McDonald, Shawn - Compass Lyrics

How small we are, underneath these stars
And I’m searching for truth with all my heart
Tell me where’s my head, for I’m a stranger
Pushing my way through the crowded streets
This is uncharted territory

So let love be the compass, love be the compass, love
So let love be the compass, love be the compass, love
When the sky grows dark and the ways unknown
Come awaken my heart and guide me home
‘Cause You are, the lifeline, in my soul
Let love be the compass

So many times I’ve wrecked along the way
But I’m getting up and pressing through today
I’ve got my sights on new beginnings
It’s just a matter of time, deliverance is coming
And I’m still running

As the sun ascends, my heart glows bright
The darkest night, this beating light
To You
Yes, I'll fight for You
And I will take my stand on the battle line
Heart in hand, my tears run dry for You,
For You, for You
Yes, I do it for You

Your love is breaking up the dark

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McDonald, Shawn Compass Comments
  1. Rick Rascon

    Some one please pray for me life's beating me down thanks
    May God bless everyone amen
    Jesus please help us

  2. Jesus Saves

    I really like this song, let the Lord Jesus, the Christ, be your compass.

  3. Luiza Carvalho

    as musicas dele são tooops !!!