McCartney, Paul - Junior's Farm Lyrics

You should have seen me with the poker man
I had a honey and I bet a grand
Just in the nick of time I looked at his hand

I was talking to an Eskimo
Said he was hoping for a fall of snow
When up popped a sea lion ready to go

Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go
Down to junior's farm where I want to lay low
Low life, high life, oh, let's go
Take me down to junior's farm

At the Houses of Parliament
Ev'rybody's talking 'bout the President
We all chip in for a bag of cement

Olly Hardy should have had more sense
He bought a gee-gee and he jumped the fence
All for the sake of a couple of pence

Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go
Down to junior's farm where I want to lay low
Low life, high life, oh, let's go
Take me down to junior's farm

Low life, high life, oh, let's go
Take me down to junior's farm
Ev'rybody tag along
Take me down to junior's farm

I took my bag into a grocer's store
The price is higher than the time before
Old man asked me why is it more

I said you should have seen me with the poker man
I had a honey and I bet a grand
Just in the nick of time I looked at his hand

Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go
Down to junior's farm where I want to lay low
Low life, high life, oh, let's go
Take me down to junior's farm
Let's go, let's go, down to junior's farm where I want to lay low

Low life, high life, oh, let's go
Take me down to junior's farm
Ev'rybody tag along
Take me down to junior's farm

Take me back, uh
Take me back
I wanna go back
Yeah, yeah

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McCartney, Paul Junior's Farm Comments
  1. Eduardo Venegas

    ....beautiful Linda....RIP.....

  2. Anibal Soto jr.

    I think Linda looks hot in this video great song too

  3. Gregory F

    and that, folks, is how you play rock and roll bass

  4. derby1884

    Remember at the time going into our record store here to buy this one and it had completely sold out. Tried again a week later and their next batch had all gone. Had to record it on a C-60 cassette off the radio. Finally got a copy off of EBay about 5 years ago!

  5. Tim Burr

    Linda looks lovely here.

  6. ElectronicsTech09

    1970's Rock N Roll At it's Best.

  7. Николай Михайличенко

    Мужуки, песня-то пра чё?

  8. a1234 B

    if Elvis would still be alive it would definitely be Elvis and Paul McCartney. Question could you imagine a collaboration those two would put together

  9. Lee Connor

    Miss you Linda, what a beautiful lady! Hope to see you on the other side

  10. PaRappa The Rapper

    Field trips be like:
    Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go
    Take me down to Junior’s Farm

  11. anthony chiulli

    Sing underrated

    anthony chiulli

    Song underrated

  12. anthony chiulli

    This is rock and roll.

  13. Wyatt Podmore

    Always loved this. Great bass from Paul.

  14. Perry Comeau

    Close your eyes, breathe...

  15. joseph lemko

    This is one of the few post-Beatle songs that Paul has recorded that I like.

  16. walendxweg

    2701 2020 pelote story Alphonse📡🐮🐺🐮📡entre Pérennité et Providence demande🎈 si vous la connaissez la ferme,,,,,


    Hope you enjoyed TN. country.

  18. Allan Seaman

    Best year of my life

  19. Thomas Griffin

    I love Linda, what beauty and class. 🤗

  20. Freddy Cellophane

    Geoff Britton gives a very tongue-in-cheek performance here.

  21. That70sguy

    My third favorite of Pauls. This song just kicks ass.

  22. Kirk Cockrell

    Cut my rock 🎸 and roll teeth on this.Doesn't get any better!

  23. Jar Head

    He was smart to ditch ringo on solo act. McCartney was so much better without the beatles, this band has depth and real stage talent outside of a studio.

  24. dakota dude

    Who else is as stoned as the drummer???😎😎😎😎😎

  25. Mikey_Suze Four

    *Take Me Down To Junior's Farm...* - RIP Linda McCartney (Paul/Faul? True Muse)

  26. Jeffrey Richardson

    jim at coopers farm
    katies cleaning doctor harm
    paulines sex socks darn

  27. stephen baldwin

    Might have toned down the lippy there Linda ...just sayin

  28. Eran Gafni

    No. 1 in Israel on January 12, 1975 for 2 weeks, ending at No, 15 in year's end chart. Lovely rock'n'roll as Paul knows well how to write, aided by Linda and the band (not on the run this time!) it's a shame radio doesn't play it as often as it should.

