McCartney, Paul - Freedom Lyrics

This is my right
A right given by God
To live a free life
To live in freedom

Talkin' about freedom
I'm talkin' 'bout freedom
I will fight
For the right
To live in freedom

Anyone tries to take it away
They'll have to answer
'Cause this is my right

I'm talkin' about freedom
Talkin' 'bout freedom
I will fight
For the right
To live in freedom

I'm talkin' 'bout freedom
I'm talkin' 'bout freedom
I will fight
For the right
To live in freedom

Everybody talkin' 'bout freedom
We're talkin' 'bout freedom
We will fight
For the right
To live in freedom

I'm talkin' 'bout freedom
Talkin' 'bout freedom
I will fight
For the right
To live in freedom

I'm talkin' 'bout freedom
I'm talkin' 'bout freedom
We will fight
For the right
To live in freedom

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McCartney, Paul Freedom Comments
  1. Peter Danta

    Never Forget! I will NEVER forget what happened on that fateful September day. I was 8 years old, living in the Chicago area, and I was just going to school. I remember a few hours later, everyone was sent home. Then, when I got home, I stared with shock to see the north tower collapse. Now, 18 years later, with a different President, I still fear that there will be another attack on America, particularly on Chicago. However, this song, "Freedom", is a good reminder of how ALL Americans can and will always fight for the right to live in Freedom.

  2. Mete Buyuran

    Paul...System Man, loves money and power...
    God bless Lennon!


    Fight for Lennon's right to imagine.

  3. キャットラー元保護観察官


  4. Shawn H

    Terrible video WTH?

  5. XmybooX Little

    Love this song gives me gooseys🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  6. Bill Stephens

    People of Hong Kong: we are with you!

    Kenneth Glenn


  7. Ig-rok

    Здоровья и долгих лет тебе Макаренко...

  8. Alan DeMoss

    Great song. It's a pity people in the UK - and US - are facing all kinds of restrictions about what they can say without somebody getting offended.
    The biggest enemy of freedom is politicians, not terrorists or armies. Never forget that.

  9. Ernst Eck

    Izrahell did 9/11. Then the Neocons/Ziocons took away our FREEDOM.

    Roger Klotz

    Again. While the rest of the western world is flooded by illegal aliens.

  10. Flavio Renan


    Origem: LIVERPOOL (Inglaterra)


    Lançamento: 13/11/2001

    Produção: DAVID KAHNE

    Composição: PAUL MCCARTNEY

    Gravadora: CAPITOL

    Vocal/baixo/violão: PAUL MCCARTNEY

    Guitarra solo: ERIC CLAPTON

    Guitarra base/violão: RUSTY ANDERSON

    Piano/órgão: GABE DIXON

    Bateria: ABE LABORIEL JR.


    Este é o meu direito
    Um direito dado por Deus
    Para viver uma vida livre
    Para viver em liberdade

    Falando sobre liberdade
    Eu estou falando sobre liberdade
    Eu irei lutar pelo direito
    De viver em liberdade

    Se você quiser
    Tentar tirá-lo
    Você terá a resposta
    Pois esse é meu direito

    Falando sobre liberdade
    Estou falando sobre liberdade
    Eu irei lutar por seu direito
    De viver em liberdade

    Yeah Oh

    Falando sobre liberdade
    Estou falando sobre liberdade
    Eu iriei lutar pelo seu direito
    De viver em liberdade

    Todos falando sobre liberdade
    Estou falando sobre liberdade
    Nós vamos lutar pelo direito
    De viver em liberdade


    Falando sobre liberdade
    Estou falando sobre liberdade
    Eu irei lutar por seu direito
    De viver em liberdade

    Falando sobre liberdade
    Estou falando sobre liberdade
    Nós vamos lutar pelo direito
    De viver livre

  11. Yves Bienvenu

    plus que jamais d'actualité après ce nieme attentat qui conduit tout droit à un mode de vie imposé par des terroristes sanglants , un mode de vie basé sur la peur si on ne réagit pas.....

  12. Matthew Maker

    There's trash.....and then there's this song. Trash's trash. Cringeworthy. Embarassing. Etc, etc.

