McCall, Kevin - BBJ Lyrics

[Kevin McCall Verse]
Look at her booty
Don't you see her booty [x2]
Judy got a booty from here to there
Make a nigga smile from ear to ear
Order 3 more bottles of that belvedere
Then i point her out like you come here
You come here and you come here
Booty sittin higher than a flight of stairs
Some can make it clap some really cant doe
Them alabama girls said its all in the ankles
Speakins of ankles
Bend over and touch yo toes
And pop it and make it roll I'm lovin this angle
I love this view that I'm lookin at
Dress so elegant ass like a elephant
Shawty got me hotter than i ever been
So Imma give it to her like a motherfuckin veteran
Body so sick so this dick be the medicine
And ion know her name she told me but all I heard is

Yeah, she make the club go crazy
And the way she move her body is amazing
Yeah, she got me going insane
And ion really know her name
I just call her big booty judy [x8]

[Chris Brown Verse]
Now judy is her name
I beat it out the frame
She not messin with no bustas or no suckas cuz they lame
She drop it low and speed it up
Other niggas freezin up
Cuz when they see that ass
They like damn what you feedin her
Her body so ridiculous
I kiss it where she ticklish
Big booty world record you can find it up in guinness

No its not a gimmick shawty she the truth
She got a big donk
Damn girl I'm horny and you know I want it
Booty so big I can put 10 bottles on it
I tell her hold this she got baby makin ...
So I pulled her pants down and gave her lingere a kiss
Ms parker ms parker
When you gone let me (ohh) ms parker
She whispered in my ear right now
Then me her and her booty all smiled


[Ludacris Verse]
They call her big booty judy
And she got the game wrapped up
Fluffy like pancakes mixed down and stacked up
She'll make u wanna flirt she'll make you studder first
Sweeter than angie mama but I call her mrs butterworths
Hoe don't be quick to lookin good enough to sop her up with a biscuit
So ... so southern playerlistic
My cadillacs music shakin the frame just like her booty
And when she walk past all the kids say "hey big booty judy"
Ass like a movie keep it rollin like the credits
And she gets it from her mama yeah its all in they genetics
So she got some strong genes plus she got some strong jeans
To hold all that ass together she's a rebel na mean
To get in and out of clothes she need a special made tailor
She got to do her squats and keep a special made trainer
And she needs a man to tame her
And I fit that description
She text me twice at night
And then I fill up her prescription


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McCall, Kevin BBJ Comments
  1. Zachary Ferguson

    MTD!!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhh Big booty judy.

  2. Ajee Bryant

    #love dis song

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  4. darealniecy rite

    as a female i feel gay listening to this song

  5. Roxana Gulaci

    i love how it starts at 0:23, 1:43, 2:03

  6. Hook Killa



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  8. Tae Diamondz

    Chris Went H.A.M

  9. WhoisJoseph

    Would love to do a collab with this dude.. fully support em.. More music like this is needed..