    Mikey_Suze Four

    This is one of Wings' underrated songs and radio stations airplay doesn't acknowledge it as much as they should.

    Eran Gafni

    @Mikey_Suze Four You're absolutely right. They tend to stick to the obvious and not dig dipper into the richenss of Wings and Paul's wide amount of great songs which either didn't came our as singles nor got enough attention by radio stations or MTV

  29. kelly mccartney

    i got to see this song live on the wings over america tour in chicago in 1976

  30. subg88

    McCartney doing his Steve Miller impersonation

  31. Andre Poeze

    What album is this from?

    Tatsujiro Kurogane

    It was issued as a single

  32. Adrian R

    Junior's Farm is one of those songs that immediately will turn your bad mad into a wonderful mood. Only Paul McCartney can throw together a bunch of nonsensical words and end up with a masterpiece.

  33. debjorgo

    Thank you, Paul. The only lousy sod who wouldn't wear the Wings tee shirt. Cause he's a puff.

  34. myfreejoe

    R.I.P. Linda

  35. Chris Morfas

    A top-ten song ending? The last bit is just tremendous, unlike any other song's closing I can think of.

  36. Toby Hiddens

    Wonder if paul you tubes old videos...

  37. Toby Hiddens

    His music is always uplifting

  38. Pancho Villa

    Linda looked sooo beautiful in this video.
    Rip Lovey Linda 🙏🏻

  39. drh 7777

    Long live Sir Paul McCartney...the greatest musician of all time!!

  40. Robert Yancey


  41. Robert Yancey

    312 The Roman Days Thumbs Down?!? Why?!? 🤔🤔🤔😎😎

  42. Euan Thorburn


  43. Alan Strom

    This is a non-album Single.
    A big hit in Australia in 1974.
    I think John would've liked this song, it's not a Silly Love Song.
    It's a Rock Song.
    Let's Rock.

  44. Ray Thomas

    why did he go from this to "silly little love songs"

  45. Blue Popcorn

    I want to ask your drummer, Paul, why he chose to wear a "W" on his shirt that day. The cameraman was in on it too @3:34 😂!

  46. groovo1

    308 official douchebag some of your 308 original tunes ya nuggets

  47. Brian H

    Man, take me back to the good ole days!

    J Calvert


  48. nowitsabadtime

    Clicked on it to see if I remembered, boy do I remember !!!

  49. GETumEDGE

    Just one of thousands of Bill’s voices...


    Paul. William Shepherd died in 1988.

  50. Walter Sykes

    A song about my farm. My name is Junior

  51. Paul Williams

    What kind of bass is Paul playing?

    Joe Mazurkiewicz

    Paul Williams Kay

  52. Toby Hiddens

    Paul's lost a lot good people ...feel bad

  53. Toby Hiddens

    Talking to Eskimo isn't that a Coke reference Jimmy?

  54. Greg Pineda

    Sir Paul McCartney's professional musical talents "only comes every 100 years" perhaps even longer just like Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival as well as Steve Miller of Steve Miller Band and Edward "Eddie" Van Halen of the band Van Halen.

  55. soundshaper

    Paul and Ringo wanted to keep playing shows, George and John just wanted to mostly work in a studio. Funny how the Beatles who live to perform are the ones who yet live.

  56. Jameson Serono

    As a young guitar player, I was always a big fan of Jimmy McCulloch. This song, of course, was Jimmy's debut with Wings. In this video he is only 21 and not even old enough to shave. I was devastated when I heard of his death. And so young. So young. Every time I hear a Wings song, or any post Beatles McCartney tune, I always ask myself the same question...what was Linda's purpose in the band?

  57. Thomas Becker

    Me i was 15, a real teenager, Paul was started up after Band on the run. Me maybe was more a John Lennon fan, he came out 1974 with Walls and Brigdes.

  58. po dunc know that when paul watches these vids that has linda in them,the emotions have to be so thick that you could cut them with a knife...RIP linda..

    Jameson Serono

    Uhhh I seriously doubt McCartney spends the twilight years of his life watching his own videos from 45 years ago.

    po dunc

    @Jameson Serono he does watch these if he wants to see linda and relive his times with paul,each vid may hold a special ''something' that is connected with it and her.some thing only he and linda would know..

  59. 240ups

    I love McCartney's weed slanted writing years! There are several songs you listen and go, "What the hell is he talking about!" Lol

  60. Thelonious Coltrane

    Macca's such a great songwriter that he just keeps releasing great songs with a catching riff just like chewing a gum or brushing his teeth. A legend!

