McClinton, Delbert - A Picture Of You Lyrics

All I've got is a picture of you
Now that you've gone and left me blue
You don't hear me cry at night
And say sweet things to you
You don't hear me sing a love song to
A picture of you

I pretend that you're still here with me
Laughing just the way we used to be
But pictures they can't talk and they can't see
I know I'm in love and nothing more
Nothing more

I hope you'll be happy where you are
But if you need me I won't be to far
Standing in the shadow of my dreams
They say it's not as bad as it may seem
But they don't lie awake at night and cry the way I do
They don't realise that all I got
Is a picture of you

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McClinton, Delbert A Picture Of You Comments
  1. Susan Hopkins

    Yessssssss .....

  2. Hester Johnson

    My neighbors favorite.....I made sure

  3. kaylee sanson

    This is a great song it has soul

  4. steven tyler

    Ultimate Bar song..bad ass tune

  5. Ed Pringle

    Love It Awesome Delbert

  6. P Jj

    another underrated texas boy....

  7. Tammy Bogar

    Last song I listened too with my Daddy on his last birthday....
    RIP Daddy October 6, 1944--October 12, 2019... I love and miss you so much...This ones for you 💔

    Darrell Somers

    Sorry for your loss ,he had great taste in music

  8. Tammy Bogar

    Roll those dice baby !!!
    Love it !!🔥💗😘

  9. Kim Newton

    Still loving this song in 2019

  10. AlphaCatholic

    His catch-in-his-throat technique is classic

  11. Brandi Lester


  12. Marilee Dent

    Still love it. Sorry I'd forgotten about it. Shared worldwide lol Marilee lot of love

    Phillip Grimes

    Ain't it Great?

  13. Barbara Duplantis

    Saw in in concert here in Louisiana several years ago to a packed house great singer

  14. Dane Radcliff

    Best quote I’ve ever heard about Delbert is “ the man has had the misfortune of seeing more white people dance than anyone else in history “. Quite the tribute!

    Dane Radcliff

    I can't take credit for that comment, I was passing along something that I had read. But yes, I agree that it was a great tribute. This video was an all star lineup and the performance reminds me of J Geils Band on Red Bull!

    Toni Smith

    Lord have mercy, l love that!

  15. Mr Oxford

    This has a kick shittin' grooooove,

  16. michaeljoiner joiner


    Phillip Grimes

    57 and STILL, Kickin it in Tennessee, like I was 17!

  17. rheaume rube


  18. michaeljoiner joiner


  19. Joe Lauletta

    Delbert is bad ass i say no more very underrated

  20. James Lawton

    Man I love this groove

  21. Boyce Hull

    Classic Delbert McClinton. As good as it gets.

  22. Donald Dawkins

    Don Imus sent me here.

  23. Nate Balcerak

    Dang. I love this song so much.

  24. David Nelson

    That mother can speak it

  25. Rick Burnette

    One of the best vocalist that still kick's it out even at his age. Always count on a good concert when you go to see him because you are going to see and hear one of the greatest of our time. Legends have stole from him his great singing style and they will tell you that it was Delbert who taught me this and that. He's truly a Great....

    Phillip Grimes

    He BE, Da Man!

  26. Violet Draga

    Awe sing it Delbert


    John Lee Hooker would be proud!!!

  28. Bubba Roberts

    Would love to hear a delbert and Chris stapleton duo

  29. Sweet Gary

    Some that sundowner music

  30. Ralph Flores

    Yeah Baby! 😋

  31. Randy Main

    One of the best album I own.

    Penny Merritt

    Hell yes !!!!!

  32. Mark Kreuzwieser

    Saw him on River Street, Savannah, 80s

  33. Dave McBroom

    I'ma Delbert disciple.

  34. GHOST HAWK 2.0

    Oh Yeah !!!.....

  35. Joe Black

    Saw him at his hang around town called "Funky," Fort Worth. At Billy Bob's Texas a number of times and man! The crowd should have "represented," I got to enjoy it oh so nonetheless!

  36. peenut07

    Ray Charles said Joe Cocker was the best white blues singer in the world. I beg to differ.

  37. Dave McBroom

    I have been a disciple for 35 years or there abouts, and I'm here to say Delbert never looked that good. But ain't nobody looking anyway, but everyone's listening.

  38. David Mays

    Definitely one of the greatest albums of our time. Delbert can outdo anyone on blues, rock, country, you name it. He is without peer. I have seen him many times in concert. Just an incredible musical genius. God bless him!!

    Robert Woodward

    I agree bro.. Just one above him and that was the greatest blues voice all time.. Gregg Alman..

    J.Rollins Brunson

    Robert Woodward hmmmmm ? & I'm an avid ABB fanatic for 50 years...

    J.Rollins Brunson

    David Mays, Might as well throw "One of the fortunate few" in that category also !