  13. Carly Rios

    This song goes out to every who lost there life emergency personal and family and and first responders there life on 911 America was ,and is never the same ,and ,anever forget ,if I ever have a daughter I'm going to name, her Freedom Sempi Fi" the Republic baby" Sad but true g-d bless are troops stay safe,and vigilant,a and nobody,in my humble opinion should disrespect our Flag,or the anthem,or the National Anthem

    O OO

    Give thanks to the million iraq human beings your freedom killed for a few thousands American lives . No Christian can salute American genocide any longer .

  14. JimmyMcMook

    This song just doesn't have the appreciation it deserves.

  15. Luiz Caniza


  16. Donna Lantier

    thank you paul for the song freedom
    it's a great song it's about 9/ 11 / 01 never forget

  17. ROBERT NIX Alternative Rock/Pop Artist

    This track appears as the last track on the 'Driving Rain' CD and it's a brilliant underrated effort by Sir Paul.

  18. Abril Wang BSB


  19. Steven Most

    To all 9/11 victims.

  20. Kathie Gifford

    This is my right
    A right given by God
    To live a free life
    To live in freedom
    Talkin' about freedom
    I'm talkin' about freedom
    I will fight for the right
    To live in freedom
    Any one
    Tries to take it away
    You'll have to answer
    'Cause this is my right
    I'm talkin' about freedom
    I'm talkin' about freedom
    I will fight for the right
    To live in freedom
    Yeah oh
    I'm' talkin' about freedom
    I'm talking about freedom
    I will fight for the right
    To live in freedom
    Everybody talkin' about freedom
    We're talkin' about freedom
    We will fight for the right
    To live in freedom
    Talkin' about freedom
    I'm talkin' about freedom
    I will fight for the right
    To live in freedom
    I'm' talkin' about freedom
    I'm' talkin' about freedom
    We will fight for the right
    To live in freedom

  21. Dan

    2 Corinthians 3:17 “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."

    Galatians 2:4 “…our freedom that we have in Christ Jesus…"

    John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."

    Romans 8:2 “For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death."


    Keep your invisible man in the sky to yourself! This was written for 9/11/01

  22. Keith Gatchalian

    The Irony is that he marched the other day for gun control. So much for that Freedom that you want to fight for....


    Dumb ass! Even those of us who own guns want fucking gun control

  23. Lord Chocice

    This song is proof that god does not exist

  24. Diane Virgillo

    I think this song is inspiring and makes all Americans proud to be an American. Paul wrote a wonderful song for the most horrible attack in our recent history. May this live on forever and remind us of what FREEDOM is all about. Our Men and Women fight everyday for our being free.

    Mete Buyuran

    yeah, they kill everywhere for your happiness.

  25. naijns

    Everytime I listen to this song, I get to think about those 20 + million people suffering for so long in North Korea. I hope President Trump will liberate them for good if possible w/o any bloodshed.

  26. Esteban Chava

    ¿Quien putas puede dar dislike?

  27. brachio1000

    When McCartney's hot, he's hot; when he's not, he's not. So it goes.

  28. Jason Lee

    good song. One of the best people ever...

  29. Jimmy Kissing

    На таку пісню гарно було б покласти відео про українське військо.

  30. neckbeard

    If this isn't evidence that the real Paul, a brilliant songwriter, is dead I don't know what is.

  31. Jon

    Gotta love youtube commenters trashing the legendary Paul McCartney's writing skills lol Keep rockin Paul!!

  32. Literally Stalin

    Easily the worst fucking song.

  33. Edgar Carpenter

    Such a shame that George Bush used it for political/militar purposes and Paul decided to never play the song again. It was a good song, maybe not his best effort, but it was good. BTW, the Eric Clapton' solo is perfect.

  34. Ori Ronen

    the lyrics and the structure aren't very good man..

  35. Ian Gardner

    they said this song was shite....and they were on the money. 9/11 deserves a "great" song. Not this pile of poo!

  36. Mica Maik

    why is he singing between northamerican flags? .. wasnt he born in the UK? ... WTF? .. i suddenly feel a shitty meaning for 'freedom' in this context

    Joanne Finch

    Gee, could it be because he wrote this song for the victims of the most deadly terrorist attack in US history? If you don't know that, you're a fucking idiot.