  61. leonardskinner100

    Jimmy Mc helped make that band great without him before and after they were not as good.


    Wings were more rock & roll than Beatles, and not corny

  63. Kris Steele

    Still a kick ass tune to bad bar bands don't play good rock n roll likes this rather play sissy music not all bands but some 🇺🇸

  64. Steve Freary

    Macca is still the man at 77 ! pulling in crowds ! Think though he should slow down and let the youngsters have a chance of pulling the same lol

  65. George Jempty

    Does Linda McCartney look like David Bowie? Or does David Bowie look like Linda McCartney?

  66. Dann Marceau

    I saw Paul in '76, and then again in '90, both times in the Kingdome, not the best house for a concert, but I didn't care it was McCartney.


    You saw his two best concerts.

  67. Monk Abrahms

    What kind of base is that I want it

  68. brian andrejicka

    ....and remember,it was John who left the Beatles.Paul wanted to keep going with the band, and if things had worked out,it would not be Linda and Denny next to him on stage but George and John!

  69. TheSeeker1960

    I'll pitch in for a bag of cement.

  70. Simon Taylor

    juniors farm - junior campbell - real name william campbell - william sheppard -billy sheppard -billy shears

  71. paranormal33

    Why does Linda's makeup look like that of a senile old lady hooker?

  72. hippydippy

    Linda looks so pretty here. RIP Darlin'.

  73. Robert Klineyoung

    oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Robert Cavalier

    Linda looks like David Bowie! * Cav *

  75. Josie Springfield

    $100,000,000 lawsuit against Crescent City Ca attacking you tube and videos that don't belong to me.

  76. Dan Schreffler

    Interesting how old video effects seem like annoying buffering issues now.

  77. Joy Stinson

    Some moron down thread noted billy lives. Paul is dead tintard calls him billy the name students confessed to MAKING UP when they made up Paul is dead hoax. The basement tintard believes FAKE NEWS, cause is a tard. Hey, moron, get outta that basement and find that imaginary Paul death certificate not found after 53 LONGGGGG years.....

  78. laserluver1

    It was great being 19 when this song came out.

  79. Calvin L Weir

    It's always good to see the whole band in their heyday.

  80. izmangr

    Jimmy's gone so young, what a waste. R.I.P... pls don't take too much drugs with booze guys

  81. Steven Maginnis

    Is this from "Top Of the Pops"?

  82. The Weird and Obscure

    Jimmy Mculloch forever

  83. Lockemeister

    This song really affects me for some reason. gets me right in the heart.

  84. Master Pig


  85. Astrosjer

    Simply one of the best rocking singles of the 70’s by one of the biggest groups of the 70’s....enough said!

  86. Cacho Santillan

    Recuerdo un programa de radio am Imagínate el conductor Juan Alberto Badía y este tema era infaltable!!!! Salve salve rocanroll!!!

  87. Myrle Mueller

    Paul was TRY in to get Beatles back for band on the run album no was in on tour in at that time so Paul got wings line up Alice Cooper said john always said good things about Paul holly wood vampire days

  88. Ana Parada

    The song is based on true events that took place at an actual farmer's farm whose nickname was Junior ..the farm is located outside of Nashville Tennessee in the town of Lebanon...... Brilliant guitar virtuoso Jimmy RIP

  89. James Bowen

    Jimmy McCullough was a terrific guitar player. Paul wouldn't just let an average joe on stage with him.Laurence Juber is a brilliant guitarist also. He's had some great ones for sure.

  90. Diego Riveros

    Coolest haircut ever

  91. thomas lewandowski

    This song takes me back to my teenage years in the 70's!! Treasure!!

  92. His Overlord Upon High

    Man, this song is perfect.

  93. Michael wood

    Junior's Farm is the answer....what was the question???

  94. Joy Stinson

    Recorded in Nashville and I live in suburbs now , but from Birmingham when recorded and remember him before in Nashville and really liked sally g. I visited Nashville a few months after he did that year.

  95. anthony chiulli

    Rock and roll. One of his best. It was realesed as a single.

  96. anthony chiulli

    The best. Song

  97. Chloe Bass

    Would have fit nicely on The White Album

  98. Joe Steedman

    Liverpool general.

  99. 田村英児