McCartney, Paul - Be-Bop-A-Lula Lyrics

She's My Baby
Don't Mean Maybe
She's My Baby
Don't Mean Maybe
She's My Baby Doll
My Baby Doll My Baby Doll

She's The One In The Red Blue Jeans
She's The Queen Of All The Team
She's The Woman Walkin'
That I Know
She's The Woman That Loves Me So

[Repeat 1]

She's The Woman
Who's Got That Beat
She's The Woman
With The Flying Feet
She's The Woman
Walk Around The Store
She's The oman
Gives Me More More More

[Repeat 1]

(Come On Riggs, Clamp 'Em)

[Repeat 1]

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McCartney, Paul Be-Bop-A-Lula Comments
  1. Uziel Vesga

    I like It!

  2. Uziel Vesga

    Paúl Mccartney Forever!

  3. Uziel Vesga

    Mccartney Forever!

  4. Konstantin Masyuk


  5. Moshé Soudry

    No electric ! So fine !

  6. Ruben Banda

    Fantástico! !!👌

  7. yon cornelly bayondha

    Lindaaaa ❣️

  8. Ruben Moso

    Sin duda el mejor!!!

  9. Allison Reina

    Ahhhhh! I can't believe I just found out this existed! Be-bop-a-lula has been my family's nickname for me ever since I was a baby, and my mom used to sing it to me all the time... to find out one of my favorite artists covered it just made my whole week! <3 <3 <3 Thank you Sir Paul!

  10. Kori Hoornstra

    Sounds like Gene Vincent

  11. Vir Quisque Vir

    Check out the original by Gene Vincent -


    Nice version of the song, could tell Paul was really enjoying performing it.

  13. HotWax93

    Sir Paul really needs to be promoting 50s and early 60s rock to younger generations like mine.  John Lennon would be doing it if he were alive today. (Curse you, Mark, David Chapman!)

  14. IslandGirl 9152

    Paulie totally rocked this one!!! He still looks so much like he used to on stage, all the same mannerisms, smiles, everything. Love this guy forever!!!

  15. Suzy Thompson

    Damn! I haven't heard this song in years! You go Paul!!

  16. RL R

    Love this band, it was the best version of "solo" Paul he had. Unlike the bunch of poser pretty boys from nowadays Paul's band, who just care if they look good for the camera and do stupid guitar stuff on Beatles songs...

    AVLIS: Crate Digging Underground

    i agree... everything went downhill after linda


    Maybe you thought all that guitar stuff was Paul's idea so that way it can make playing the song fun for everyone.

  17. Jessica Samek

    Paul is so fantastic! He was fantastic fifty years ago, and he's still fantastic today! He will always be fantastic!!!! I wish i can go to his concerts someday... :)

    Pam H

    +Jessica Samek Me, too. But his concerts are so expensive and I'm broke. What a performer, though!

    Jessica Samek

    I KNOW! 

    Randy Mann

    Paul came to Austin five years ago for the first time. It was my all-time favorite concert, edging out seeing Led Zeppelin's very last US concert in Los Angeles.

  18. Armando Flores

    my grandaughter thinks this song is the best

  19. Wern Lee

    This version is done so well by McCartney. Feels so bluesy

  20. themmary1

    When was it filmed? I mean, the year? Anyway, that's definietely my favourite version of this song!

    Dalfi Fran

    This was live from early years of MTV Unplugged series.
    Paul released the recording of his performances at 1991 on his album _Unplugged (Official Bootleg),_ and helped MTV Unplugged program into succes and gained much more popularity.

  21. rogensbroman46

    Who would dislike this majestic man

  22. MultiCreativeName Records

    Is it just me or does Paul sound like kinda Elvis :)

    IslandGirl 9152

    He also sounds like Elvis on some of the songs recorded in their Decca Records audition in 1962. You can hear them on youtube.

  23. TheRunner75

    When was it recorded live?

    Austin Marin

    TheRunner75 Early 90s

  24. Sophia L


  25. der willider

    the official bootleg - the first unplugged concert