McDonald, Shawn - Closer Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Looking for a color
In a shade of gray,
Looking for love
In a drop of rain.
Trying to change from
The old mundane.
Everything i do just
Feels the same.
Spending my life
Out of the desert.
Been gone so long
Feels like forever.

I just want to be
Even closer to you.
I just want to
Be even closer.
I am yours.
You can have all of me,
Anything, everything.
I just want to
Be even closer.

[Verse 2]
A day without you
Is a thousand years.
A day without you
Is a million tears.
Tell me why do
I run in fear?
Why do i run when
You are so near?
Spending my life
In the weather.
Been gone so long and
I need some shelter.

I just want to be
Even closer to you.
I just want to
Be even closer.
I am yours.
You can have all of me,
Anything, everything.
I just want to
Be even closer.

Wherever you go,
Wherever you are,
I just want to be
There with you.

I just want to be
Even closer to you.
I just want to
Be even closer.
I am yours.
You can have all of me,
Anything, everything.
I just want to
Be even closer.

Looking for a color
In a shade of gray,
Looking for love
In a drop of rain.

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McDonald, Shawn Closer Comments
  1. Ariana Garcia

    Hearing it in 2020 still!

  2. Marie Castle

    2020 & still lovin it!!!

  3. Andi In Cali.

    Never gets old.

  4. Lorraine Zayas

    I grew up listening to this song and it is still amazing

  5. Raeanna Mitchell

    anyone from 2019? i still love this song! i didnt think it will ever get old

  6. Listen Up Mother Fudger

    Sound like Yuri on ice O.o

  7. Xx Heavenly

    What’s great about this song, it can be a non-Christian song and Christian song!

  8. Carlos Montes

    Yuuuh 2019

  9. That Tiny Kitsune

    Birthed with issues that made me say things I didn't ever wanted to say... All I wanted to be was Closer to Messiah. #CloseToYou Forgive me, and I'll be a better Kitsune today <3!

  10. nick carlson

    He should make more music like this. What Happened to him? Love this song!

  11. Seanpaul Moorey

    An all time great song. This will live on for generations. Great job!

  12. Mihaela P

    This song deserves waaaaaay more views. Seriously this became one of my top 5 favourite songs!


    This guy came to my church one time. Who knew he was so popular!!!!!

  14. verbs123

    I'll still be listening to this song in December.

  15. ButteWhat

    Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.   (James 4:8)

  16. Joseph Youde

    Just absolutely amazing! God bless, and so many thanks for this song. So great for when I'm down and need strength!

  17. Christine Chiem

    Beautiful song, just heard it today!

  18. Jesus Saves

    May the Lord Jesus get many closer to Him.

  19. Nicole ReRe

    still as beautiful as ever! 💜

  20. Elena Mendoza

    you are great just believe in God the Father 😃😇

  21. Daniel Skora

    Who Cares About Kelsey?

  22. Elinaih Viquez

    omg everyone over here saying 2015 im over here like im still listening to this song in 2017

    Ava Spaur

    Elinaih Viquez 2018

    Michael Moore

    Trysta Luppino same.

  23. beardedba

    An everyday fave!!

  24. Kristine Francesca

    makes me think of everytime my fiance and I say goodbye in the airport after a long visit. we're getting married in June ;)

    Nick Parker

    did you guys get married yet? If so, congrats!

  25. Delphine Charles

    in love with this song and its 5 years old

  26. Sam Carson

    drop dead divaaaaa

  27. Herbstblatt


  28. Lekia Nueh


  29. Nadia Zakaria

    Heard this on Drop Dead Diva.

    Emma Gabriel

    Nia Za same 😂

    igor santos teixera 4578

    Eu igor santos teixeira adoro bater papo so amigo

    igor santos teixera 4578

    Igor santos teixeira gos de ovir música ado esta dos unidos

    Mission Liu

    same here!!

    Mihaela P

    Neya Za Omar saaame 😀

  30. Aline

    drop dead diva

  31. Rachael Batyacov

    I loved this song the first time I heard it!  CLOSER!!!

