McCartney, Paul - I Lost My Little Girl Lyrics

Well I Woke Up Late This Morning
My Head Was In The Whirl
Only When I Realized
I Lost My Little Girl
Oh Oh Oh Oh

Well Her Clothes Were Not Expensive
Her Hair
Didn't Always Curl
I Don't Know Why I Loved Her
But I Loved My Little Girl
Oh Oh Oh Oh

Well Gather Round People
Let Me Tell You The Story
The Very First Song I Wrote

[Repeat 2]

[Repeat 1]

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McCartney, Paul I Lost My Little Girl Comments
  1. Des M.

    Paul was 14 years old when he wrote this song.
    He originally played the Trumpet (as did his Dad) but traded it in for a Zenith acoustic guitar, that's when he wrote this song...his very first song!

  2. The Brazilian That Speaks English

    Wait, On his first song he said it was his first song? *G E N I U S*

  3. Joey Jennings

    yes.. buddy holly influences

  4. dweeb123 4

    He's first song wow he's come so far but it would be better with John George and Ringo

    Matthew Turnage

    Beatles version (John on vocals) from the Get Back sessions:

  5. Julio Santos

    I lost my little girl,hello little girl and dont bother me are the first paul,johnn,george song's


    What about Don't pass me by?


    @Etchart ringo's first!

  6. Kay Nine

    The Buddy Holly influence was strong on this song. One genius learning from another. I hope other young musicians are sitting around learning from Mr. McCartney and building upon the ground he has prepared for them as well.


    I'm 23 and currently doing gigs. Sir Paul is one of my biggest inspirations. I even taught myself how to play bass because of him.

  7. rigaudien

    Smile, Linda ! lolll

  8. rigaudien

    Superb !

  9. Tropical Muffin

    Official my ass

  10. BadEgge

    one dislike. I'm disappointed. How could you dislike this song

    Eleanor Rigby

    @-- Is his fist song

  11. Marlilyn Ortiz

    Paul's first song he ever wrote wow 😁😀

  12. Hilda Luna

    A primeira música feita por Paul MacCartney 👍🏻💋

  13. Sam Dylan

    Who came here because of Carpool Karaoke?

    Ghazal Omar

    Sam Dylan me lol


    Not me whatsoever

  14. Karl Thorsson

    Translated subtitles are a JOKE lmao :)

    Ignacio Córdova Donoso

    Right XD

  15. Brenda Jo

    That is not the sensitive James Paul McCartney. He wrote that song during a deep depression after he lost his Mom. Sir McFaully is beaming singing this. He is insincere and an opportunist. Had we had information highway back in 69' he could never gotten away with impersonating one of the most famous, much more handsome and talented legend, James Paul McCartney. Miss him.


    Thank you for speaking the truth, glad to see somebody else looking between the cracks to the fact that the real legend is gone.

    Morgan Betham

    he wrote this when he was 14, so it adds up. thats how old he was when his mom died


    This was about his daughter

    diana hernandez

    sorry but are you FCKING kidding me. "mcfaully" "much more handsome" its the same person. PAUL IS LIVE !!

    Joel Banning

    Brenda Jo What an idiot

  16. Pim Prijs

    Im 16 and still have to write a song i wish i could play guitar when i was 14

    Jayden Jernigan

    It's not hard i learned it when I was 12.

    Jayden Jernigan

    Writing isnt hard.
    Ive wrote bout 15-25.
    In a year.

    iSync iSwim

    He did this with 4 chords u can easily do it too

    Quez Douglas

    @Jayden Jernigan Anybody can write. But are your songs good...?