McCreery, Scotty - Wherever You Are Lyrics

Wonder are you on the West Coast
Top down rodeo driving
Maybe up in Colorado
You always did love that Rocky Mountain
High up in Manhattan
Or way out in some cabin
In the middle of nowhere
Well baby I'll be there

Wherever you are, wherever it is
Baby it ain't too far
Just give me a call or drop me a pin
Enough of this damn being apart
I'll fill up a tank or buy me a ticket
Whatever it takes you know I'm with it
And it won't be long till I'm there by your side
Wherever you are, wherever you are tonight

Are you hanging in a dive bar
Nodding your head to some eighties cover band
Or strolling down some boardwalk
Kicking off your flip flops in the sand
Do you wish I was kissing on your lips
No it won't take much
So baby just hit me up

Wherever you are, wherever it is
Baby it ain't too far
Just give me a call or drop me a pin
Enough of this damn being apart
I'll fill up a tank or buy me a ticket
Whatever it takes you know I'm with it
And it won't be long till I'm there by your side
Wherever you are, wherever you are tonight
Yeah, wherever you are tonight, oh

Well to tell you the truth
Ain't a day goes by that I don't think about you
And I wish I was on my way to

Wherever you are, wherever it is
Baby it ain't too far
Just give me a call or drop me a pin
Hit send, enough of this damn being apart
I'll fill up a tank or buy me a ticket
Whatever it takes you know I'm with it
And it won't be long till I'm there by your side
Wherever you are, wherever you are tonight
Wherever you are tonight, yeah
Yeah ooh ooh
Yeah ooh ooh

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McCreery, Scotty Wherever You Are Comments
  1. The Dodsons

    Scotty always bringing that feel good country! See ya in Shreveport next month brother! Flip Flops floppin'!

  2. Pablo Moya

    Very good country , perfect Scotty

  3. Nicholas Kane Mauldin

    Solid ass song right here 👍

  4. vivi frohms

    Thanks for giving me a country summerfeeling again in the cold breeze of winterseason.

  5. 2023 Bailey Kilburn

    This is the best song ever!!!!!!!

  6. الَدُيـےگتُآتُؤر آلَمِـريـےطٌـآنيـے


  7. N.C.U Fauzi

    Ilove you Scotty Mcreery thebest Always

  8. Carly Sorg

    Incredible album, so happy to see how far he’s come since Idol!

  9. Costa Gucci Jr

    I keep on asking myself, who is this dude? Daammmn!!! I love this song like its mine

  10. Christina Jesse

    I seen him in savanna Georgia the other night and I loved every bit of it

  11. Edward Garcia

    LOVE this new Album! Great Job Scotty!

  12. Mickey Hodge

    Good music

  13. Anisee Ptry

    Hearts to Scotty!!!! #Replay


    Your songs will forever make me love country music!

  15. Rima Shiki

    I hope Scotty holds a concert here someday.

  16. Shreyas Srikanth

    this guy is amazing.him and calum scott got make a if u agree

  17. deal with Patty

    I got a notification that Scotty released a new album so here I am listening to the songs! Omg! He’s just so good ever since! This is no doubt one of my faves in his new album! I can totally relate to this since my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. I’m from the Philippines and he’s from Missouri, but currently working in Washington. I can’t wait to see him again. And both of us love country music. Scotty here is one of our inspirations.

  18. Summer Smith hollon

    Love love love SMILES SMILES SMILES 🌜🔆🌟 this makes me wanna cry

  19. Tandzy Mbingo

    Just love this!!!

  20. HippiechickMissy Russell/Phillips

    I'm a fan. Good kid. He believes in Jesus.

  21. Tiffany Johnson

    good song and great singer with a good voice

  22. Linda aumiller

    you put country back in country

  23. Jordan Cosby

    will be the best album in 2018 for sure. Although wish you just recorded the 5 more minutes from the opry. Cant wait!

  24. Aron Dillon

    I'm from king NC abd my gf is making me see this guy next saturday...

  25. Daily Reviews

    the most underrated county music artist ever.

  26. Alicia Ramey


  27. Shell4017

    Love it!  the beginning of this song is so unique, Scotty's voice is 100% amazing, the guitar bit is so perfect!  highly addictive song, always have to repeat this one a few times

  28. Christopher DeNigris

    Bringing back real country!

  29. Samuel Bayei

    wherever you are Scotty McCreery you are a great singer. you real know what it takes man am not just say good job but great work man

  30. Yuval Sadeh

    Scotty I really hope you got some bass-low vocals in store for us in the new album


    He was great when he was 16 and 17 on American Idol. He just keeps finding ways to get better. Scotty sings from the heart. It's amazing what be can do and still does. He has a very bright future still ahead of him.


    I'm ready this album. It's been a while but well worth. Scotty is by far my favorite artist ever.

  33. myrna love

    I have a huge tolerance when it comes to waiting but this time I'm kinda annoyed I just can't wait for the full album to come out Scotty what have you done!😂💓

    Holli Green

    myrna love Yes , I love his voice and seems like a nice hearted person too. Love Five more minutes* Awesome words to express life. And how people should Live, Me included. 🐬

  34. Derek Graber

    Amazing this is best song yet and five more minutes is a great song

  35. ashley Sears

    i love you

  36. Laura Anne


  37. Debra Newsome

    I love you songs

  38. Shaylyn Johnson

    my brother lives in colorado : (

  39. Adam Say no to BENZOS

    Glad he is FINALLY looking like an actual country singer. And not some little teeny bopper boy band kid... Haha always love his music since his audition on American Idol!!! I knew you were gonna be a star my friend!!