  39. Angela Allen

    Love me some me some Delbert......forever

  40. Laura Combs

    love me some Delbert McClinton

  41. Angie Lovell

    Love It! Feel good music

  42. donna mclaren

    What a great dance song!! Happy Birthday to me!

  43. Ricky Palmer

    Ole Delb taught John Lennon to play the harmonica. so cool. HEY THANKS DELBERT FOR A LIFETIME OF GTEAT MUSIC BUDDY!!!!!

  44. Ashley Pepper

    Been listening to Delbert for over 20 years... damnit the man is singin ma life!!!!!!!!

  45. 111Benzie


  46. louise italiano

    Damm dice!

  47. Nikki Hayes

    One of the greatest my father daughter dance was one of his songs!!!!!!

  48. mikeh92467

    I first came across Delbert when I was teen aged disc jockey at my first radio station in the Florida panhandle. "Victim of Life Circumstances" was in the junk pile of promotional albums that the program director didn't know what to with, so I gave it a listen and took it home. Never had heard of Delbert, but from then on as I went to different radio stations I would pick up a new album! (Real vinyl. Yes I am that old). It's been a long ride, but I've enjoyed creating new fans for Delbert whenever I can!

  49. Highill28 Yates8s

    That's a one of a kind voice in entertainment. You will not find many with the love & enthusiasm for great music & great fans. I can name one, go check him out! Drake White he gets Down Also! 💯

  50. Tim Sheridan

    Backing vocals is Bekka Bramlett, Bonnie' daughter, not Melissa Etheridge, although the sound fairly similar.

    D.J. John Hulsey

    Michael Duke contributed vocals on this too..He was with Wet Willie

    Kat Bowl

    Nope, that's Melissa.

  51. Mark Corbin

    I miss you Grady Hudson! Every time I hear this I think of you and our Fishing trips! The Best Trips I ever had! See you in heaven one day Brother!

  52. Francois Froge

    ♪ ღ♫ 🎸 ◕)

  53. Tom Cunningham

    Melissa Etheridge singing harmony. ❤️😊👋🏻☮️🇨🇦

    Kat Bowl


  54. Tom Cunningham

    Awesome👋🏻Awesome Thank you

  55. Rob Riley

    According to John Lennon, McClinton taught him harmonica technique when the Beatles (pre-fame) opened for Bruce Channel on a UK tour circa 1962. Listen to Delbert's harp on "Hey Baby" and John's on "Love Me Do" and the influence is obvious.

    anthony sanders

    Yes Rob...I can imagine that is true...I was the drummer with Billy Kramer then, and on the same show as Bruce Chanel at the tower ballroom New Brighton (Over the water from Liverpool) and Bob Wooler introduced Delbert to the crowd.....I think his hair was' Fairish' then and he was about the same age as me....Great to think he's still belting out great music...A true Gem.

  56. Sundance

    Sounds like Rod Stewart!


    But better.....far better.

  57. marie Brigitte Sevaistre

    super +++groooVe !!thxx :)

  58. Sharon Regonini

    delbert you still aint call me in mass

  59. Tricia Castellano

    Delbert has been my favorite artist since late '70's! I know one person in Westfield High that may also be. I've a strong feeling, suspicion, I know who that person is. Thank you for sharing and putting Delbert on for everyone to hear and love! What's not to love...
    The person I'm guessing, is also a fan of Florence and the Machine. It's great to see it cross generations, I loved listening to it. Saving it!
    I saw him in 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, and a couple of times in the early '90's. He tour's still and loves Mass. He plays smaller venues now. But he's does the Big E sometimes. Framingham, Ma. has a festival every year that he plays. Bigger Blues Clubs... check for his schedule I guess. His band is fantastic always. Never miss a beat. He's incredible.
    At this point his music is nostalgic for me. It's been too long since I've seen him. Hopefully he'll have an appearance locally. He always play's Springfield, or western Ma.

    Donna Foster

    Love love Delbert just saw him Saturday May 4th at Myrtle Beach Music Festival.

  60. Cathy W

    The definition of COOL....

  61. Marilee Denr

    Love it

  62. james genier


  63. olddogg eleventy2

    And that's the way Delbert takes care of bidnes

  64. Dot Thomason

    Am a new fan!,

  65. thekingcobra63

    I got turned on to Delbert after I heard Chris LeDoux do this song, then listened to Delbert's version and was hooked. God Bless Chris LeDoux and Delbert McClinton, both legends.

  66. Michael Ebner

    Glad to see so many people are tuned into my favorite performer

  67. Aaron Jackson

    Only time I've ever been thrown out of the bar I threw my girlfriend on the stage they threw us out

  68. Nate Herman

    No one better on the entire planet!