  37. The Yoga You

    This song is meant for NOW, even though Paul wrote it after 9/11

  38. Tiffany Porchiazzo

    Paul mccartney is the man ! 💘💘💘💘💘💝💝💞

  39. Dante Ponce

    abolish the electoral vote.
    My votes doesn'tmatter,

    all supposed

    we have freedom
    where is LIBERTY


    Do your homework about the Electoral College before you say such a stupid thing...

  40. FRonelPopn


  41. Tiffany victoria Porchiazzo

    my favorite song and I was so sad when September 11 came it was a very sad day for everyone and for me too . my heart was broken when the terrorists had hurt my twin towers I miss the world trade center so much . rip . 💝💝💝💝💘💘💘💘💘💘💝💝💝✌✌✌✌✌✌✌💝💝💝💘

    Julian Müller

    damn are you this annoying in real life?

    Robert E. Lee

    Doc Milersky damn are you this much of a thick skulled nimrod in real life?

    Chris J white

    What about the people

  42. Scott Lancaster

    This song is so bad that it killed George Harrison

    Dick Felcher

    and yeah the song sucks fucking megabollocks

    G. G. Beaufort

    Scott, that was really in poor taste. Seeing this comment indicates your level of maturity.

  43. Long Lushes Locks

    Never Forget Where were you that September day? God bless

  44. Edward Shoenberger

    great song

  45. bzeliotis

    Talking, shouting, singing about freedom rights is OK, but it takes action to become free.

    Christopher Lowndes

    Where is there no "action" here ?

    Dante Ponce

    Christopher Lowndes

    Dante Ponce

    Blame the goverment

    G. G. Beaufort

    From Wikipedia on his song "Freedom" The song was released in two versions: a single, billed as a studio version (recorded in Quad Studios, New York), and an on McCartney's album Driving Rain, single CD of Freedom was available during Super Bowl[when?] billed as a live version[vague]. Both versions feature Eric Clapton on lead guitar with McCartney's touring band. The live album version also featured studio overdubs from the sessions that produced the single CD version. Sir Paul McCartney wanted Americans to help their fellow citizens by buying "Freedom" and donated all proceeds to 9/11 victims. He also wrote anonymous cheques to several New York police officers to help them with medical recovery.

    The song was featured at the Super Bowl XXXVI pregame show with a Statue of Liberty tapestry rising up in the background as a tribute to the victims of 9/11. McCartney performed the song frequently on his 2002 Driving USA Tour, with most of the proceeds from the Driving USA tour going to victims of 9/11. The song also appeared on the live album Back in the U.S.

    And this doesn't mention his part in organizing the concert to bring the people of NYC together to start healing. All proceeds were donated.

    Bzeliotis.....that sounds like quite a bit of action to me.

  46. Lydia Guiheneuf

    Superbe voix...J'adore...Merveilleux.!!!+++

  47. Paul Abbott

    Wut hap pens if I get ar rest ed ag ain?

    Paul Abbott

    U do not want that yes or no? Whut du officer Spink think?

  48. George Hopper

    Thanks Paul!

  49. Keeperof Allknowledge

    Most Pathetic Lame piece of work he ever recorded. I love McCartney, but this sucked then & it sucks now.

    Kevin Gillespie

    The point wasn't musical. Sometimes in a song you have to look deper. This song was to get the message of freedom across and it did the job. It was meant to be a simple song to bring people together.

    Keeperof Allknowledge

    Um, yeah....ok then.....smh


    Brings people together in laughter over how awful it is.

    Pershad Hall

    Keeperof Allknowledge shut up

  50. Michael David

    Well done UK for voting to leave the EU.

  51. JfnDWatchesVids

    Talkin' bout freeeeeeee gum.

  52. Titus Lightbody

    September 11 2001

  53. JCisJD

    Pauls attempt at "give peace a chance " without the give, the peace & as for chance,well, PM has always come across as something of a chancer to me.