  40. Shimz Gin

    i love it!

  41. McKenna Newberry

    You guys should listen to "Five more minutes" or " Gotta see ya tonight". They are impecable!!!!!


    McKenna Newberry It's, See You Tonight not Gotta see ya tonight.

  42. Adam&Zoe Forever

    Omg my mom ordered me this album ahhhhhhh 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  43. Ebbie Smith

    Brilliant song💯

  44. Chris Hippensteel

    I love it scotty

  45. Kyrille Javier

    I love this man since 2011

  46. Joseph Naylor

    In love with Scotty’s voice! Can just imagine the sweet nothings he could whisper in my ear! 👌

  47. purewingss

    Love his voice sexyyyyy

  48. keely _spyderman24

    I love scotty please write a lyric video and congrats ; )

  49. GianCarlo ZL

    country music the best music

  50. Ocean Country

    🥀🥀🥀 on 🔥

  51. Diego Inocencio

    March can't come any sooner, damn excited to hear the new tracks.

  52. Veronique Ramirez

    Wow. His voice. The song sounds very radio country. I like it a lot! Great summer song!

  53. Matt McGeorge

    is it March yet???

  54. Ann Stark

    Damn ! Love this dude . Rock on Scotty.

  55. Jordan Diehl

    Guaranteed #1 right here

  56. Taketheheat73

    Join the World Champion Georgia Swarm for “Country Night” with half-time & by Scotty McCreery!!! Saturday, February 17 at 7:05PM Duluth, GA
    Check out for tickets!

  57. samantha macinnis

    Where ever you are Scotty I love youuuu 😍

  58. Connie Graham

    Love this kid! Cheered for him on American Idol and was fortunate enough to see him at the Grand Ole OpryAmazing deep voice.. think he should be at the top of the charts!! Would love to hear Moe Elvis songs and Johnny Cash from him👍😘

  59. Pah Kwan

    Love this song Scotty !! you are one of the great country singer that I always come to watch it !!

  60. Nothing at all

    This is a truly beautiful song, so you got a new subscriber here.
    Love the feel, the music, the vibe, the heart, & the message.

  61. Ronald Gono

    Great song love from PH. FAV SINGER

  62. Daniel Hunt

    one of my favorite country singers

  63. Justin Parsell

    Can't wait till you come to Buffalo, NY

  64. Min Ha Chung

    He killed it again! Another good song! It's a little too short!
    Lauren Alaina is a devil in disguise! Watch out for her disgusting negative comments on your videos! You don't know what she's doing behind the screen.

  65. Sirinity Jones

    omg can't wait countin down with every new album he comes out with tops the last one don't knnow how he does it #amazin

  66. Primrose Haran

    simply fantastic love this song and singer thanks for this

  67. Lidia Favara

    Meravigliaaaa 😍 Sempre emozionante 🌹

  68. Cheryl Hardy

    Scotty McCreery is so hot and have a sexy voice to

  69. Matt Galbraith

    love love it! Congratulations another great hit!

  70. St. Gravel

    I love every single song from Scotty! This's gonna be a big hit!

  71. Maye Dacula

    Been playing this song over and over and over❤

  72. Debra Harris

    I love Scotty McCreerys songs and himself.

  73. emilyw22

    So good to see him coming out with more music, and if the rest of the album is anything like this song then it's gonna be fantastic!

  74. Jackie Toquinto

    I️ love his voice 🤗

  75. Jasmine Beard

    So sweet!


    album name?


    Vittorio Houston Seasons Change , out March 16, 2018.


    TheMsAngelaS thank's

  77. Emily Allison

    My boy never disappoints

  78. Rebekah Capps

    Great song scotty loved it ❤

  79. stephanie werner

    omg love it

  80. Sara

    You're always so good

  81. DylanMovie Scene

    He needs to be popular. Wake up USA!

    countrygirl country musiclover


    DylanMovie Scene

    he's not that popular dumb ass. He may have won Idol but that was several years ago! Some people may have forgotten about it. He needs to be #1 on BB100 because his songs are amazing. He should be more popular than Bieber

  82. Taufiqur Rizal

    I smell a hit from this song. Cannot wait to hear the whole album. 😊

  83. Jenifer Ellaina

    Love his songs

  84. Deborah Dee

    Love this man's voice. What a gift he has! Such an amazing vocalist and a true class. ♥️

  85. Michael Jenkins

    Yes new music,love it.

  86. Donna Benson

    Loving it !

  87. Anna C

    Great song!!

  88. BusyJMer

    Love this song. Thanks Scotty!

  89. BooksAndAllSorts

    Yay!!! Been waiting for this for ages!

  90. Chelsey Gordon

    Love it!
    Cant wait to see him in concert in March 👍💙

    FZ Disa

    Chelsey Gordon I want to but i dont think we will have the money

  91. Lisa Torres

    So good

  92. Princess Hope

    Amazing voice, I enjoy listening to him. I can't wait for his album!

  93. Lucky Charm

    Saw scotty in Q Creek Arizona with my grandparents and twice he still amazing singer


    Lucky Charm i did as well... good show

    Daddy's boy

    I love Scotty's voice, very much so!

    Daddy's boy

    My favorite Scott's song is "I cross my heart". It's a shame that he didn't make a video of it.

  94. Hayley M


  95. Emily Roe

    Can't wait for the album!!!!

  96. xenon zylo

    Damn BA song and its my bday cant get any better

  97. Tyler Morton

    This is my third time listing to this in the past hour and it is amazing

  98. Kerstin Utz

    Love from Virginia!!!!❤️❤️