McCartney, Paul - The End Lyrics

Oh yeah, all right
Are you going to be in my dreams


And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make.

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McCartney, Paul The End Comments
  1. Flag Coco

    Of all the video clips posted of the septuagenerian Paul McCartney. I love two the best. The one where he serenades Michelle Obama with "Michelle" at the White House, and this.

  2. ray coleman

    hell yes Paul, get back jojo. luv u paul, lluv diane

  3. Farrel Radhitya N

    The voice is same as the apple rooftop concert

  4. Apolonio

    I'm so excited that they grabbed the cutscenes from The Beatles Rcokband

  5. betterstill100

    Get back, Jo Jo...,,,

  6. Daniel Watters

    You don't see Paul punishing his Ax very often ... beyond COOL!

  7. Zac Dior

    Great British 🇬🇧 music 😉

  8. R2-J2

    Why the fuck is Paul McCartney using auto tune?

  9. WiredSnarl

    We are so lucky paul and ringo is still alive i wonder when john lennon and george was alive

  10. Hedgehogs Rounded

    The ends of Let it Be, Sgt Peppers, and Abbey Road. Heck yeah.

  11. John Monteza

    30 years from now, I would tell my future son and daughter that the beatles are the best band in 1960’s


    John Monteza maybe best ever?🙃🙃

  12. jนl¡ഠ

    Very good

  13. John G

    How in the world does he have the same perfect voice!

  14. phenix returns

    3 Gibson guitars, a lot of amps : high end guitar gear for some beautiful lead tones

    Jonte Friedrichsen

    phenix returns i believe mccartney actually plays an old framus bass. a german brand popular in the 60s.

  15. phenix returns

    Listen to Phil Collins ' version too :) with Sir George Martin in person, it's more like the original but with the amazing Phil , it's Phil's touch like in his video

    Joy Stinson

    phenix returns , good effort, but this better.

  16. phenix returns

    where is the hidden bassist ? :) for "the end"? or pre -recorded ?

    frank stein

    looks like the keyboard guy supplies the bass

    phenix returns

    @frank stein the sound is amazing for a keyboard, i really want to know the story

  17. phenix returns

    7'42" "very good" ? Paul had no mic ? so in the crowd ?

  18. JoshGillMusic

    Great performance but I wish they hadn’t used autotune so much on this live album/dvd

  19. Rob Bob

    Where in the hell do these backing musicians come from? They are tops and are great.

  20. Anon Frank

    I wish John was still here to play those great guitar riffs for this song . And Billy Preston too to play the electric piano part .

  21. 김원태

    Beatles is Bethoven Class
    Sir paul Great!

  22. Martin Carstensen

    the autotune is heavy on this one man


    Martin Carstensen I was thinking the same thing, shame. Surprised he even used it.

  23. ワカマンWAKAMAN

    I like how they used a beatles rockband clip for the live animatic

  24. Josep Suarez

    What a legend

  25. Griffin Spaulding

    when paul is dead but pauls isnt dead

  26. Karine Buinier

    Si 1⃣ français 🇫🇷 passe par là et si ça lui dit: vous pouvez signer une pétition contre l'expérimentation animale sur le site 30 Millions d'Amis

  27. john scialfa

    Sounds like he did back on the roof top

  28. Mark Richmond

    Billy has left the building? No he hasn’t , he’s playing bass left handed. Well actually playing a LesPaul left handed in this song.

  29. Bluegum

    so true

  30. história 80

    Brasil é Rock

  31. Isidroprada

    I missed a few minutes of improvisation and freedom for the drummer before " The end". Great anyway.

  32. ᗪAMoήrỮ ➈➆

    The best thing is they used the Beatles Rock Band intro as visuals for The end

  33. Pam Hassan

    Saw him in 2014 in St. Louis. Amazing concert. Not only a great musician, but he seems to enjoy every minute of what he is doing. One thing on my bucket list was fulfilled that day!

  34. The Best Of Minecraft

    Freaking awesome!

  35. Nat

    This makes me so happy!! Not only Get Back, sgt peppers and the end BUT!! at 8:50 Paul plays the intro to one of my favourites, Revolution!

  36. 1burnman

    Yes thank you for keeping the Beatles music and Spirit Alive Paul great music as always

  37. heisenberg69

    Such a great act!

  38. inane

    2018 💕❤ LoI I think I know who Jojo was. 💕❤😁😁😂

  39. Ben Jackson

    Long live Paul!

  40. Lisa Lentile

    I just want to say how wonderful life is with Paul in the world long live my sweet paul

  41. Lisa Lentile

    long live my sweet paul

  42. Samantha Patrois

    Never never die so amasing just no words

  43. steve ash

    What a load of shit. Serious old geezer

  44. Norma Hurtado

    2018 sólo México like

  45. Guadalupe Martinez

    súper fabulosa música sueños compartidos

  46. Luc

    who's playing the bass when the 3 of them are playing lead guitar?