    G. G. Beaufort

    That's a good question. Imagine was John's song....with John's permission. Yoko controls the purse strings concerning John's music now. I have no idea if she had anything to do with it, but she does still manipulate things that deal with John.

  54. Darryl Ruiz

    First heard this at the super bowl hlf time show I was stunned paul still has it only he could do this

  55. Arthur Lightbody

    911 2001

  56. Outdoor Mirrorist

    I came here after the rave reviews given by Sir Eric Clapton on this song.


    He isn't a sir dummy

  57. For the Record

    Those being overly critical need to understand it was written as an ANTHEM. Simple lyrics so the crowd could sing along.
    Sure it's not the greatest McCartney song ever... but it did the job. Watch the Concert for NY. People were singing this song with tears pouring down their faces.


    The lyrics off his last few albums as a whole have overall been surprisingly evolved. Check out "Scared" or "House of Wax."


    For the Record Always an excuse! Hey, st least he's got more musical dignity than Sting! Lol!


    It's more than just an anthem and it doesn't have to be lyrically astonishing, it's the heart behind it. But I guess anyone who wasn't there, who didn't lose people, who isn't a New Yorker will NEVER understand

    G. G. Beaufort

    It's ironic that he was in an airplane on the runway, and happened to see almost all of it in front of him. No one on the plane knew what had happened or the magnitude of the situation. In an interview, he said he was very confused because one of the flight attendants discreetly came up to him and very nervously told him something bad had happened and they needed to get him off the plane to safety. He wasn't sure why he was singled out. Days later, he and Nancy walked as close as they could to what was left of the towers. He said it was sobering and unreal. It made a huge impact on him. I have no idea how far their building is from ground zero. I can't remember if I read an article or saw an interview with him explaining what he witnessed and how it deeply it affected him.

    G. G. Beaufort

    With respect, Paul was not going for a chart topper with this song.

  58. Richard Scott

    what a steaming heap of bullshit


    +Richard Scott I think you are being too kind.

    Brand X

    Yes, that's what you are.


    Yes, you are

  59. John Geidans

    Freedom has lost its meaning nowadays

    Daniel Achille

    John Geidans What do you mean freedom has lost its meaning?

    idan willenchik

    @Daniel Achille We are all watched by social media.We are enslaved to it.


    @idan willenchik shut up tRumptard

  60. Nov633

    Happy New Year, America. May God Bless America with a better president on 2016.

  61. cathy muller

    FOR PARIS We're talking about freedom I will fight for the rightTo live in freedom

    Brand X

    No, love your enemies!

    George Hopper

    Yeah Brand X - Makes sense if you have nothing to protect, like wife, kids, home?!

  62. leslie hendry

    where is the song for 911 heros, gone Obama took it away, wtf

  63. Tarun Rathore

    This inspires me every time I listen this !!

  64. TheBrianhj

    cringey lyrics


    +TheBrianhj Yes, the lyrics made me cringe, too. They sound forced and, frankly, pretty lame...

    Paul is SUCH a better songwriter than this; a poor effort, IMHO


    These lyrics are patriotically beautiful. Its about freedom man. It's cool.


    Paul has never been a great lyrics man.

  65. Naufan Kusuma

    this song very very very wonderful song and interesting, when first time i heard this song... :D :D

  66. Jacklyn Kaboff

    ❤️ this song!! It describes what we need in the world

    O OO

    Shit music

  67. postshanna

    damn this is garbage rofl

  68. MrPireasxios

    Happy Birthday America

  69. Thundergod129

    Guess Sir Paul owed us one since we bought all his records and went to all his concerts. But seriously, some think he did this because he happened to be there and it was fate. Others think he always needs the spotlight for his enormous ego.
    I'm not a big McCartney guy (John and George are my faves) but maybe, just maybe he has a heart....

    Patricia Klinshaw

    @Thundergod129 Paul is as real as you can get and he has a heart of Gold

    Virginia Abreu de Paula

    +Thundergod129 Of course he has a heart. People who say about his big ego never met him. They are stuck in the past when it was "cool" to consider him a villain. John helped to spread it. But later, John said the opposite confessing he had lied due to anger for whatever. Also...people who dislike him and said he did only for himself., probably didn't do anything for the victims. It is usally like that. The attack those who work like Sir Paul.

