McCartney, Paul - Here, There And Everywhere Lyrics

To lead a better life, I need a love of my own
Making each day of the year
Changing my life with a wave of her hand
Nobody can deny that there's something there
I want her everywhere
And if she's beside me I know I need never care
But to love her is to meet her everywhere,
Knowing that love is to share,
Each one believing that love never dies
Watching her eyes and hoping I'm always there
I will be here, there and everywhere
Here, there and everywhere

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McCartney, Paul Here, There And Everywhere Comments
  1. M. Pettibone

    Paul wrote this in response to, “ God only knows how much I love you” , by Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. Paul said in one interview that Brian’s song was the best pop song ever written. I think Paul topped it, but you decide. The Beatles can’t be touched to this day. Both are genius songwriting work, imho.

  2. beatles fan


  3. Jaggy

    One of the best love songs ever written. Clever as hell. And over half a century later still fresh and amazing. Bravo....

  4. Adam Howard Schneider

    I pray for the souls of those that gave this the thumbs down lol. This is one of the greatest pop/rock songs I have ever heard.

  5. Maria Clara


  6. austin78993

    This is one of the most beautiful songs that has ever existed.

    aris laan

    it is for sure

    aris laan

    i cried on his concert during this song, i never cry....

  7. BeatsByDrace

    Oh yeah the love is still alive

  8. Marta Venier

    genial, no me canso de escucharlos, la pena que me encanta en alta voz y son pocas las veces que estoy para hacerlo.

  9. Rainman

    Just think about the nostalgia this man must go through when he sings his own songs which were written almost half a century ago about someone who is not in his life anymore..!
    Wow man....!
    Long live the beatles.


    This is a song about Jane Asher.


    I know
    And she's not in his life anymore
    That's what i said.

  10. Rynml Dz

    23 people still believes Paul is dead.

  11. Pretty Woman

    It’s 2018. And I’m loving this song so much! Thanks, Sir Paul & the Beatles! 💜

  12. ScottTHuntREG

    I wonder if Jane Asher ever hears this tune and thinks to herself "Damn, Paul McCartney wrote that for me." What an honor it must be, Jane.

  13. IndieRockGuitar

    Only the few.songs i can cry to

  14. MegaWelshie1

    A beautiful, beautiful song............

  15. alanrtment porter

    And this was never released as a single, bloody hell, what a generation we grew up with! Spoiled bastards and we didn't realise it. We honestly didn't realise we were actually living as history was happening, youth is wasted on the young, lol. My grandsons are as jealous as hell, but in a good way. God bless you tube. They've watched the concert at Shea stadium, all those girls wetting themselves and they are totally amazed.

  16. Brett Reid

    i like this live version of the song a lot! awesome upload cheers!

  17. Amit Kalderon

    Sir Paul mcCartney is the best musician ever and my hero.
    You can't duplicate this guy, and you wouldn't be able even in 1000 years.

    Amit Kalderon

    @***** one of my favorite songs from the early beatles period but the beatles didn't write it. It was written in 1957 by Meredith Wilson. Their version is amazing though.

    Amit Kalderon

    @orson carte​ My favorite song :)
    Thanks for the info about till there was you.

    Roger Leblanc


    Stephen Lord

    @Amit Kalderon
    I think you'll find that this is a McCartney song.

  18. Susie196921

    Paul wrote some of the most beautiful love songs with Jane Asher in mind when they were a couple!

    Amit Kalderon

    Also linda!
    Maybe i'm amazed is one of his best songs!


    I agree!

  19. sweetlife031

    I will just bet that Paul sings this to his wife, Nancy now :)

  20. Southern Oregon Cat Mom

    Beautiful song with a great chord progression. Also there's such a sweetness to Sir Paul's voice!!!!!!


    Yes indeed! A reason for me to worship him lol hahaha :-)

  21. Tamara A. Bórquez

    Oh, simplemente hermoso

  22. 8233Eire

    Excellent lyrics, so clever!

  23. muggymug

    13 people are nowhere

    Marshal Gonçalves

    +muggymug ...16 kkk

  24. Eagle1

    Did you notice the 13 or so thumbs down? It's all good, Darwin's out there just waiting to collect them. Stupidity often doesn't live very long.

