McDonald, Shawn - Captivated Lyrics

When I look into the mountains
I see Your fame
When I look in to the night's sky
It sparkles Your name

The wind and the clouds and the blue in the sky
The sun and the moon and the stars so high
That's what draws me to You

I am, I'm captivated by You
In all that You do
I am, I'm captivated

When I wake unto the morning
It gives me Your sight
When I look across the ocean
It echoes Your might

The sand on the shore and the waves in the sea
The air in my lungs and the way You made me
That's what draws me to You

I am, I'm captivated by You
In all that You do
I am, I'm captivated

'Cause I am, I'm captivated by You
In all that You do
I am, I'm captivated

The wind and the clouds and the blue in the sky
The sun and the moon and the stars so high
The sand on the shore and the waves in the sea
The air in my lungs and the way You made me

The blood in my veins and my heart You invade
The plants how they grow and the tree and their shade
The way that I feel and love in my soul
I thank You my God for letting me, letting me know

I am, I'm captivated by You
In all that You do
I am, I'm captivated

'Cause I am, I'm captivated by You
In all that You do
I am, I'm captivated

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McDonald, Shawn Captivated Comments
  1. Veni Vidi Amavi

    I love this song!! I've heard it before, but idk maybe like the 4th time I heard it this morning during my bible study, I realized how beautiful the words are! (: I always feel like this when I go hiking, or have a really good work out, or see amazing nature + animals.

  2. WarriorForChrist85

    Thank You Lord  for loving me more  then i know or
    could  understand. I love  You  Lord :)  

  3. Jorge Sixx

    I whish artists still produced music like this one.

  4. Tim Clement

    Thank your god that soon stupid humans will be extinct, for the sake of the Earth.

  5. ejflesher

    It' a song about being in amazement of all of G_d's creation (I don't spell His name out of humility and recognizing His perfect name) so in a small way it is about a girl, it just doesn't stop there.

  6. ejflesher

    When we think of the perfect placing of the Earth in distance from the sun, the fact that in all the known universe we don't know of another habitable world, the fact we have a magnetosphere to protect us from radiation from the sun, an atmosphere to hold the perfect amount of oxygen and heat, we have not been hit by a black hole or pulsar or even an asteroid in our lifetime we are blessed and for that I am Captivated.

  7. Ministério Caminhar

    Tenho esta música legendada em português no meu canal! I have translated this song to portuguese and put subtitles for it on my channel! Please all of you press like so the portuguese speakers can see it :) :)

  8. Amy Gonzalez

    this is the theme song for lake aurora christian camp and i love it!

  9. TheYukochi

    I first heard this on Drop Dead Diva and the song is an even better love song tan I had expected =) Praise God! I am so captivited by all the amasing things God does and for all the amasing ways He blesses me. I am so grateful and I am so happy to learn more about Him everyday.

  10. bosssname

    There is not a human in the world that would that has never disappointed God. That's the great thing about Christ Jesus. He died so that the things that made God disappointed may be completely be washed away.

  11. paikimchung

    @Eckall I'm so glad to hear that. Our Savior Jesus Christ is all about Hope and Love. And I pray that what you sense is God speaking to your heart to let Him in!

  12. paikimchung

    @WhiteGirlRocka Thanks! Hope you will enjoy the other videos I posted as well.

  13. Lauren Clark

    I am not even vaguely a christian, but i can appreciate the beauty of this song and video. thankyou <3

  14. anwmattos

    What a great song.

  15. Pavel Radashevskiy

    great video except for the use of the "font that should not be named" - "Comic Sans MS".
    seriously? people should stop using it.
    i wish God deleted the font from everybody's computers

  16. Pavel Radashevskiy

    great video except for the use of the "font that should not be named" - "Comic Sans MS".
    seriously? people should stop using it.
    i wish God deleted the font from everybody's computers

  17. Ashley Ogas

    This song was on Drop Dead Diva! ....granted, I think it was intended a bit differently, but it's soo good!

  18. Aria Ericson

    @eder333 Well, the relationship between God and his church (followers) is often compared to the spiritual relationship between a man and his wife. I think the reason why these songs could easily go both ways is because there is a lot of similarity between spiritual parts of the the relationships.

  19. Crystal Jones




  21. Ed C

    I think its creepy that people write romantic songs dedicated to God, this song could easily be dedicated to a girl, I think even the lord himself is creeped out by this type of music.

  22. diamond.eyes

    @26sherrybaby your liking the spirit of the song that exhibits THE HOLY GHOST you are being blessed,,,

  23. paikimchung

    @26sherrybaby thanks, I don't deserve any of the praise though since I am just the poster, this was done by a sister in our church.

  24. Sherry baby

    you really did this song justice with your video!!! just BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for sharing your God given gifts with us!! God bless you always!!!!

  25. Taylor Straatmann

    @paikimchung Its amazing how the Lord works! Lately I've been thinking about how hypocritical we can be, and how so few Christians truly live by God's word. I happened to read this comment, and it filled me with hope. Thank you for being a true follower of Christ in your comment and for this video!

  26. Maggie French

    i oficially love this song (:

  27. Hannelore17

    The spelling "G-d" is so that there is no potential defacing of His name in print. Usually this applies to things that are physically printed like books, pamphlets, papers, etc, but some people contend that because an internet page can be printed, it is safer to spell it "G-d".