  70. Steve Someone

    This is actually one of his best lyrics.  Most of his lyrics are pretty weak.  He kept this simple, on topic, and not corny, which often happens to Paul's songs.  The melody is very good, too.


    I do not agree most of hs lyrics are weak

    Costin ThePit

    What are you talking about? He's lyrics are wonderful!

  71. Nell Q. McCartney

    Awesome Paul you love America and I love you💋

    Virginia Abreu de Paula

    +Nell Q. McCartney I believe he loves American. But I don't think he meant freedom only for Americans. It for humanity in general. For the planet.

    Nell Q. McCartney

    Thank you, Virginia. Yes, I agree with you! 😀

    paula pāvila

    hello, name sister

  72. Raphael Diogenes

    this is the guy

  73. alindastar

    Way to go Sir Paul

  74. Crisstti

    We are all Cherlie Hebdo.  Freedom.

  75. Lex Dunn

    This song is written in the mode of an anthem (not a national anthem) which are, by definition. Think of Day id Done, Let the Sun Shine, America. They are meant to be repetitive so people can remember them and sing them. Is this a good one? I'm not crazy about it, but as anthem's go, I've heard worse.

    Virginia Abreu de Paula

    +Lex Dunn For me is a very good one. Reminds me of Give Peace a Chance. Only it is more beautiful.

    G. G. Beaufort

    It's definitely not a song that you would tune into for entertainment. My guess is that it shook him up pretty badly. After John was killed, Paul admitted that he was unsure of continuing to tour. Watching up close to what had happened would have shell shocked anyone watching from a distance. Not an excuse for the song, but it shows he was a bit off his game. I've only heard it a few times, and I've committed it to memory. He accomplished what he wanted. Music can is a universal language.

  76. Philip Gonzalez

    To funny!!!!#

  77. DizziNY1

    This is my right, my right given by GOD...I couldn't agree more you

    Throatwobbler Mangrove

    Zeus gave us our rights from high on Mt. Olympus. Why can't those commies deal with it?

    33 1/3 Street Sound & Video

    The politicians would have us believe freedom is whatever they allow us to do, after they've decided it's "good" for us.

  78. apforthatmusic

    I will never get over how much this sounds like a bad Billy Joel song. I love Paul, and I am so grateful he cared enough about that tragedy to write a song about it, but to me that's its only redeeming quality. The sentiment, not the song.


    @apforthatmusic I am a HUGE Billy Joel fan and a HUGE Beatles fan and you are wrong. Billy was/is influenced by The Beatles. I am from The Bronx like Billy and maybe I was a tad harsh but you are soooo wrong.I apologize for being mean


    no its cool. I love billy joel, too. this wasn't a shot at him at all. I'm just saying it sounds like something that billy joel would do as opposed to paul. And both of them usually have such meaningful and powerful lyrics and progressions that this song just feels like a watered down version of both artists work.


    @apforthatmusic Paul is extremely eclectic, so pretty much anything sounds like something he would do, especially when he's in fact done it.  It's a good song imo, and the sentiment is very much appreciated.
    Gutsy song.

    Virginia Abreu de Paula

    +apforthatmusic And yet, this is one of the Best MacCartney I have heard. Great song. But people to wish for freedom in order to feel it. Most have no idea what freedom is.

    Daniel Achille

    This is a good song. It’s not Hey Jude but it’s not really meant to be. It’s a solid memorable refrain that Paul things very well and the lyrics in the front of the song are spot on. Freedom is a right given by God. That’s in the Declaration of Independence. The fact no government can take away our God-given right to freedom. Actually that’s very profound. Paul I’m glad you had the guts to put that idea in a song And you weren’t afraid of the PC police.

  79. DancesWithBears

    I have never heard this song before today. I admire Paul McCartney's efforts to a point. But the song is the same thing over and over and over and over. OK, yes freedom is great. Fighting for the right to live in freedom is great. But good grief - how many times does he have to use the same words? Also, sometimes he rhymes and sometimes he doesn't and that just makes me cringe.

