. Clarence Paul Marquez

    Is this undertale?

  16. lovesfood

    I'm going through a very tough time. I've been mocked and bullied on a regular basis. It feels draining . Thank you for this song ❤️ Amen

    Daniel zone

    Amen ❤️

  17. Aisha De Roux

    Lord please help me I need you

  18. Genevieve Baker

    Jesus please forgive my sins, I love you my saviour king of Kings,,I am yours.

  19. Sama Farhan

    this song changed my life please give this man 3 k likes or more he deserves it he spends his time thinking about us and god bless you and your family ps i am subed and love your vids...... I get so much hate cause i am arabic but i like that i am arabic

  20. Heidi Franchette Pastor

    Just what I need. 😭❤

  21. Estella Ramirez

    This song have been an inspiration in my life not to give up

  22. Repent and GOD will forgive you

    I deal with worst paralyzing mental illness scrupulciry coming as a Christian never thought I would deal with help this is sooo painful more than anyon can understand ugh I hate fear I just want to give up. Why me its sooo painful. Ugh bad thoughts against our creator is the worst thing you can deal with I want out I don't know how to get out I beg God why :(((((

  23. mope pro

    I love the song

  24. Harry Bayliss

    This made me think of evolution

  25. Advika Daryani

    mcdonalds parapapapam im lovin it

  26. Christopher Brazela

    I promise I wont give up.

    Isaac E

    Keep this promise.

  27. nichole Roberts

    I'm breaking down crying right now..

    Jason Roebuck

    nichole bryan I'm praying for you right now Nichole...Please let me know if there is anything specific I can be praying for...God bless you!

  28. katnis99 wolf

    This song is so inspirational to me. (Don't Give Up) It has helped me in so many ways. And I will never give up because I know I can go on to another day living for God who has endless love to give all of us and it won't ever stop. He has helped me so much through these last few years ever since I got to know him as my savior.

    Repent and GOD will forgive you

    Know Him as Lord. Your master its not your life its JESUS. did you get baptized???

  29. Soul Silver

    Lord please forgive me, I feel like I have let my friends down.... I feel like I've made far too many mistakes..... How can I fix them..? These friends.... I have no way to communicate with them, unless I just get lucky, but... I have terrible luck.. please... how do I fix my mistakes?

    Hyrule Goddess

    Triforce Master I've made so many mistakes in my life and have broken down so many times from them with so much guilt . But I've come to realize it's okay. You can do this and you can move forward in your life . I promise you.

  30. Jason Roebuck

    Praying for your parents right now...Please pray for me and my wife too...God bless you...Peace of Christ!

    Lisa Colorado

    Please pray for me and my family financial and physical thank you and God bless you

  31. Hannah Miller

    Jesus has always been there to pick me up when I fall . I love him for that and I ask you all to pray for my family my parents have not been getting alone

  32. Maribel Wines


  33. Savannah Lowery

    Trying to make a friend not commit suicide

  34. Will Hayes

    Letting go and letting G-d!!

  35. Haley Sirkel

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

  36. Jason Roebuck

    Didn't see you message until right now...Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help!

  37. Javier Sanchez Jr

    im a boy. i know most people r just gonna hate on me or ignore me. but idk what to do about my friend that is a girl. she wants to suicide herself. idk if she has already done it
    someone help me....

    Faith Smith

    @Javier Sanchez Jr Is there a way I can talk to you about it?

    Paul Varghese

    +Javier Sanchez Jr Tell her that Jesus loves her. No matter what she has gone through, no matter about her past, no matter about what she is struggling with now, no matter who she is or how she looks like, Jesus still loves her. God has a plan for her. God has bought her with a price (his death on the cross for our sins) and has a plan for her to proper not to harm her, but to give her a hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11. She is the APPLE of his eye, so there is a lot to live for. Tell her that through Jesus only, she can get up and live a new life again.

  38. Hailey Woodruff

    sad song Gio listen to this song don't ever give up Gio don't give up on anything you know that you don't have to give up

  39. chloe melton

    love this song

  40. Rozy Ali

    Gosh di song is so Good.  Jesus you are my ONLY HOPE

  41. Casey Venter

    thank you, i needed this right now :) God Bless!

  42. Jason Roebuck

    Jesus is the only one who can change our minds...I pray that you can see that he thinks you are worth dying for, and your purpose in life will be made clear when you stop and listen for his words for you, like you did today...Keep up the fight, it is worth it and you are too...God bless you!

    Heather Huffstetler Helms

    +Jason Roebuck thanks

    Heather Huffstetler Helms

    +Jason Roebuck thanks

    Dorothy Matchell

    Jason, very inspiring and so true.

