McCombs, Cass - Sean I Lyrics

— Can you hear me through the microphone?
— Uh-huh
— What are you gonna say go?
— How old are you?
— Four… and a half
— What are the days of the week? Do you know them?
— No
— What comes after Monday?
— Thursday
— No, it's Tuesday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Can you just say that?
— Yeah. Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
— Do you turn on?
— No. I- I smoke grass
— Do you?
— Uh-huh…
— What it's like?
— Uh… If you have any grass, I will show you. I'll- I'll eat it
— Do you eat it?
— Uh-huh, eat it and smoke it
— Which do you prefer?
— Eating it

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