McCall, Kevin - Touch Yourself Lyrics

Ohhhh Yeaa [Dj Ill Will]
Ohhhh Yeaa

[Kevin McCall]
You got my t-shirt on
Wishing I was there
So I can put it on ya
Girl I know you wanna hear
My sexy baritone all up in yo ear
Then you call me up
Like daddy I need yo love (need yo love)
Girl lets pretend that I'm kissing you touching you
All over yo body
ohh its like I'm sexing you
its all in my lips when you talking
My fingers when you walking
I don't see nothing wrong
With Touching Yourself

[Chorus: Kevin & Sade]
All alone
paciently waiting by the telephone
she know what it takes to turn me on
make me wanna touch myself
wooahh woaah oh

You know how I like boy (I know you like it girl)
I can't hold it back no more
I don't see nothing wrong
Go ahead and touch yourself

Baby got me thinking bout the way you taste
Baby the way you do that shit drives me crazy
I'm all alone sippin on this protrone
In your favorite shirt
Cause it smell like you're cologne boy
I'm in that sexy lingere you like
picture my body drippin wet under the candle light
Boy I need it right now driving me wild
Got Me Touching Myself ohh ohhh


[Rap: Kevin]
Right its about that time
For me to make love to your mind
I do you you do me
Now thats what I call a star 69
Cauz we on the hotline
Picture my tounge goen down your spine
Picture my lips in between your thighs
Ain't nobody gotta mouth piece like mine
I wanna hear those sounds you be making
Like when I have your legs sh-shaking
Oh I got you in your birthday suit now
Damn happy be-late
I know you like it up against the wall
I love the way you try to take it
Whenever you wanna touch yourself
Baby girl I'm the one to call


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