McCartney, Paul - Angry Lyrics

What The Hell Gives The Right To Tell Me What To Do With My
Especially When You Made A Mess Of Every Chance You Had To
Look At You... Just Look At You. I Said I'm Angry Just
Looking At You.
I'm Sick And Tired Of Sitting Back Listening To All Of
Your Clap-Trap
If You Could Get Me To Take The Rap I Guarantee
You'd Leave Me With A Backslap.
Push Me To The Left, Push Me To The Right Try To Take Me
Out Of The Way
Ven If You Kick Me Off The Edge Of The World,
You're Still Going To Hear Me Say...
When The Hell Gives You The Right To Tell Me What To Do With
My Life?
Especially When You Made A Mess Of Every Chance You Have To
Look At You. Oh Look At You. I Said I'm Angry Just Looking At
Shouting Down Again Mahama. Shouting Down Again.
Shouting Down Agaun Mahama. Shouting Down Again.
I Can't Begin To Tell You All The Reasons
Why You're Making Me Crazy.
I've Got So Many Answers.
Like You're Stupid, Like You're Crooked, Like You're Lazy.
Hit Me With Your Left, Hit Me With Your Right.
Hit Me From The Top To The Toe.
Even When You Chew Me Up And Spit Me Out,
I'm Still Going To Want To Know.

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McCartney, Paul Angry Comments
  1. Mark Andresen

    He might've just saved himself from capital punishment with this, after 'Wonderful Christmastime'...

    kenmeer livermaile

    I know it earns me shade, but I liked Wonderful Xmas. It was a fun song for children, including aged ones like myself. BUt I get where you're coming from.

    kenmeer livermaile

    FWIW, Mumbo from Wildlife and a single, Oh WOman Oh Why from that era, also redeem his ass.

  2. Julio Carrasco

    Paul showing once more he's the best!

  3. A Depp

    Is it strange that this song makes me smile?

  4. TheSpock23

    This one's a toe tapper


    Grande paul mc Cartney

  6. Randy Haridinata

    brian jones?

  7. RaeDean Kendall

    I ❤️ this song when I am Angry!

  8. Gega KS

    Awesome !

  9. Dave Carr

    One of my favorite Paul songs and albums very underated

  10. James Ward

    this song makes me angry.

  11. Terrence Reardon

    A great power trio Paul got for this track. Paul on bass and vocals, Pete Townshend on guitar and Phil Collins on drums.

  12. Thiago Madeira


    Hey Jéssie!

    +Thiago Madeira VIVAAAAAAAA


    +Thiago Madeira Viva!!

  13. drmjr78

    This is my favorite song on this album, but otherwise, probably my least favorite album from Paul.


    Pretty much 100% garbage.

    Aidan Hatton

    This song and "Stranglehold" are the good songs from Press to Play in my opinion.

  14. MusicFreak Smith

    Great song....this just ROCKS from the start to the end....

  15. chris3c

    push me to the left (crash), push to me the right (crash).....GREAT with Macca, Townsend & Colins...

  16. Kurt Young

    what the hell?  I'm angry!

  17. MichaelHansenFUN

    people think this was written about Heather Mills


    He released this song in 1986, when Linda was still alive - she died in 1998.  But you do have a point, if it had come out 20 years later, it would have been about Mills.


    According to Phil Collins book McCartney was feeling very "angry" and after doing Live Aid


    who tickled who?

  18. terri rosen

    Yeah...Paul really rockin it out here!!! Love it!!!!