    Michael Sinai

    Haha, I like the idea that Darwin is waiting to collect them like the grim reaper.


    Actually, I'd think Darwin is showing everyone else the way to get away from these neanderthals.

  25. Ryan Smith


  26. Elza Maria Damasceno

    I love you Paul

  27. Sweet Serenity

    Love Paul!♡

  28. mike morris

    Paul is the best !!!!!

  29. Jack A

    My favoite song by Paul McCartney, and also my favorite of the Beatles.  I like The Long and Winding Road 2nd.

  30. Luca VanWortex

    The greatest.

  31. MultiBeatle4ever

    I will love you Paul, here, there and everywhere!

  32. Johnny Maxx

    Still living from Beatles songs.

    Johnny Maxx

    @alanrtment porter So, he hasn´t creativity to make new good songs.

    michael hatch

    Give us a list of your hit songs

    Johnny Maxx

    @michael hatch Try to search "ad hominem" and you will realize how stupid is your comment.

  33. Gary Demeray

    For my neices

  34. Janine Sagum

    I love this song. So dreamy. :)


    i agree:-)

  35. paul johnson

    Paul is defiantly dead he sounds different and lyrics are a wave of her hand and faul says a wave of my hand

  36. jembozzo

    genius melodist

  37. Janice Pinheiro

    Too beautiful !!!!

  38. Captain Boeing

    Great song. One of a kind..

  39. Elza Maria Damasceno

    Wonderfull Paul!!!

  40. LUZ P.

    GREAT!!!!!GREAT!!!!!!GREAT!!!!!!.Thanks   a  lot  for  uploading,great  video.

  41. David LLOYD

    This melody has haunted me for many years. I find myself whistling without being aware. My daughters know it as Dad's tune.

  42. Penthesilea

    Sweet beyond words. Thank you so very much for uploading.

  43. john

    i mis the beatles so much : .(


    I do too. So wonderful. We didn't have them long enough.




    I was a huge fan starting in 1963 when my older sister brought Meet the Beatles and their second album home. Saw them on Ed Sullivan just after my 8th birthday and the energy coming out of the TV was incredible. I was lucky enough to see them live in Toronto in 1966 when they did their last tour and played a lot of songs from Revolver. Lots of screaming girls and only a 38 minute set but it was still pretty cool. They are the biggest influence on Pop and Rock music in the world and it's a pity more young people don't listen to them. Just look at all the musicians who say how they influenced them and are blown away about how much incredible music they wrote and played in 7 years.

    Arnold Porter

    alanrtment porter

    Good comment, I spent all my teens in the sixties, these four young men changed the world Arnie. Here in England we almost took them for granted, almost, mind. We don't now, they've made their place in history, and guess what, we're so bloody proud. They are the yardstick. Sad but true. Oh and I've been to Johns' house in Ascot in 1969 and he was away, shame, I would have liked a chat!


    Hi Alan

    Always great to hear about the experiences of another person who understands the importance of The Beatles and their music. It is great to read about their influence today from comments from so many young people on YouTube and other sites. We were blessed to grow up when we did and be part of a time when the views of young people were changing and seeing what was possible. It's unfortunate that those in control didn't see it as well but I guess they were threatened by the music and idealistic ideas in it.

    It would have been great to meet John as you mention. I am sure that would have been an experience of a lifetime. I just finished reading a book about Bob Dylan and the time he spent with John. I guess he was quite intimidated by John's authenticity and quick wit. It amazes me that there could be four such influential lads in one band. George obviously had his deep beliefs and searching spirit and came out with maybe the best solo material when they broke up.

    It is too bad that he and John both died so young. Paul still represents them so well and I am amazed by his talent, energy and humble attitude. I was lucky to experience the British Invasion in Canada as a young lad. It is still my favorite music, even though my wife calls it old man music. I keep telling her that a lot of young people prefer to what they call music today.


  44. PC Disciple

    This is just class. No other way to put it. My favorite song by Paul for sure. 

    Nachos _

    @SoaringMuse >found this song a few days ago
    Try and check out band The Beatles, they are pretty cool

    PC Disciple

    @Ilya Grigoriev Are... are you trying to greentext? You've got issues man LOL

    Patricia Greenlee

    Beatles issues?...Lol

    PC Disciple

    @Patricia Greenlee It sounded like that guy was trolling me lol... not directed at anyone else

    Patricia Greenlee


  45. Kingston

    Love* also phil collins.