  28. ejflesher

    I don't presume to have the right to fully say His name. I don't claim to have the right to try, in my finite understanding, to label Him. It was initially done because there are no vowels in ancient Hebrew and the way it was spelled in Judaism. But I do it out of respect.

  29. Jill Seg

    I couldn't agree more! In fact is what made me first believe!

  30. ejflesher

    As science looks deeper into the tiny things that make the world is what it is to discredit G_d, I see the little miracles that He has made that makes me believe. "I thank you my G_d for letting me know." The precipice we are perched on, the razor's edge between life and our existence is too small for us to stand on without help from our maker and the creator.

  31. Hannah Parker

    What a wonderful gift God has given us; to be able to live this life and use the gifts he has given us to bless others~thank you God~good job Shawn McDonald!!
    Bless you all!!

  32. Kannasmiles

    I heard this song on Drop Dead Diva :D
    It's so beautiful I lovee it!

  33. David W.

    I love u guys cause its encouraging to see others with their hearts for God. Cant wait to meet u guys in Heaven :D

  34. laurenbop

    dont forget skillet & flyleaf

  35. JoannaM.

    i love this song MAY GOD BLESS SHAWN McDonald !!!!

  36. Caleb Sweeney

    oh dude,.....if ya want some beasty christain songs man, try lookn up jon foreman,...spoken, red, kutlus, switchfoot, mxpx, clasic crime, ohh man, could go for aaggeess, hope you like em, btw all band names they are....;) God bless bro

  37. lovestefany

    God you are amazing!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

  38. Jesusismyinnerbeauty

    Love the video!! Thanks for the majestic reminder that only God could have created the earth.

    ~God bless!!

  39. LolaLoeAlexCarm

    I agree!

  40. Autumn Rene

    I heard this song at the end of a show, and it just took my breath away. I went on here to see if I could find it, but there were so many results. I saw The name Shawn McDonald, and I just new that this was the one. Thank you Lord for guiding me, even though it is something so simple. This song fills my heart with joy and hope!

  41. mykylc

    Very cool...he is playing tonight at City of Grace in Mesa, Az. and he joined the a.m. service and played this song.

  42. GoofballLtG

    :D I just heard this song on the radio this morning and instantly fell in love with it. Thank you for posting a great video!

  43. trevor11092005

    Is it I see your "face" or "fame"?

  44. Verity N

    trust me, He exists and He is what puts a smile on my face and can put an even bigger one on your face. Some religions are used to do wrong in God's name and I won't name nams because that would be wrong. But I have been a Christian for 8/9 years and it is sometimes a struggle but Jesus is worth every min of every day. He blesses in ways not even imaginable.

  45. RDizzle Nizzle

    Thats not to say that after you except him you stop sinning altogether.

  46. RDizzle Nizzle

    Isn't it
    "when I look into the mountians I see your fame" not face

  47. JP J

    see this is part of the good of religion. I don't know about god, what or if he exists, but when people make their beliefs do good for the world i really hope he is there. its when religion is used for bad that i really hate people who follow because they are told to. Anyway don't start a religious debate sorry...

    but just a great song, religious or not. Has emotion! like it

  48. BFFFL16

    no he is made whole by gods grace. listen to what u said "used to be" which means no longer, u can not go forward looking back. hes a new creature. ;-)

  49. Nathaniel Shak

    Of course not. You said use to. Well I don't know this, but I'd assume that was before he was truly in touch with God. Once someone accepts Jesus, they are purified of all their sin. There's no sin to great for Him to forgive and I'd assume that Shawn has repented.

  50. Tina Conn

    and yes they splelt youtube wrong me and sweetybottom where like *gasp!!!*

  51. Tina Conn

    yeah they even used lycs my part is:sand on the shore and the waves in the sea the air in my lungs and the way you made me thats what draws me to you i am captivated by you

  52. paikimchung

    Don't sweat it! If it is used to Worship the Lord its all good.
    We need no acknowledgement before/from man only to be called a good and faithful servant by our Lord in Heaven!

  53. Z Machine

    AND I LOVwe youuuuuuuuuuuuu

  54. Z Machine

    MMMMMMMMmMMMmMmmmMmMMm that's hawt, m=cdo a'andklsds ya fst vfood

  55. word501682

    Great video...Great song!

  56. Cisco V

    I HEARD THIS SONG ON XM Radio!!!!!!! Not Way FM even though i listen to way fm like crazy!!!

  57. neyolov

    great song!:)))))))

  58. labellecongolaise

    yeah 2:27 that's my favorite part too he did a great job on this song the lyric's amazing

  59. supedude6

    i like it at 2:27

  60. Cisco V

    This song touches me!!! i love it! ~~ AMEN~~

  61. Max soon

    Great Song. Very unique.

  62. Chelsea Glanzer

    lovely! ;]

  63. RWBiv21

    I love how he depicts God in this song

  64. labellecongolaise

    this is my soooooooong i love the lyrics n everything

  65. thebestisyettocome7

    This song rocks, No doubt!

  66. DrewsTurbo

    Such a beautiful song. Made me cry. :)

  67. carolyn n

    Awesome Thank you!!