McCollum, Parker - Meet You In The Middle Lyrics

Hear that whistle wind and holler
Waking you up in the night
All the way from California
Casanova has arrived
Headlined on the morning paper
You read it by the road
Waving goodbye to your neighbor
Where the hell you supposed to go?

Guess I'll meet you in the middle
Ain't nobody told me it'd be this hard
Guess I'll meet you in the middle
Lord only knows if I'll make it that far

Well, you told me that you loved me
Then you headed way out west
Chasing dreams that you've been dreaming
Loving boys you've never met
I'm still stuck here in the city
So much left I have to learn
Grandpa's shaking off his cancer
Just in case you hadn't heard

Guess I'll meet you in the middle
Well, ain't nobody told me it'd be this hard
Guess I'll meet you in the middle
Lord only knows if I'll make it that far

Well, I can hear the whole town whisper
Barely making out your name
Said you got some fancy hairdo
My momma's gone insane
Daddy left no goodbye letter
With no pistol on his grave
In the backyard on the blacktop
Where he left them good old days

Guess I'll meet you in the middle
Well, ain't nobody told me it'd be this hard
Guess I'll meet you in the middle
Lord only knows if I'll make it that far
If I'll make it that far

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McCollum, Parker Meet You In The Middle Comments
  1. Ricky Luna

    Goodd songg man keepp it up🙂

  2. rubenyaboy savage kodak

    Give a like if y'all's grandpa died from to mine and yall

    Upon Wrath

    Ruben Ponce such an amazing song

    Kevin Koeppen

    Please stop begging for likes off of other people's suffering. It is really messed up.

  3. rubenyaboy savage kodak

    Give a like who's grandpas died rip to mine and falls 😭🤧

  4. Christian Perez

    1.7 million views? Gahh damnn

  5. rubenyaboy savage kodak

    He's lip singing

    Eric Homewood

    That's what they do in music videos. If it was from a concert he wouldn't be.

    marcy ponce

    Ohh thnx

    Kevin Koeppen

    No shit😂

  6. Austin Shmaustin

    This songs so good I had to thumbs down it, just so I could thumbs up it again!

  7. Austin chase

    This song be gay af lol

  8. Seth Mann

    2019 still coming hot!!

  9. Daniel Colvin

    Man Parker you really hooked me with hell of a year and meet you in the middle and this just makes me think about.... Everything! Thankyou

  10. Dylan Skud

    Best song to come out.

  11. Michael Andy

    ;) casanova arrived & now he might just leave.

  12. Young_Sinatra21

    Austin Texas, home.

  13. Snickel Fritz

    nice sound

  14. Jaqueline Lopez

    It’s 2019 where I’m at

  15. Gina Muniz

    Love his music!!! Thanks to my 20 year old son.

  16. Merly Silva

    This Colorado girl just became a fan of yours today what an Amazing Voice!!!! Now this is country!!!!


    damn good song! just dont know about the antler placement, that would suck some serious cock if you ever were rear ended

  18. Ben Annis

    You sing and write lyrics way ahead of your age. Love your music!

  19. Jarrett Goodman

    Everyone complaing about the antlers on the gun rack lol. Does anyone realize that is a 50 year old pickup. Thats right a 1970 Ford. And i bet you didnt realize that those were made from something called iron. Yes thats right that hard grey stuff that you can paint pretty colors. And i bet you didnt know that if in any sort of collision the hood is the only thing than can crumple on that vehicle. Ford thought that through and made the first three feet of the frame this way to save the driver of thier vehicle. True story go watch a crash test or two on those old gas gu-zling workhorses. They didnt make mall crawlers that crumple like a fruit roll-up wrapper. They made iron boxes and 6 and eight cylinder earth movers back then. And proof that i know this i own one that i should have totalled. Put it on its side over an embankment. I pulled it out of the place it was and drove away. Those are probably the safest vehicles on earth

  20. yolol

    2019 bitches!

  21. Kendra Bowers

    Can someone tell me who he is singing to? I'm just so confused. "All the way from California, Casanova has arrived." Casanova is a guy, right? He says *from* California, but then whoever he is singing to "headed way out west." Is he talking about two different people? I have to figure this out.

    Texas Anarchists

    Kendra Bowers He is going east, he is Casanova, The girl is going west, they are meeting in the middle

  22. Danielle Connors

    Come to OKC!!

    Countryboy Hunting

    Your wish is gonna come true on July 26

  23. Rhea Phillips

    LOVE the ATX Skyline in the background :)

  24. Notxam S27

    Do y'all even know how long I've been looking for this song

  25. _D_O_C_

    Why am I just now hearing about this guy

  26. Reagan DeSpain


  27. sunaxle

    Listening on repeat

  28. Jack McKinney

    Great song Parker.