    I'm probably wrong but I'm thinking that he expected everyone to join in and that would keep the song going. But it didn't happen - at least not here.

    Now I'm going to go listen to "Layla".


    It was written to order and bad McCartney is still better than 90% of anybody else's good stuff. 


    You make it sound like a Whopper from Burger King.  

    David Thorn

    @DancesWithBears try to feel the emotion, lady. he most definitely does NOT sing the same thing over and over.

    Virginia Abreu de Paula

    +DancesWithBears Gosh, it has to be repetitive... This style of music requiries it. Never heard of anthem? Of slogans...? Gee. And by the way, people were singing too. And clapping their hands. Pay more attention.

    Daniel Achille

    DancesWithBears I see you have a lot of ignorance about the song. Go back and listen to the verses and it has a lot to say.

  80. Caroline Montoya


  81. Sungodv

    Thanks, Paul.  Never forget 9/11/01.

    Throatwobbler Mangrove

    I promise I won't. Unless I get dementia.

  82. Abril Wang BSB


  83. nameandlastname

    Murica! Freedom! everybody! freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom!

  84. Tina van Wijk

    All world is calling for Freedom and Love

  85. Roald Larsen

    After 9/11 we all stood up against the terrorists and this song is a powerful testimonial to that fact. Now UN IPCC are going to scare the same freedom away based on false claims that humans causes dangerous climate change because of the emmisions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). By limiting use of energy, millions will most likely perish of starvation. Because it's not happening in the West, it's still wrong and an absolute disgrace!
    We should all feel appalled and let the politicians know that we won't accept it and it is totally immoral on every level of the word! 


    @Roald Larsen The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.

    Roald Larsen

    @wayneswhirld - Who say i don't believe in science? I not only believe it, i use it every day. Now some facts:


    @wayneswhirld Whether climate change is caused by humans is a disputed fact.


    A simple song, but to the point. Paul wrote this right after 9/11. I knew 3 people that got killed that day, and I could have been one of them. I love Paul, always will, unless he does something very, very "off"

  86. Rey De Leon

    i am pm's  big fan. just hope he dress up for the occasion like eric clapton. macca is a very humble guy but to me performing on a big occasion like this wearing a home shirt is like showing no respect to everyone watching.i just hope he stop wearing home shirt when performing. he is an idol for many like me. i don't know what's in his mind and intentions but i am sure he will be disgusted when he sees a band performing with their home underwears.

    Heidi Rosenberg

    He said in the 9/11 concert that a fireman who escaped the twin towers gave him the shirt so get or facts straight b4 being a troll

    G. G. Beaufort

    Rey......your comment is really very superficial. I really do not fit the top of why and how Paul wrote and performed "Freedom"


    lovely, so lovely

  88. blackburn82

    the beatles will oases be a band dead or  

  89. Aksels Ruperts

    It seems that this song is quite actual in these days... #Ukraine


    You're right

  90. redroveredgestapo

    never forget (about 9/11)

    O OO

    Worse airline name ever : 9 11 airline


    Great song! Freedom is EVERYTHING ! Long Live Paul!:)

  92. paulehot

    Living is easy with eyes closed misunderstanding all you see. That seems to answer your question, sadly.

  93. paulehot

    Don't forget to thank the big corporations that the tea baggers are always shilling for-- tracking your purchases via cellphone and card, tracking your web use and allowing the government full access to their every privacy-violating record. Among many other violations.

  94. D R

    Well... even for the melody only I would rather listen to W.A.S.P.'s 9/11 song "Hallowed Ground"

  95. Gregorio Sanchez

    Freedom to viciously click the back button.

  96. DAVE McRonald

    Steve Buschemi > Paul McCartney in this case...

  97. Todd Beezley

    Bravo! Paul gets it. The Supreme Court told us abortion was legal under our so-called "right to privacy." Now, it turns out we have NO right to privacy, at all. Thank you, NSA. Thank you, O. Now, you can see why they hate the Tea Party so much.

  98. Jacob96159

    Whatever happened to lyrics like "nothing is real"? How do lyrics get less mature as one ages?

  99. crasshelmet

    Oh Paul...John Lennon was right about you.