McClinton, Delbert - Squeeze Me In Lyrics

Honey I know you got a good job, you're out there makin' all that dough
But they keep you late workin' that overtime, and I don't ever see you no more
I guess you're not checking your message machine, seems like you're never in
I got a hunch if we could just do lunch I could get your attention again
I know you got your schedule and you're keepin'; it tight
You got somethin' goin' mornin', noon, and night
But I got somethin' I know you're gonna like
Honey, can you squeeze me in

I got it circled in red on the calendar, baby, you told me tonight's the night
Got the champagne chilled, got a gourmet meal, soft music and candlelight
I try to get you on the phone, I get stuck on hold, I guess you keep getting sidetracked
I been faxin' you love notes all day long, but you don't ever fax me back
I know you got your schedule and you're keepin' it tight
You got somethin' goin' mornin', noon, and night
But I somethin' I know you're gonna like
Honey, can you squeeze me in

Whoever said it's a man's world don't know what he's talkin' about
You got me workin' around the clock, honey, tryin' to figure you out
I know time is money, but there's more to life honey than how much you can spend
You got to make a little time for the good times, so honey can you squeeze me in

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McClinton, Delbert Squeeze Me In Comments
  1. Jennifer Kennedy

    Grant Street Dancehall Delbert did himself with Respect! His voice is still great

  2. Steve Hatfield

    Kevin McKendree is killin' it again on keys!

  3. tovarisch

    The piano player is great! But what an aggressive style. I love Delbert, and he always gets exciting backup players.

  4. Patti Shufflebarger

    Have seen Delbert at least 15 times and every time is awesome. He can bring the house down. Had the pleasure of meeting him in South Boston, Virginia what a thrill. What a great person. Drove 350 miles one way to see him after recouping from cancer, I told him this and he was so humble that I came all those miles to see him. Got a big kiss from him. You rock Delbert.

  5. mike baird

    Delivery's great ... never any date included

  6. christina corbett

    Love love delbert ..

  7. Jim Husband


  8. Bill Bored

    How can you not get your feet moving to Delbert and his crew??!! Fabulous.

  9. Tom Harmon

    key of c with a two step f,f# g

  10. R Wearing

    Mike Joyce locks it all together.

  11. adam glover

    Somehow Delbert ALWAYS puts together the BEST bands....hands down!


    That's what I'm talkin' about...!

  13. Sharyl Wenger

    Nice to know where this song came from but I love it done as a duet with GB and TY

  14. Sherri Owens

    Oh yea!

    Kevin Barton

    Sherri Owens - do it one
    More time “Lovey” ❤️!

  15. Tom Scheider

    Who's the guy playing drums ? He looks like the drummer that used to play for Joe Cocker.

  16. Sylvia Carter

    Hi, Delbee! ... We still love you! ...... From, Your Friends....Ralph and Sylvia Carter

  17. Dave Byers

    Love Delbert! Funny, at 1:42, ck out the pianist. He's rocking sitting on 4 chairs. rotfl! Wth? Get a stool brother that adjusts.

  18. Kevin Hull

    I love Kevin's chair compilation

    Simon Russell

    Ol' Kevin Four Chairs? :)

  19. Cunninglinguist

    Love Delbert

  20. Gina Norwood

    got a chance to party with delbert after a santa monica concert. What a blast and he sure can rock and the horn section plays plenty. I got him to play...Why Me at the house of blues in la got the whole damn place jumping !!!!!!! awesome

  21. Wendell Stafford

    Only Delbert can roll country, rock and r&b together like that.......pure genius.

    tunefultony johnson

    Yeah, this guy is one classy act and that raw voice just suits his songs real fine.....

  22. Sheldon Bermont

    Great tune...great lyric...great performance...but, why even spend the money to hire a horn section, if you're not going to put them in the fat part of the mix. Probably not Delbert's fault...its a common mistake regularly made by "producer/engineers."
    Even if the idea for the song is to have the horns relegated to icing on the cake; the horns mixed that low is just an insult to the horn players who work their whole life to develop a big, dark, robust sound to add some meat and potatoes to a song.

  23. Steve Whaley

    oh.....Hell, yah. There's the master.....

  24. Pat Hesselgrave

    Real good.....real talent!

  25. Ken Akey

    woohoo.... Excellent video good sound and good composition. Great tune.

  26. Tom Bonnell

    Michael i see your still playing that same old fender bass.
    You are sounding good!