  29. Kyle Rosas

    Still listening at 2018, anyone else??

    Joseph Simpkins

    Hell I am in 2019!!

    Misty Reshay

    Listening in 2019 lol

    Notxam S27

    Shut the fuck up with your 2018? Ass

    K L

    Kyle Rosas 2019

    Red Coyote

    Its not that old XD

  30. JimenJos015


  31. james brent

    I absolutely love this song. Helped me through a hard time. Its the soul and heart you feel in this song that makes it.

  32. JACKSON Jackson

    Parker, man, hell yeah

  33. Lane Draper

    Put I can't breathe back on YouTube!

  34. Dawson Dallas

    love it thank you so much just made my day so much better

  35. Mallory Fitzgerald

    I love the song

  36. Beth Jordan

    Parker Mccollum is the bomb!

  37. Anthony Quintanilla

    Great song! Not the best music video but that doesn't matter Parker you got talent.

    Carter Reagan

    Honestly it was the cheapest music video he could have made lol. But this was my anthem the summer of 2016-18

  38. Lane Draper

    Why did you take down I can't breathe? Don't be a douchebag.

  39. Samantha Lino


  40. Sally Thames

    First time to hear your music! I went to high school with your dad! You are awesome!

  41. Parker Family Group LLC

    This song is as good today as the first time, I heard it. Never fails to lift my spirits. Thanks for writing it Parker. God bless and keep you boy.

  42. Red Vapes

    Great song, super catchy

  43. Juan Alfaro

    good to hear music you can relate to keep it going

  44. Crown & Coke

    Great show yesterday at Ranch Bash...Was there to see you and ole Jinks...Didn't disappoint!

    Andrew Thornton

    Crown & Coke huhzy

  45. Chief Okorocha

    someone please give him a record deal

    Scott Nichols

    He's got one

  46. Nolan Pierce

    I like the song and video.. Hope he gets his big break!


    I think he's on his way, SOLD OUT CAPITAL BAR, and nearly Billie bobs.

  47. rioblancoman

    Brother Parker. AWESOME! Olivia's dad here.She told me I would love this song. There was never a doubt. Flying Z Ranch Harvest Fest! I sent them this link. All the best to you Parker.

  48. Whitney Morton

    I absolutely LOVE this song. I hope you come to our bar here in Mexia, TX!!

  49. Sam Gibbins

    Song of the year

  50. Dax Frost

    I love this song. Awesome man. But the antlers behind the drivers head, that's a rear-end away from an infamous death. I'm sure it's just for the video, but let's go ahead and avoid that one next time. Impossible not to be distracted by it.

    That being said, great video, you're a damn solid artist, and I'm stoked to hear more of your stuff.

  51. Austin Little

    Me and my dad listen to this song all the time

  52. jahac18


  53. Parker Family Group LLC

    Who are the 8 idiots who gave this song a thumbs down. Maybe one of the best country songs in 20 years. This kid is for real.

    John Daniels

    Probably luke Bryan fans 🤙

    Ian Kz

    Most "country" fans don't like real country.

    jade McIntire

    321 now, how sad :(

    jade McIntire

    @Ian Kz no they like this pop country crap

  54. Everton Ortims Martins

    Beautiful song, is playing in Brazil!

    julien martinez

    That's so awesome!!! Spread the good music up there all the way from Texas!! Keep it up!!

    K Barn

    +julien martinez +Parker McCollum

    Raini Garcia

    Everton Ortims Martins That is incredible, to know that Texas country lives in Brazil as well. The day my travels lead me to Brazil it will be nice to know that I may come across someone who share in my roots. Love from Texas.

  55. Michelle Thompson

    Am I the only one who notices the deer horns waiting to impel the back of his head on impact?

    James Bolognani

    I saw them and wondered how deep in the comments i'd have to go. Nicely done.

    Eric Vinson

    I noticed it immediately too lol

    Nathan Flecke


    Texas Anarchists

    The antlers are just decoration y’all don’t have to think so deep

  56. Barry Sims

    this guy ain't to country on the outside, but the way he sangs is awesome!

  57. Bradley C.

    Heard you on the ranch! Great song!

  58. T Parmer

    GREAT SONG ...Love it!!!


    Austin Texas bb.

    William Leveni

    @Notxam S27 how so?

    Hancl Carr

    Round rock here

    Notxam S27

    William Leveni *shudders* I've seen... convertibles and brunch

    Hancl Carr

    Cary wood. Okay and? Austin is lit

  60. T Parmer

    Great Song!!!!

  61. Graham Hoy

    Love the jam pods

  62. Eric

    Makes me want to write a song. Just heard this yesterday, it's a great song.

  63. Desmond Robinson

    This truly is a great song

  64. James Mclane

    Great song.

  65. Reese Reissig

    Love it, can't wait for the album.