McCartney, Paul - Same Love Lyrics

If I give my love again to you, mm
Will it be the same love that we once thought was true?
Will it be the same love, mm?
Will we feel the same love?
Will it be the same love that you once made to me?

The love you made to me, the love you made to me
The love you made to me
The love you made to me, the love you made to me
The love you made to me

If it's nothing like the first time, we’ll enjoy it right or wrong
Why keep referring to the worst time, when you've waited for so long?
Waited for so long?

Though it may not be as good as you
Well, still, it must be better than the pain that I went through

Will it be the same love?
Will it feel the same, love?
Will it be the same love that you once made to me?

The love you made to me, the love you made to me
The love you made to me
The love you made to me, the love you made to me
The love you made to me

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McCartney, Paul Same Love Comments
  1. Steve Freary

    Nobody can write anymore superlatives for Paul ! The best ever !!! He has diversity to rock with the best and ballad with the best ! Pop with the best ! classical with the best ! People say he is overrated ! Tell me anybody better they have seen in their lifetime and compare to Maccas history ! Sir Paul is the only true living legend in the world ! And still producing today ! Headlining Glastonbury next year ! The only one they wanted ! And again he is delivering !

  2. Marcus Garside

    great ballad by Macca that surely should have made an album

  3. Roberto Manuel Carranza Pinedo

    I don't know...?

  4. Paul Treso

    This is one of the best if not the best unreleased Album Cut IMHO

  5. Steve Freary

    Superb as always Sir

  6. Joy Stinson

    There goes the genius Macca, defying all logic and miles ahead of his worst trolls, as genius always soars....

  7. Peter Jackson

    one of my favourite songs now

  8. Vahan Nisanian

    Listen to the first verse. Paul must have had "If I Fell" in mind.

  9. pjonston

    damn i had no idea about this, what a tune.

  10. KingDrewski9000

    Who thinks Paul reused the piano intro for "I Don't Know" from the Egypt Station album?

    Robert Befumo

    Similar tempo, but not the melody.

    Roberto Manuel Carranza Pinedo

    Esta canción es mejor

  11. CICA Mdm

    Saccharine and syrupy. I love McCartney but not this.

    Joy Stinson

    CICA Mdm , you have no heart ❤️ then.....all of you folks always miss the best stuff of life, think it’s what you said....

  12. Miguel Angel Herrera Santillán

    one of the best mccartney songs! , fabulous, exqusita, great, perfect, an ode to romanticism!

  13. Daniel Achille

    This would’ve easily been a top five hit maybe even number one if It had been released at the time. This is probably better than anything on press to play.

    Peter Jackson

    press to play is my favorite album, but i think this rivals the beautiful and well rounded ballad "only love remains".

  14. 北原節わたしもアップルビーさんにいっぴょうな子

    Paul 様と同じ時代を生きてる幸せをしみじみ味わいます😘😻✨❤☀❗🎵~~✴

  15. emptyspotlight (official account)

    kinda reminds me of a Luis Miguel song. tbh. i love it.

    Reporte Maguey

    Yei thats true same to me

  16. Marisa Mercuri

    Sir Paul McCartney is songwriter eclectic best today,John Lennon would have been happy

  17. thumbsaloft

    Absolutely AWESOME!

    No one and I do mean no one writes a ballad like Paul McCartney!

  18. Rosario Martty

    Lovely song,Paul,you are the best!!!

  19. Freedom330

    Very beautiful and moving...
    BRAVO, sir PAUL!!!
    Anastasia =)

  20. José Díaz

    Lovely song.

    Ilma Mary

    José Díaz música maravilhoso conhece agora.

  21. Mango Smoothie

    Originally written in 1987, wounded up as the B-side to Beautiful Night... simply beautiful.

    Released 10 years later.

    Joy Stinson

    Mango Smoothie a side and b side are beautiful songs, true Macca style

  22. http.mickey.t

    No dumbass, autotune is not an instrument.

    Peter Jackson

    there's no auto tune on this. who are you talking to?

  23. Judith Bezares

    love this song... its for the one I do love...

  24. John Velarde

    Fuck you and your macklemore. This is PAUL MCCARTNEY DAMMIT!

  25. big dick nigga

    is thi s macklemore ????

    James Dunn

    If big you wouldn't brag, sort of indicates otherwise.

    Peter Jackson

    take your little pee pee and get!

  26. Nadia de barros

    love it

  27. Patricia Lins de Barros

    Simply perfect!

  28. iconoclast

    Non sono d'accordo, Mauro (if I understood you correctly with my limited Italian). Even though this is not one of the better songs of his, it deserves to be on any of his albums over some other clunkers.

    Alan Elam

    Agreed! I've often said that I sometimes can't help but question Paul's judgement in terms of the songs he leaves off his albums in favor of certain songs that had NO business seeing the light of day anywhere, but yet end up ON his albums, anyway. This is just such a gem that should've been given a wider release.

  29. Villaboy

    Beautiful piano intro by Nicky Hopkins. Paul should have made him a part of his touring band at the time.

  30. newyorktown

    Would be great if he played this one live.

    André Verhage - Andrew and the Wolfman

    his voice can't reach the high notes anymore

    John Jelatis

    +macca63 At that comments time of writing (2013), he possibly could have.

    Peter Jackson

    @André Verhage - Andrew and the Wolfman
    he has his days.

  31. Rosa Rubiginosa

    LOVE this song!

  32. Mauro Boccuni

    Se a cantare questa canzone fosse stato Al Bano a SanRemo nessuno le avrebbe prestato attenzione giudicandola per il deprezzamento critico del contesto. Ma è di Paul, e allora....E' uno scarto, un lato B in tutti i sensi, soprattutto se si trovava dietro "Beautiful Night" che al contrario è una canzone molto ben riuscita.

  33. jimidee33

    Very nice. I think it deserved an "A" side release!

    Reporte Maguey

    jimidee33 Paul Genius