McCartney, Paul - Heather Lyrics

I'm gonna fly to the moon
Check in outta space
Find me a suitable plot
Build myself a place
There I will stay
For a year and a day
Until the cares of my life blow away
And I will dance to a runcible tune
With the queen of my heart


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McCartney, Paul Heather Comments
  1. NYC girl

    Not sure why he hooked onto this pig...sorry pigs didn't mean to disparage you so badly.

  2. Donna G

    You win some. You lose some. Paul's won much more than he's lost. C'est la vie.

  3. Lady Vampiria

    Oh yes, now I remember that song. I'm surprised you found some photos of Paul and Heather looking happy together! On most photos Paul doesn't look very happy.

  4. Alexey cherniak

    i still think - it is not runcible but rum simple tune... the stress falls on simple... so it is two words - rum simple... rum means odd or difficult in british english

  5. Joy Stinson

    He got a grifter. I see the poor man holding her shopping bags, she broke up with fiancé finance when Paul expressed interest in her and spent his money like water, on helicopters, left him weeks at the time, bought many cars and houses and boasted had him when pregnant. She downed him calling him a stupid old man and old fart having to record with new singers to stay current. Poor old fellow. He was vulnerable as Linda had died, he had been alone several years. Wealthy old men are sitting ducks to this type of gold digger young gal.They said she threw tantrums people wanted Paul autograph and not here. The tune is pretty, however.

    Dedra Jade

    If only Linda grew old with him.💔

    James Dunn

    Grifter is right. Paul may have been older but still an attractive man and he did get Nancy Shevall, a sweet woman and a beauty besides. Paul is not the sitting duck you make him out to be, he was grieving for Linda though and grifter Heather saw an opportunity.

    Joy Stinson

    James Dunn ,you are right about Paul not being a sitting duck type man. He was grieving for Linda. Paul was always a fighter and to save Klein from owning Beatles catalog, it was Paul who sued others for breakup. From every thing I had read about Paul , he is not the kind of dude to lie down and take it. Rather than settle with heather, he fought her for about a year in court and fought her again in court for custody of his kid.

    He was, however, gullible and a romantic, not to have a prenup and his current wife is independently wealthy and he still, Ben after heather experience, doesn’t have a prenup with her because he is a romantic at heart. Yes, Paul was always very good looking. In his young Beatles days and for several decades, if God made finer man, he kept him to him himself. As Paul aged, like other celebs probably he had facelifts and Botox and apparent nose jobs. The tintard Paul is dead kook conspiracies nuts search Paul features throughout the years for subtle shits obviously seen from aging and plastic surgery.

    Ringo and many other celebs also has had plastic surgery, as v cut tee shirts and buttoned open shirts show much older chest and have seen much older ringo faces, very wrinkled. It is a personal decision to have plastic surgery. I don’t judge anyone for having plastic surgery particularly for those in entertainment where youth is king.

    However, as to your main point, Macca is NOT the kind of man I would mess with as he said he had to fight his way out the door and down the street when grew up in housing project, had to claw his way with others to top, through later mess and breakup of Beatles and has made a long, flexible slog of persistency for fifty years despite critic, public put downs of ex bandmates, and ex Beatles fan hatred and prejudice throughout his solo career. Macca is a REAL survivor.

    Joy Stinson

    James Dunn , you are sure about Paul being an attractive man. This gal noticed for decades if God made finer, kept to himself and when grifter gal married him, was an attractive older man. He is elderly now but so glad he lived to give us decades of beautiful and interesting music. The ugliest thing bimbo did was to ridicule him around folks who worked for him as that is a very low insult and blow to a man who is torn between defending himself and being a gentleman to a woman and his wife.

  6. Dedra Jade

    Rebound...he's human..tho she resembles Jane Asher.

  7. Aidee Gutiérrez Tadeo

    Es mucha canción para la seño, lástima es muy bonita, pero ni modo, a la basura.

  8. Imaginario da lnf

    Best Paul song

  9. patricia valdivieso

    Paul se apresuró, creo que buscó refugio en una persona equivocada porque no estaba acostumbrado a vivir solo. A pesar de que parece ser una persona diferente a Heather, tampoco me gusta Nancy Shevell. Es que con Linda se rompieron todos los moldes de las mujeres para Paul.

  10. James Dunn

    Ugh. Heather. As nasty as they come and I always thought Yoko was bad.....

    James Whittamore

    very true James.

  11. tdunlopmusic

    what a douche bag this pirate turned out to be

  12. Music I just simply enjoy

    Hey I did not know this one! A bit of Hitchcock touch towards the end, it almost sounded like "Laurel or Yanni" Instant Karma?
    Whatever happened to Jane Asher? You are a real treasure for Beatlemaniacs "nowhere man 113" Good night and thank you so very much for posting 🌚🌙


    Thanks for the kind comment, Music I just simply enjoy!

    Music I just simply enjoy
    I thank YOU for such a MACCA "runcible tune" indeed, most kind NWM113

    B S Hancock

    Last I read, Jane is very joyful and successful in the UK. Much like Linda with cooking as one of her areas of expertise. Successful husband. Daughter and 2 sons. Still beautiful lady, inside and out.

  13. Marcia D

    Another side of Sir Paul

  14. Kathleen Yvonne Westbrook

    My best wishes. I fallen for another channel, Ian Lennon, just kidding. ❤️🌹🎆

  15. Greg Gentry

    Heather found out that Paul not PAUL MCCARTNEY!
    RIP Paul 9/11/66>>

  16. SgtPepperChannel

    He doesn't play this often live in concert
    LOL :D

    Esteban Reyna

    He doesn’t at all. -.-

  17. Eric Faw

    excellent! peace2u! eric

  18. Beatles Fangirl

    Thanks for uploading.
    Could you upload "Good Night" from the Beatles, please? 😊


    Hey Beatles Fangirl, I've uploaded just about every song by the Beatles, including "Good Night" ( Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, many videos are blocked in some countries, and others are blocked worldwide. Sorry!


    Beatles Fangirl

    Oh okay. Thank you!

  19. Nieves del Sur

    Está etapa de Paul prefiero borrarla de mi cabeza y probablemente él también sinó fuera porque tiene una hija, Beatriz, que espero le compense de la pesadilla vivida con su madre. Siempre con Paul!!

  20. Страшные новости

    what a terrible music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor Heather to hear this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!