McClinton, Delbert - Down Into Mexico Lyrics

There was a casino out in Vegas
Had a million dollars on the wall
Got my imagination workin' overtime
I knew I had to have it all
I knew I had to have it all

Sherrie was a dancer, she was a schemer
We came up with a fool-proof plan
She was workin' it from the inside
I was her getaway man
yeah, I was her getaway man

Takin' it deep down into Mexico
No turnin' back once you go down that road
Just one place for a desperate
Desperado to go
Take it deep down into Mexico

It all went smooth and sweet as honey
We got it all and nobody got hurt
He and Sherrie, we were countin' our money
When that gun slid out of her purse
That little gun slid out of her purse

That's when she told me 'bout her lover man
That's when I knew I was in a terrible mess
She took the blame, he took the money
I took a bullet in my chest
I took a bullet in my chest

Takin' it deep down into Mexico
No turnin' back once you go down that road
Just one place for a desperate
Desperado to go
Take it deep down into Mexico

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McClinton, Delbert Down Into Mexico Comments
  1. R Calhoun

    I used to see him perform in the late 70's and 1980's when he would come to North Carolina. He is still rocking it to this day.

  2. Richard dubuque jr

    3 minute commercials definately kill viewership

  3. Daniel Bevill

    Great song...but John Hiatt is, by FAR the most underrated artist of all time...!

  4. nje22fb

    its always cool until the chick shows you HER gun, then you're screwed, and not in a good way

  5. Brad Larsen

    Almost every time I listen to Mcclinton in my car, one of my passengers will ask who this is and almost always starts listening to him. Great artist.

  6. ronald goebel

    One of the greats that is so under appreciated. Been a fan for 25yrs. You go my man!

  7. Rick Keogh

    Just a great song, typical of Delbert's wide-ranging talent for all genres of music. Boy, did the guy in the song get sucked in!!!

  8. Cam Lendrim

    There’s no one like Delbert but I hear a lot of a Van Morrison vibe in many of his songs.

  9. Fake Drummer

    Damn. Delbert song won't load cuz the trump ad won't load. That FU.

  10. Tim Wright

    I never imagined, as a lonely Englishman, that I would ever go deep into Mexico. I made it there last year. Jesus, I was lucky to get out. I'm a drinker. I have stories to tell.

    jasmine vaught

    I WAS a drinker and I have stories to tell from right here in CA. LOL Glad you made it back, I love the Mexican Riviera, beautiful.

    Tim Wright

    @jasmine vaught I stop drinking at midnight on 31st December. I hope 2019 proves to be your happiest year, Jasmine.

    jasmine vaught

    I am MUCH happier now that I am sober, and don't need alcohol to have fun! In fact I'm more fun without it. "Takin it deep down into MX", Keep up the good work, life is good even when its difficult. Happy New Year, [email protected] Wright

  11. Lil Red Corvette

    💋❤️💋 Love Delbert 💋Love This Song 💋❤️💋

  12. Bob Hodo

    Spoiler alert if you haven't actually listened to the story. I love it when the teller is giving you his story... from the grave. (White Wheeled Limousine/ Long Black Veil)

  13. Catlady

    Always my favorite!!!

  14. M G

    First heard this when it was a new song on the House of Blues Radio Hour. I had never even heard of Delbert McClinton before. I ran out and bought the album the next day. Thank you Dan Aykroyd!

  15. Tim Forest

    Pandora plays this on my Little Feat station. I love it.

  16. Michael deLisle

    Pandora also plays it on my J.J. Cale station.

  17. M G

    Introduced to this years ago on the Elwood Blues radio show. Thank you very much Elwood!

  18. Sally Cvetas

    This song is so awesome. First time my husband and I heard it we were driving from Flagstaff to Phoenix down the canyon road. It was like seeing a movie. What a voice, what a song, what a thrill it added to a thrilling ride.