    Thabang Malatji

    Jason Roebuck thank you so much

    tressa dunn

    Jason Roebuck thank you we will God bless you too love you also

  43. Heather Huffstetler Helms

    im planning on giving up hopefully this song will change my mind

    Trevor Cox

    +Heather Huffstetler its okay if you don't know :) I'm not sure what mine is either yet. Just be patient my friend! Keep talking and praying to Him. I assure you, our God who has bought us with a price has a plan for us not to be harmed but to prosper. plans to give us a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11). Along with this, its also important to realize that sometimes it's going to be harder than others. relinquish all your pain and doubt to God and know that He will always be there for you.

    Heather Huffstetler Helms

    +Trevor Cox thank you and may God bless you my friend you have made my day and saved my life

    Trevor Cox

    +Heather Huffstetler Thank you but I've done nothing. all glory to God! I hope you feel better friend. If you ever need to talk feel free to send me a message

    Heather Huffstetler Helms

    +Trevor Cox I will and may God bless you

    Trevor Cox

    @Heather Huffstetler You too my friend :) Have an excellent day!

  44. Joey Wilson

    Awesome & beautiful uplifting song.

  45. Argee Elbanbuena

    In the Name of Jesus, Please bless me and heal me as well as my family circle, I am too desperate for three months that I did not support my family, I am lacking of financial assistance... Please Pray for me...

    Argee Elbanbuena

    +Rozy Ali last 2015, a huge of problem that I've been encounter, but i believe that God is here and surely alive...He will continued to bless, healed, guide, and protect his people..

    Rozy Ali

    you have a facebook? we all faced HUGE problems. I may not be able to help much but if you like someone to talk to and share some Jesus matters I can help give you courage? and friendship.

    Argee Elbanbuena

    oh, thank you.. yes i have, you can search my account on FB same name and profile, that's my account...

    Laura Woods

    Don't give up! God is never to late, and he is always on time. Prayers that many blessings come your way!

  46. Els De Smet

    Het is wel moeilijk,    Ik geef het ook (n o g) niet op


    @Els De Smet Lieve Els ik weet niet waar je doorheen gaat en uit ervaring weet ik dat het soms verleidelijk is om 'de handdoek in de ring te gooien"maar de Here draagt ons en helpt ons. Blijf vertrouwen op Hem en danken dat alles goed komt.Wees eerlijk over je gevoelens en frustraties.De Here weet wat je voelt en denkt, maar het lucht op als je ze uitspreekt naar Hem. Hij is de enige die we voor 100 % kunnen vertrouwen. We kunnen ons soms neergeslagen voelen, maar we zijn niet verslagen.In Hem zijn wij meer dan overwinnaar.

  47. Violist26

    Very encouraging. Just flunked another Chem exam even though I studied and got help.

  48. Ana Beatriz Maciel

    I love this song, love love. <3 

  49. Thornton Brown

    This song saved my life. I can't believe how much I have changed.

  50. Jason Roebuck

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner...Amen!

  51. im fluffy unicorn hard core shooter

    Lol has keapernick ever heard of this song because after one bad play he gives up

  52. The Ultimate Phoenix

    😂That's the best song I've ever heard in my life

  53. Tomás Sotelo

    What a great song

  54. Lonely Spaceman

    This song helped me through depression and break-ups and now I feel like I move on :)


    try this one if you havnt already

  55. Lonely Spaceman

    I loved this song since I heard it


    Yep, even these old eyes, can still leak a little.


    Kawaii Cookies then why r u laughing ?? :/

    Rick Rascon

    God says don't cry your ❤ is big
    Love is the key

  56. Pulster

    Bring's me back...

  57. Sergy Lvov

    never give up no matter what nothing can stop you cause god is with you try try and try every time

  58. 2413jonnielynn

    I love this song SO much! I remember when I was going through a rough patch & I felt myself getting distant from GOD this song came on & it felt as if He were talking to me. I started singing along with it & grasping the words; it completely touched me. GOD works in mysterious ways, dont give up! Maybe you do not believe in GOD, but you still have a purpose & some of those who open their eyes get to see that. GOD Bless :)

  59. ArcanicFire

    I may be atheist but this song is so epic. I live by this. Make the best of today so you have no regrets tomorrow. I have nothing to die for, except in protection of those I care for. Other than that, I have everything to live for.


    Atheist or not you have the freedom to listen to any kind of music. Keep that positive thinking going! We never know when our last day may be our last. 

    Joshua Rogers

    @ArcanicFire People, feeling good doesn't mean you're doing life right. There are good things we do that are considered bad by others, so how can we feel good when there are these differing perspectives on our actions? It is impossible to please everyone; should we live for ourselves then? No, there is no way we can keep ourselves completely happy. All cannot be satisfied in this world; sin has corrupted it. Life, what we should strive to accomplish, is a thing God dictates. His knowledge is infinite, combine that with his indescribable love and you have an all-powerful God who can guide each person through this world in the way that is guaranteed to satisfy everyone and bring joy. So, if you're looking out for your family or friends, trust and obey God throughout your life. How do you do this? Go to that Christian you know, they can give you a head start!