  32. Kathleen Hart

    I love this song and you it is so good

  33. Andreea Both

    Imi plac muzicile tale

  34. Shaun Thomas-Arnold

    Without expecting an answer, I asked my 3 yr old "do you know who he's singing about?" She says "Yeah, Jesus."


    That is a sign your raising her right.

    Jeb Beb



    well ya what else could she have said

    Michael Moore

    FIRECHICKEN nothing at all, or really, anything. It’s a three year old.

    MsUn PC

    Shaun Thomas-Arnold
    That's adorable.
    Kids are a lot smarter than some adults think.
    They're sponges.
    That's why we have to be careful what we say and do around them.
    The younger ones like to imitate grown ups.
    Looking at a lot kids today, their parents aren't doing a good job.

  35. Danielle Cedeno

    Love this song 😀

  36. Will Morris

    Definitely one of my top 10 favorite songs. The piano on this song is beautiful.

  37. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    shawn mcdonald, if you want to get closer to Jesus, take out your piercings and obey all of jesus' commands...jesus doesnt want you to have piercings, He hates them but he loves you!

    Corbin Pearce

    @Mike Christiaan Also, reading back to your previous statements - The Bible says in Mark 7:15 "Nothing outside a person can defile them by going into them. Rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles them." Now I understand that this was in the context of eating, however, it makes an important point beyond that I think. Our Heart, and our actions show who we are, not what we wear.

    MsUn PC

    Terrible Person From Louisiana
    If we were supposed to go by laws, why did God make them obsolete?
    Besides, those laws were for Jews not Gentiles.
    We don't have to perform rituals, sacrifices, etc. We're under Grace, not Law.
    The law brings death.
    If you don't believe me, look in the Bible.
    Hebrews 8: 13.
    "By calling this covenant "new," he has made the first one obsolete; and what is obsolete and outdated will soon disappear."

    MsUn PC

    Terrible Person From Louisiana
    Proverbs 6: 16.
    "There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him:
    17. haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood,
    18. a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil,
    19. a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community."
    Can you tell me where it says God hates jewelry?
    If He did, Heaven wouldn't be surrounded in jewels, would it?

    MsUn PC

    Terrible Person From Louisiana
    You think wearing jewelry makes it harder to get closer to God?
    Not true.
    Those superficial things don't get in the way of spending time with God.
    People who are pierced can be closer than someone looking like a nun.
    You don't know Shawn's heart. Only God does.

    MsUn PC

    Terrible Person From Louisiana
    Do you keep every law perfectly?
    There are 613. And, you can't pick and choose which ones you want to obey.
    If you break one, you break them all.
    Isaiah 1: 11.
    "The multitude of your sacrifices— what are they to me?" says the Lord. "I have more than enough of burnt offerings, of rams and the fat of fattened animals; I have no pleasure in the blood of bulls and lambs and goats."

  38. Kathy Miller

    Holy JOhn17 Holy Ephesians 6 Holy Psalm91 :)

  39. JuD

    Even closer in lyrics but closer in song.

  40. Joshua Meeks

    Heard it back in 2010,thumbs up if your listening to this song in 2015

    matthew ackman

    +Joshua Meeks (vidlogs) 2016

    K Brown

    April 22, 2017👍

    Mridula Iyer

    K Brown +×11₩

  41. Diana Valdez

    Its silly how people think that this is a love song meant for other humans. The way I see it is that this song was meant for God because Shawn Mcdonald sings christian music therefore no human is worthy to have this song dedicated to them .


    Everyone has their different interpretation to the music they listen to. And whether the song was meant (or not) for god, it doesn't mean it can't apply to other humans.

    Pink MPheles

    +gabriel2df It was a song written about God. That is the meaning. It would be fine to interpret it differently if it was abstract, but it's not. It has a set meaning.

    Annika Skywalker

    Diana Valdez its silly how some people think that God is not within people & meant to care & love other humans. way I see it. god is not separate. unless u want to be not as...closer. ;)

  42. Lea De Repentigny

    This song reminds me of my favorite show Drop dead gorgeous and of my boo. :)

  43. Wanessa Campos

    Love this song!!