  46. Kingston

    I love this kind of music, i lobe beatles, billy joel, elvis presley, johnny cash, elvis costello. They make such timeless music.

  47. Chris Ducat

    Flat out, his very best

  48. jamuel lacson

    i really love this song ,, 

  49. William Laneve

    A great classic and very impressive live. He can still handle the pitch at his age  w/o breaking up at all. Nice! 

  50. AndreA

    Probably the best song of Paul

  51. binzkie caballero

    one of my favorite songs of all time....

  52. 正岡子規

    Pole is a romantic and this song is very lovely

  53. Eoghanii

    Paul said this was his favourite song from The Beatles era.

  54. Bor omir

    One direction and Justin Bieber dislike this!

  55. Joan Donachie

    One of the greatest pop songs ever I think & did you know in the year 2000 it was ranked 4th Greatest Song Of All Time by Mojo music magazine? Not bad for a song from way back in 1966!

  56. dar10nian74

    Pure genius

  57. ashing chen

    I very liked this songs...
    remember me.....

  58. westfield90


  59. ate inches

    Sometimes I think this is a better composition than "Yesterday".

  60. johnnybrew1

    Wonderful song.

  61. Sergio Oscar Dell' Acquila

    One of the most beautifull Macca's songs with the Beatles. I don't know what kind of God was over Paul while he was recording Revolver, but "Eleanor Rigby", "For No One" and "Here, There and Everywhere" is enough to say that Macca is one of the greatest musicians of all time.

  62. supe001

    They're now in Guantanamo.

  63. RockyR4coon32

    I love john, but honestly when Paul was at his best he was a master ballad writer and storyteller. She's leaving home and Eleanor rigby are insanely good in how effortlessly he tells a captivating story. Although many people love those tracks I still feel there underrated.

  64. ureatowel15


  65. ureatowel15


  66. Scat Cat

    Has to be one of the best songs ever! But most Beatles songs are :D

  67. kaled issa

    very very very goooood

  68. Lari Asher

    Thank you for posting this

  69. MrAlexbeatles

    One of the best songs of Paul...

  70. Saxophone27

    John Lennon was always my favorite because of his story and his writing copasity.


    Magnifique version, vraiment brilliant

  72. Jerry Mount

    I soooo love this song <3 It has such a great meaning of love :)

  73. robertozod

    He looks no different then and now. Other than the mullet.

  74. Sergio Bravo

    This is just too Beautiful.

  75. sandra paola quisca tipula

    hermoso simplemente hermosoooooo

  76. Jack A

    My favorite Beatles song also. But, I really think Paul doing it alone, even sounds better than the Beatles version. I always liked Paul the most.

  77. Jack A

    It's just my opinion, so don't punish me please, lol, but, Paul was the greatest Beatle. But, I did like them all.

  78. Leah

    who the fuck disliked this

  79. Brandon Best


  80. Jack A

    To those who say that John Lennon was the best Beatle, I'd say take a long look, mine was always Paul. Best singer for sure, and for my taste, best looking by far. But actually the Beatles, the best group ever, was really all 4 singing together, so awesome, so great.

  81. 07sanjeewakaru

    No one can beat any Beatle.Yes,Even RIngo.

  82. Jime Vivaldo

    I want a boyfriend like him.

  83. beatlesrule97

    He's a god.

  84. ege ertaö

    I want to see him in Turkey / Istanbul. I hope he will come soon...

  85. Extravaganza1987

    2 dislike? wtf

  86. Hugo Freitas

    Ha! No one dislikes it!

  87. Toshiaki Mizushina


  88. sergiomc

    @LeThereBeatles4ever es de la gira del 93.

  89. Darkstorm

    living legend

  90. Fraser MacDonald

    Nice waistcoat, Paul!! ;)

  91. LeThereBeatles4ever

    me encanta esta version, gracias por compartirla :D de que año es el concierto? parece como si fuera de los 90s pero no estoy segura...

  92. andreavieiradu

    De uma delicadeza única....

  93. mauricio mendoza

    exelente video cabron