McCartney, Paul - Promise To You Girl Lyrics

Looking through the backyard of my life
Time to sweep the fallen leaves away

Like the sun that rises every day
We can chase the dark clouds from the sky

I gave my promise to you girl
I don't want to take it back
You and me, side by side
We know how to change the world
That is why I gave my promise to you girl

Hey why wait another day
That won't get us anywhere
All the time that it takes
To repair this brave old world will be ours
I gave my promise to you girl

Everything single second of our lives
We can use to chase the clouds away

[Guitar Solo]

Well, there's no more barking up a tree
No more howling at the moon
They won't see, you and I
Diving for the deepest pearl
That is why I gave my promise to you girl

Looking through the backyard of my life
Time to sweep the fallen leaves away

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McCartney, Paul Promise To You Girl Comments
  1. Joy Stinson

    I realized loved flowers in the dirt but this album too. This is the song and voice of a mature man.

  2. Joy Stinson

    He has maturity here to write these lyrics...

  3. Neville David Thomas

    Such a wonderful song

  4. Neville David Thomas

    Ooooooohgh, krasne!

  5. Stefania Giustini

    A Peggie1 chiedo, hai il concerto di Mc Cartney, concerto a Roma al Colosseo del 2003 ? Voglio tutto il suo concerto te lo chiede una romana


    I will look for it!

  6. steve sterling

    last good cd


    Gotta listen to Egypt Station


    Egypt Station...

  7. Darian Clark

    I think this has some of the best harmonies of his solo career since The Beatles and Wings. I'm loving it!

  8. C. Syde65

    Paul should have played this song live, instead of "Follow Me".

  9. dnb Whut

    This song & album remind me alot of abbey road.
    Wonderful, amazing music. :-)

  10. M B

    i love the guitar work on this album having Jason Falkner do it was a smart decision on Paul's part.

    walter k

    @Matt Baliga We Can Use To Chase The Clouds Away - Every Single Second Of Our Lives. Search for truth contest in google. It has an amazing section about the beatles songs hidden meanings.

    C. Syde65

    Not for this track. Paul does everything on this song. It says so in the booklet of my copy of this album.

    M B

    @C. Syde65 Seriously which tracks?

    C. Syde65

    +Matt Baliga This track and several others.

  11. skalskable

    one of Macca's best albums for sure. SO good.

  12. glerchblobs

    reminds me of my ever present past from momery almost full

  13. GoesWithTheNameOfGTJ

    This song could be one he made with the Beatles imo. After listening these songs Paul wrote, I can clearly see his influence in the succes of the Beatles. He was the core of the band if you ask me.

    Joy Stinson

    GoesWithTheNameOfGTJ , early beatles John backbone, good effort from others, mid beatles equal and George very good, later beatles Paul backbone with good efforts of others

  14. AlanJPGR

    I saw Paul

  15. andyourbirdcansing64

    Yess How kind of you and this are so great.

  16. Trevor Santo

    This song actually sounds like "Little Woman Love" in a way from the 30 second mark!

  17. angelcake318

    love the guitar solo with the flute i think

  18. Chiharu Maki

    The beginning kinda reminds me of the Beatles :P

  19. claulo9

    Nigel godrich= God

  20. Paolo Olianas

    Questo brano mi fa pensare ai grandi dischi dei Beatles

  21. MyDreamside

    I like the intro looking through the backyard of my life

  22. magicalmysterygirl

    @ahdz320 Oh I wholeheartedly agree. :)

  23. Rich McMickle

    My favorite album of the last decade! Not a weak song and VERY focused! Macca's been on a winning streak since Flaming Pie.

  24. MrGuttoxx


  25. grim107

    This sounds exactly like Wings!

  26. HofnerBass77

    Paul plays all the instruments in this...



  28. RosarioNahu

    The begging of this song makes me melancholic, or sad... dunno

  29. magicalmysterygirl

    One of his best solo albums. It blew mje away. This song is wonderful. Yes, I definitely hear a Wings sound... and a bit of a Queen thing in the harmony intro. Fab tune!

  30. MonsieurBellamy

    Great !!
    It could be a "good" Wings song
    Almost a Beatles one