  44. Dibz

    Iam in love wuth this song

  45. Laura Diaz

    Always go back to this song<3

  46. Michael Williams


  47. Mia Fairconatue

    I am a big fan of your song Closer.

  48. Sharon Charlotte Hollingsworth

    Such an awesome talent..Closer is my fav song.

  49. Lisa Karvellas

    I love this song

  50. Jenny Brown

    I love this song so much makes me want to be closer to his Holy Spirit God bless everyone 😊😊

  51. Alondra Ramirez

    Still in my top 10 fav's

  52. Mel Ave’

    Its been awhile still love it

  53. Joy Marshall

    I love this song. Can you make gravity like this?

  54. Zap tans

    Love This Song....This Song Is Why I Wrote My Book
    'Leaving Psalm of a Baby Mom'   too get ...CLOSER 2 U!!! 

  55. prettycheekngorgeous

    Love this song

  56. inquiring mind

    i just -- love this song.....

  57. Dallas Bowman


  58. Miss Portal


  59. Jessica Robinson

    My favorit.other song

  60. Adam Martinez

    You're a great writer

  61. JenStar

    Love this song!!!! :))

  62. Moses Muchira

    Theme song for 2yrs now. This is the yr it all comes alice. Amen

  63. Max Power

    Angie D. and my song

  64. form

    powerful song

  65. Shauna Golden

    I am a member of Lakewood and during prayer time, when the prayer partner asks me what to pray for, I always say... I want to be closer to God.... I love this song for that reason.  It reminds me that God does listen to my prayers, thanks for this song.

  66. XxxEvaxxX

    haha me too :p

  67. msk9rottie

    total greatness

  68. pslm19

    Eternal life is eternal...once you have it you cannot lose it...nothing can separate you from the love of Christ...Romans 8

  69. beardedba

    Shawn McDonald exemplifies everything I admire in a musician: a talent, speaking plainly, with great lyrics, about life he experiences and how it relates to his faith. Utterly perfect. One of my all time faves.

  70. TheReformedWomen

    How badly do you 'wish'?
    Read your Bible- Start with the book of Eccelsiatses and then read John. Then ponder what you read.
    God can SAVE ANYBODY! :)

  71. Starlord Vallejo15

    hella awsome

  72. Lotus fleur

    ya me too

  73. xoblunaqa1

    You can stray way from God and lose it but you can always come back to God.

  74. TheTyrell415

    you can never lose your salvation brother

  75. DeeDreams

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  76. elcaballo13hotmail

    you haven't lost your salvation. go to the throne of mercy and grace knowing that he will forgive you. plz read Hebrews 10 verse 22. God bless

  77. sacor07

    i wish i didnt lose my salvation :(

  78. Jada00B

    This should have WAY more views...

  79. Jordan Michael

    Good bless you

  80. Aaron Jackson

    Love the song

  81. Yankees4Lyf3331

    Do u have anymore songs or is this it? Really good man

  82. loutiscrive

    Drop Dead Diva, 2x07 final song. Stunning!!!!!!!!!

  83. vanessa ndimubandi

    amazing voice , this song is awesomeee !!

  84. WarriorNation2


  85. Rayan Agarm

    take out that coin out yo ear and put it back in your pocket where it will do you some good bra

    no suzeme dat aint no coin itza grommet you can use dat fo yo tent, or you can run some fishin tackle through dems thangz

  86. Ness Bivins

    I saw him Live. He's such a cool guy, and his songs are so real.

  87. p0lly92

    I Love your words.

  88. Marta Białowąs

    I heard it in drop dead diva too and I like it very much :-)

  89. Shawn Suita

    Why is this in vevo?

  90. indianAJ93

    huh...never knew this was a christian song...i heard it on drop dead diva n i liked

  91. PowerPoussin

    I don't believe in God but I just love the lyrics. It means a lot to me, and not about the religion. It's just .. Beautiful.

  92. Purdy Bird Productions

    you are officially my hero...

  93. pentecostalboy777

    I'm so happy im pentecostal and living for God