McClinton, Delbert - To Be With You Lyrics

I turned out all the lights
In my old world
There in the dark I left a
Tremblin' crying darling girl
It's plain to see that you got me
Doin' what I have to do
To be with you.

I wonder how big a fool a man can be
Burnin' bridges, breakin' hearts,
And causin' miseries, right or wrong
I'll go on doin' what I have to do
To be with you.

It seems you possess me body and soul
You keep my heart to poundin' so
My mind can't take control

I can't change the things I fail to see
In time I know some things I've done
Gonna all come down on me
I'll get by, though I might cry
Doin' what I have to do
To be with you.

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McClinton, Delbert To Be With You Comments
  1. Howlin' Donster

    My wife and I have seen Delbert About a dozen times around Dallas and he always stole the show from the headliners, every single time.. Love this guy and he ha been around a long time, in fact he taught John Lennon how to blow the harp.. Thanks for posting this gem @AManOfManyFaces !

  2. williamseale

    The Texas boogeyman

  3. Carrie Flynn

    Thank you for posting this!! I had never seen it. It's my favorite DM song.

    Patricia Paddock

    God I love this man.. Ohhh baby I'm with you

  4. John Cali

    I always thought he had the coolest voice

  5. Ronny Djupesland

    who's the drummer in this song?

    John W

    Eddie Bayers

  6. Christopher Szpyngel

    Love this guy! Probably my favorite Delbert song...I'm with You!

    Patricia Paddock

    Ewe la la.. I love this man and him singing it ...💋💘