    Jesus Loves You

    I hope you find God my dear brother/sister in Christ!

    Christopher Reichert

    I hope you enter into Yeshua'slife for You! Repent and believe on His name! Then.... Don't give up! This song is intended for the worship of Yahweh and He wants you to give up! And turn to Him then it's don't give up! But until you turn from sin to God it's "give up" may the Yahweh bless you and keep you for His glory!

  60. Angel Alarcon

    Elite song!!!!

  61. Jc James

    Nao foram os pregos que seguraram CRISTO na cruz, e sim o amor dele por min e por vc.

  62. Lendle Dave Garcia

    Blessings to you brother. and your family.

  63. Jason Roebuck

    His Word is living and effective in our lives, if we let it sink in...God bless you and thanks for commenting!

  64. beloved I AM ananda

    Thank u for the living word it strengthens love hope

  65. Jc James

    Dont give up...extraordinaria e inspirada cançao. DEUS É MUITO BOM!

  66. Jason Roebuck

    Of course you are welcome, and the real thanks be to God for giving us a great artist like Shawn McDonald and providing the grace to allow me to put it together and post it, even though it is often, exactly what I need to hear as well...Thanks for the blessing, and may God continue to bless you!

  67. Karen Henkel

    Thanks so much Jason for your beautiful work on this video...Helps me every time I watch it! May God Bless you!...

  68. kevin andersen

    don't give up, just look upon God..

  69. Melanie Casanova

    dont you prefer to be saved just because it was the time... most of the people who has been saved by a song had to suffer a lot

  70. Melanie Casanova

    to what do you give up?

  71. Vink Dragon

    AWSOME DUDE YOU KNOW YOUR BIBLE! You also know to say GOD'S name inall caps! I'm so subscribing to you!

  72. Jc James

    Olhe sempre em frente e nunca desista.

  73. angelschic

    What is this reason and understanding you speak of?

  74. Ainul Yaqin

    Hello, have you experienced "Fat Blast Formula"? (look it up on google) You will learn about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With "Fat Blast Formula", you will discover how to shed fat fast.

  75. Jc James

    Nunca desista va em frente, a vida e mesmo assim dia e noite nao e sim.

  76. ThatsWhyIwouldGo

    poor soul

  77. Mark Bignell

    AMEN :)

  78. eeerrrttty

    i need be stronger

  79. Ashleigh Hodge

    Jesus I can't give up!!! This is such a beautiful video and song!!!!

  80. Xandi Santos

    Gloria a DEUS por sua vida..que através do louvores nações estão sendo alcançadas..que você mesmo do outro lado...saiba que somos um em cristo e louvo a DEUS por vc existir.. amo sua vida meu irmão

  81. Qinux

    I saw a Minecraft video.

  82. chrissy christine

    many people has different background and different problems but all can be saved by him by not giving up.. this song has a beautiful meaning to it. and the best thing is
    DONT GIVE UP no matter how hard the challenge is : )

  83. Peace Prince

    Yeshua /Jesus sets us free from relgion. Relgion is rules and bonandge. Its all about having a relationship with God our Father :) god bless you

  84. matthew nimesher

    This song is so meaningful. Our Lord Jesus Christ truly loves us. U must remember to hold on to his hand.

  85. elmiejoy yabut

    i love this song..

  86. Jason Roebuck

    I've come too far...I've seen too much...Thanks be to God we have a Savior that knows us better than we know ourselves...God bless you TexasGirl7777 and thanks for sharing!

  87. Madalyn Sullivan

    Saved. My. Life.

  88. Jc James


  89. keselby00

    @Jason Roebuck, your positive responses even to the negativ-ish comments on here is inspiring. Good song too. <3 God is amazing.

  90. Peace Prince

    you are strong enough! Keep going, god strengths you and wont let you go through anything you cant handle :). He is going through it with you god bless

  91. Jason Roebuck

    This message is going out to say I'm glad you made it for one more day...Remember, God is giving you the power to overcome any temptation to despair...It comes from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who died and was resurrected to prove that no matter what we face, God will get us through it...Don't give up and God bless you!

  92. LittleCuriousT

    I hope I'm strong enough to keep holding on..for ONE MORE DAY

  93. InesLemosRibeiro

    sometimes my faith goes down, but Jesus stills with me. im weak but He is STRONG !

  94. InesLemosRibeiro

    sometimes my faith goes down, but Jesus still with me. im weak but He is STRONG !

  95. Jc James

    Linda esta cançaooooo video excepcional!

  96. Yesenia Gonzalez

    I'm glad to know that you like the song. I hope the song encourages you to never give up on anything.

  97. Jason Roebuck

    No, I don't believe it is religion that is messed up, but some religious people are misguided in their dealings with people and make mistakes...I think this song says it best, we can't just give up on what Jesus built in us or in our church...What the Lord has made, no man can tear down...Not directly related, but I hope you get the point, God bless you!