  47. Peter Oehring

    Can you beat this?

  48. Andros68

    Ormai i Beatles sono immortali

  49. Oskar Randall

    If I were to hold a Beatles concert, those two final songs would be exactly what I finish off with, right after The Long And Winding Road instead of Get Back

  50. Thomas Becker

    2:55 He is still dancing like 1969 on the roof.

  51. clarenze superable

    Now I can see Brian, Paul and Brian all playing guitars on The End, but I can barely hear the baseline. Who played it?

  52. Foxden

    This is one of the last songs they did at the concert we went to too.

  53. Nick Santos

    sir Paul mccartney the legend

  54. Gusfil1995

    The LP on 6:52 almost made me cry here. Please, Paul, Ringo (The Beatles) and other some good musicians play full Abbey Road in 2019 (like U2 did with The Joshua Tree and like Queen does with Adam Lambert)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Ditty TM

    I can't imagine 3 beatles actually did the guitar sparring for The End guitar solo. Paul, George, and John rocking the guitar solo in the studio, plus Ringo's drum solo. It must be AMAZING.

  56. jmhaces

    Holy shit. This was intense. If someone doesn't know why the Beatles were such a big deal, this performance should set them straight. I less than 10 minutes it makes you go through the whole gamut of emotions.

  57. Leonel Vazquez

    No pasan los años por Paul!! Tremenda interpretación!!

  58. marvinc999

    That's two EXCELLENT guitarists and one SUPER-EXCELLENT drummer backing Paul !

    But - given Mr McCartney's pull - it couldn't be any other way........................

  59. Kgw100

    Curious he isnt playing his own guitar part

  60. forestsoceansmusic

    Love the chicks with the Mexican flag at about 8:40 in : ) Beatles Fans of the World Unite!

  61. Fabio Rogerio Mainente

    Magnifico, fantástico show.

  62. professorpsoop

    That absolutely wailed! Beatles forever

  63. Randy Cox

    Why not Christy

  64. john fellows

    A REAL TRUE LEGEND !! When you see teenage girl's screaming and crying over a 73 year old guy, you know
    this is something VERY SPECIAL !!!

  65. Peter Kroll

    Who's the drummer? I really like his playing, it's like Mr. Starkey extended.

  66. Hernan Rodriguez

    Que grande Russel de Gorillaz tocando la bateria...

  67. BuzzTV

    These lefties eh'

  68. Wagner Signoretti

    Looking forward for his show in Brazil!!

  69. Megos Hong

    Paul miss John
    so He take his part?

  70. jolanta lizewski


  71. jolanta lizewski


  72. Super Penguin

    does anyone else think that at about 8:50 the guitar sounds like revolution

  73. Michael H

    yes he is a legend...and really a great musician and performer...but it's NOT PAUL MCCARTNEY. Paul died in 1966. The man you're looking at is William Campbell

  74. Elisa Leoncini

    Long LIVE. Paul McCartney. a fan for 50years now. great music!

  75. Walls

    I wish "The End" sounded like that on fucking Abbey Road, that was incredible

  76. IngLouisSchreurs

    now what? he is nonna gonna bass sgt pepper?

  77. patrick mourjan

    qui joue de la basse sur the end ?????

  78. AndreA

    "We'd like to thank you once again". No, WE do want to thank you once again.

  79. Joe Amata

    He sounds amazing!!

  80. Ryan Matlosz 2

    On September 15th Sir Paul will visit New York, but this time he will be doing a concert at Madison Square Garden and who is going? Because I'm not cause it's just too expensive

  81. Françoise P

    love you Paul. a simple man at heart .

  82. Gleanerman

    The greatest of all time.

  83. Gleanerman

    160 retards and counting.

  84. Rose O'Neal

    I just can't....the talent!!

  85. Bobbie LaVanway

    Seeing him in concert is on my bucket list, and it better hurry, my bucket has a hole in it

  86. Jim Rodgers


  87. professorpsoop

    The End....OMG, just too awesome. I cried

  88. Catering Services NYC

    This vid is really amazing, really fun to look.

  89. Dfgrt 57

    кто после 7.50 играет на бас гитаре?

  90. natea nara

    The End always boost my mood !!

  91. Celso Saar da Rosa


  92. Paulus Caesar

    Paul's solos are really good here, he tries to put something thought out and melodic, instead of just playing riffs and scales; unlike the other two guitarists. In that george and john were very good at too, if you listen to the originals, they are very interesting solos, and were mostly improvised too. Not too difficult to play, but very characteristic. I'd take that over Clapton and Lee any day, even though i like them too.

  93. Bobby Patel

    Horn tuck clue zokpqm museum recommendation.

  94. Todd Johnson

    Beatles rocks

  95. Bev Gilmore

    gosh dude, how is paul so GOOD?? i mean seriously just.......... DANG!

    Rose O'Neal

    he is most fabulous!