McClinton, Delbert - California Livin' Lyrics

Kicking dust on the canyon road
I got a free ride to Roscoe
San Diego Freeway, I'm almost home
Say goodbye to them weekend thrills
Can't nobody find my five dollar bill
And this California livin' is killin' me

Swimming pools and barbecue
Lotsa wine and a song or two
Everybody's high on Bobby's credit to Betsy
Sun's tryin' to rise but won't nobody let it
And this California livin' is killing me.

I've made up my mind what I'm gonna do
I'm going back to Texas in a day or two
I ain't gonna give up, I'm just gonna rest up
Maybe see a friend or two.

Mr. Bus Driver, I misunderstood
Did you say Halloween or Hollywood?
Some people I've been meeting
Strikin' me kind of funny
Lord only knows what goes with my money
And this California livin' is killing me.

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McClinton, Delbert California Livin' Comments
  1. Sam R

    Hi - since you seem to have this album do you have any others? I remember ...I think it's the one with the cow on the album cover, it had songs called "Fine and Easy" "Aragon Ballroom" "Killer"....I loved all these song so much but can't find them anywhere....if you could post more Delbert and Glen that would be great. Thanks.

  2. Marcia Hess

    Love hearing Stephen Bruton's guitar. I became a Delbert and Hlen fan when Stephen transferred to D&G from playing with Kris Kristofferson.

  3. yellowpurse357

    The greatest D&G song-story ever...I remember all the Ft. Worth characters who they are singing about.....and how cool it was in 1971 when they made that historic journey ... AND made it back to Ft. Worth in one piece.....and are still rocking today ... 41 or 42 yrs later! What a treasure the are!

  4. mojorising0071950

    Many thanks for posting this one, haven't heard it in years! Maybe Cold November.??

  5. tim spry

    one of my faves from the early 70s. Would love to hear more ! There were some great songs on that album.