  69. AWelsh Celt

    Great story below. Delbert doesn't suffer fools gladly, but he's a genuinely great guy. Also, he taught John Lennon how to play harmonica. Delbert played the harp part on Bruce Chanel's hit Hey, Hey Baby. The Beatles toured all over the UK with Bruce in the early 60s. That's how they met.

  70. Carolyn swaim

    Don't have a dog that bites; but I'd like to have a ZIPPER THAT WOULD GO UP AND DOWN. Don't roll no dice. Just watch concert s at the Silversmith in Wendover NV.  God bless your family M Spellm29

  71. Angela Allen

    What the world needs more of...a soulful singer like Delbert. ❤❤❤😇😇😇❤❤❤😇😇😇

  72. Angela Allen

    Del..still.great. hes.very down to earth

  73. Hunter Pannell

    My dad has great taste in tunes. Thanks pops

  74. Dee Harris

    I like this song

  75. steven tyler

    Saw him do this at a Blues Fest in Helena Arkansas...he put on a great show..

  76. Kendra Clark

    Great singer :-)

  77. Mrs. Linda C. George

    Why do I hear bob seger except chorus?

  78. Neil Ladd

    He should move to Vegas!

  79. Catlady

    Never be another Delbert!!

  80. Jana Bos

    Blues as Blues can get

  81. Diane Shebilske

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this man!!!!!

  82. jeff joyce

    1st. time at Eddie's Burke blues club, Boston. Early 80s. It's been on ever since. FABULOUS PERFORMER.

  83. John Gallagher

    Does anyone have the lyrics


    She's got a roof that don't leak
    When the rain's pouring down
    She's got a place I can sleep
    Where I'm safe and sound
    She's got a lock on her door
    But she gave me a key
    She don't walk the floor
    Oh, but she worries about me
    Her love has no strings, shackles or chains
    But I'm holding on for dear life
    She's like rolling a seven
    Every time I roll the dice
    She's got a big Oldsmobile
    She's got a dog that don't bite
    She's got a heart I can steal
    Like a thief in the night
    She's got a slow burning fire
    She keeps the radio low
    When she gets inspired
    We let the good times roll
    Her love has no strings, shackles or chains
    But I'm holding on for dear life
    She's like rolling a seven
    Every time I roll the dice
    Written by Troy Harold Seals, Max D. Barnes • Copyright © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group

  84. Scott Allen

    yeah baby...

  85. Emily Johnson

    .....that's the kind of woman I wanna be.....😉

  86. Marc Isaac

    ....saw Delbert a month ago in Lake Charles, is perfect....

  87. Mike Mcmullin

    Bought my first Delbert album back in 78 or something like that. I'm glad he's getting the credit he's due.

    J.Rollins Brunson

    Mike Mcmullin, Had this song on it didn't it ?

  88. bigroy38

    Did Frosty play drums on this track?

  89. Marc Isaac

    one of my favs ...

  90. thekingcobra63

    This song is how I discovered McClinton. I heard Chris Ledoux do this song, then heard Delbert did the song a year earlier than Chris, listened to it, loved it, became a huge fan ever since, of both McClinton and Ledoux.

  91. Judy Kostyk

    He's Freaken' Awesome! I just want to go out and Party!

  92. Gail Halldorson

    He is so great and his band is even better. Can they be better--maybe not! This is a goodie!!!

    Gail Halldorson

    owww harmonica

    David Thornburg

    I know !!! Thanks for the coment !!!!

  93. roman14032

    what would you call this particular sub genre of rock?

    midnight rider71

    roman14032 KICK ASS !!

  94. tricky ricky

    I discovered my first DM LP at a used record store bin in Washington DC. he still plays regularly at the birchmere in northern VA. unfortunately I live in nw Ohio. he plays in Ann arbor mi but it is two plus hours each and Cleveland is the same. I am now disabled and not allowed to drive bit have done 8 - 10 hours to my favorite artist. my second favorite was Donnie MC cormick now deceased and his band Eric Quincy Tate.

  95. Eric Jennings

    Seen Delbert in Nashville the other week. It was awesome! Played some songs from his new new album with the Self Made Men... and lots of other favorites... This band rocked and Delbert sounded as good as ever.

  96. Brian McPhee

    Ya know.  F$%k Elvis.  Delbert McClinton was the  shit!


    Delbert still walks the earth; still the shit.

    Brian McPhee

    Amen, Brother!!!

    Eric Jennings

    He's still kickin ass my friend. Check out his new stuff. It's a bit jazzy and laid back... But awesome. Nobody pulls this kinda stuff off anymore.

    Marc Isaac


    Sandy Maness

    Brian McPhee damm straight

  97. Nic Bing

    Sturgill got a Delbet bug  long a go  !!!!

  98. Nicholas vinyl

    was listening to Arthur alexander song version hey baby, originally done by Bruce channel and someone mentioned this guy was on the harmonica for that song. that's what brought me here.