  19. mykeal clark

    I hear Marty Robbins...

  20. Frank Academy

    Best song ever

  21. Scott Allen

    get on with your bad self Delbert .. great tune

  22. michael chirrick

    Great tune! Whenever i hear it i cant help but think of the 70s Sam Pechinpah film "Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia"

    Gigi E

    That's the Wild Bunch

    michael chirrick

    Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia is also a film by Pechinpah from 1974

  23. samuel hjerpe

    Great song

  24. Michael Buck

    Pandora also plays it often on my Mark Knopfler station. Terrific song. Very haunting and exceptionally well expressed.

  25. Paul Meadowlark

    This song reminds me of my dad. I just lost him last month. He liked stuff like this, Johnny Cash, Springsteen etc. I was born early 80's and I turned out liking mostly heavy stuff. Sometimes we disagreed on music, but not this one. Damn we both loved this song. I remember us driving around in his truck playing it loud...those were the days.

  26. Dany Pierson

    Ma chanson préférée de ce brillant artiste.

  27. Rusty Williams

    Another great recording by Delbert. One of the most unappreciated artists there is.

  28. Dale Smith

    I like songs like this; an evocative tale set to music. The guitar rifts are excellent. I'd like other songs like this. Suggestions?

    Kevin Miller

    Dale Smith I would recommend Mark Knoplfer's Privateering album.

    jasmine vaught

    Kings Highway, Joe Henry. Doesn't have fancy riffs but is a story set to song also Slaide Cleaves, Breakfast in Hell another good story song.

    Wendell Stafford

    When Rita Leaves.........Delbert McClinton

  29. Dale Smith

    I bought his music after hearing it here.

  30. Mike Murphy

    comes up on my Pandora Warren Zevon channel, like Warren, the construction of this song is very movie like.

  31. Dale S

    Pandora plays it fairly often on my Mark Knopfler station Been a Delbert fan for years - great song!!!!!!!!!!


    Same here. Love my MK station

    Don Jenkins

    Mark Knopfler station - have been listening to it for a long time - best station I play!

    Pat Shelly

    Dale S Same here

    Tony Boone

    My Mark Knopfler station plays this too, great song.

  32. Francis McAlonan, Jr.

    Carefree Theater in West Palm Beach, 2005. Delbert was touring & promoting this album. That song became our theme song cruisin' & boozin' inter alia, past the Holy Tree and then finding, unfortunately, Palm Beach marina moved to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the guise of Los Suenos. However, Jose Mayo, Franker and his dad just had to go deeper. Great song!

  33. Dave Harris

    First of all, great song!  Is it just me or does anyone else think this sounds very much like Bob Seger....maybe even Springsteen....but with an almost Marty Robbins melody and feel? Oh, it's McClinton all the way, but I never cease to be amazed how even the giants stand on the shoulders of other giants, taking something from everything they hear.

    Sparky Widgets

    +Dave Harris I hear Phil Lynott

    Truth Or Consequences

    Yeah, Seger and Robbins feel. Agree

    Sally Cvetas

    Agree to your comparisons except for Bruce. His voice is almost as golden as Marty's. It is thrilling.

  34. RJ Teich

    Saw Delbert last night at the Birchmere. Could not believe he FINALLY included this EXCELLENT song. He hasn't sang it with the band since it first came out. It has got to be my most favorite Delbert McClinton song. When I first heard it, it reminded me of a song the Eagles would sing. That beat is awesome! Glad to see too that Delbert is doing great health wise. Looks good, and gave another great show (as always!).

  35. Andrew Whitus

    3:00AM driving through Guanajuato and this song plays in your mind over and over and over...buen material!

  36. cecelia p.hendrix

    no body any better

  37. Jeff Maas

    What a great song. I heard this on Sirius Outlaw and I love it!!!.

  38. Sobers Rajakumar

    Feel the pain coming down from Mexico.

  39. LoveBandit1000