MC5 - Skunk (Sonicly Speaking) Lyrics

A punch to get it, tryin' to get it
To do what I wanted to do
I cried and screamed when I saw my dream
It was dancin' all around the room

Follow, baby, and save my soul
I just couldn't wait for you
Energy, energy, greatest drink
And I knew what I had to do

Baby, baby, that's no lie
Baby, baby, don't ask me why

Take it, break it, break it up
Now glue it back together again
I'm tryin' to drive you, tyin' it off
Then kick it back down the bend

Tryin' to delude me
Trying to give it all you can
Swingin', squealin', brushin' up
Now bring it all home to bed

Baby, baby, that's no lie
Sit on my face when you waste my time

Well, I saw you, talkin' on
Riding on the crest of a wave
How appallin', the music surrounds you
Sounding right in your way

Oh baby, off we go
Headin' for a brand new place
The song's been sung, the deed's been done
Staring you right in the face

Baby, baby, watch your step
You know you really ain't seen nothing yet

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MC5 Skunk (Sonicly Speaking) Comments
  1. foto21com

    I 'd like to hear this song rerecorded in 2020 with more low end. This could be a modern monster.

  2. Jason

    A "Top Ten Guitar Duos" countdown video - which did not include Wayne and Fred - brought me here.


    Pre historic punk rock babe

  4. Roberto Valdés

    Never before we ear that sound, that sound that speaking fury and angry, the man in this time of convultions

  5. Art Rogue

    Are there any live versions of this song on any media?


    I wish. The closest we get is a very short segment from the Mc5 documentary

  6. Robert Cubinelli

    Tremendous intro....takes me back to when rock meant total fire on politics !!! Make the world skunky again :)

    JimiJop Woodstock

    Robert Cubinelli flush out the corrupt bastards worldwide

  7. mosesmoses2000


  8. urckrecords

    WK got a lot of mileage out of those particular licks 1:57

  9. jjdecani

    Does anyone think Radiohead may have heard this before they wrote "The National Anthem"?

  10. WARP 75

    Greatest MC5 track.

  11. Richard Hind

    isnt this great??? :D

  12. Maximus Attackus

    Way ahead of their time , still stands up

  13. JAMaxe Restoration

    Great tune, no thanks to John Sinclair. That greedy lying mf'er ruined the MC5.

    kathy 2trips

    Without a doubt. Makes me so angry they were conned like that.

    Robert Cubinelli

    Fuck off all you Fascist ba$tards....rock will eliminate all you haters like it did back then...have no doubt Fa$cist pigs :)

    JimiJop Woodstock

    Robert Cubinelli scum bag censors , i want lsd now

  14. freetofu

    Never noticed before that the clock got smashed at 5:00.

    Phillip S

    freetofu Good eyes

  15. kathy 2trips

    They don't call him "Machine Gun" Thompson for nothin"!

    Richard Johnson

    Had a buddy in a class with him down at Wayne State. He said he just sat in class drumming with his pencils or even his fingers during the entire class.

  16. Vincenzo Sallusto

    epica miscela musicale , una band esplosiva ììììì

  17. Rock21

    Dennis "Machine Gun" Thompson!

    Michael Bachman

    He used to work at a machine shop down in Wyandotte, Michigan called Iverson Industries. I've known the owners Tom and Bill Iverson since 1989.


    Thats cool! You ever meet [email protected] Bachman

  18. Stephen Kane

    mp3's suck!

    kathy 2trips

    That's why they're re-issuing their 3 LPS on VINYL!!!!

  19. Chris Kies

    I think that if the third album had come out first, they would have been Superstars. And "Over and Over" would be used as often as "For What its Worth" or "White Rabbit" when people were making films about the '60s

    kevin joseph

    the 3rd album was badly sequenced....and label dropped them.

    kathy 2trips

    Extremely stupid move on Elektra's part!

    Richard Johnson

    Or if they had been at Woodstock. If the rest of the world had seen them there they'd have blown that place sky-HIGH.

  20. QuarrellaDeVil

    At the start, you can almost hear Diamond Dave coming in with "I like ... I like the way the line runs up the back of those stockings."

  21. pinba11wizzard

    when free jazz met rock-n-roll

    Roberto Valdés

    Tago mago that's right

  22. Dylan O'Malley

    This is one of those "Holy Shit..." songs. Because that's all you can say about it.

    William Wallace

    Nope, I could say a lot more than that.

  23. Beefheart1

    One of the most exciting Rock n Roll songs ever committed to tape!

    kevin joseph

    without great management--the 5 was no more..I saw them in brooklyn--they were banned from the fillmore east.

  24. killerbunyip

    Machine Gun Thompson on drums. Fucking legend.

  25. The Sprawl

    Still think this is the greatest rock and roll song ever recorded. The band's playing is just in the eye of a hurricane on this. It's incredible.

    Chris Loffman

    Well said man. It makes the hair on the back of yer neck stand up.

  26. Bull In The Heather

    This is the most perfect rock and roll song ever written. An alien asks for a definition of rock and roll just give them this and watch their big grey head explode. There are only two legitimate reactions to this song - dance or die.

    Starship Ghetto Byrd

    What about screaming and smashing shit?


    @Starship Ghetto Byrd nope - dance or die

  27. undertow52

    Bands like Black Crowes and Jet should thank their lucky stars for this band and the influence they had on rock and roll


    undertow52 black crowes weren’t a patch on these Trail Blazers


    Lemmy said there would not be a Motorhead without the MC5. Respect.

  28. DJ big leg

    im a musician 1 thing i will say is hear the music as it was originally meant 2 b heard on analogue vinyl,ever heard the exspression i cant get nxt 2 u,thats coz the midrange only that cds offer is sonically inferior 2 the topend midrange n bottomend that analogue captures,in truth analogue is sonically superior,with totally separate sound levels thruout nothing is rawer or captures more deph,its a way of life 4 me,thats far 2 gd 2 walk away from,hear the original mastertape n feel what i say

    kathy 2trips

    The vinyl reissues are coming out Sept. 2018

    pat cola

    True. One example for me is listening to Led Zeppelin 1 'How many more times' the very end of the song plant utters ..why don't you please come....and you can hear how Jimmy overdubbed the guitar where it sounds fuzzy through the one channel........maybe didn't explain that right, but through good speakers and vinyl it sounds EPIC !

    CD looses that effect.....just sounds too flat and compressed

  29. Criss Crash


  30. az0r22

    :DD cool brotha

  31. RatedMadness

    my niggah so am i!!

  32. az0r22

    Smoking some skunk weed while listening to this :D .

  33. Fernando Yanmar

    i just put this same song to play on three different medias at the same time an it got AWSOM!

    JimiJop Woodstock

    Fernando Yanmar fucking insanity right on


    the man!

  34. Matthias Van de Velde

    wayne motherfucking kramer.

    big props to the drummer too

  35. Michael Peck

    @honkynel I'm pretty sure the Babes in Arms version is earlier, at least.

  36. Robert Smith

    Bob Seger and some members of the Rationals helped provide some of the percussion on this song. I LOVE this album!

  37. neil fagan

    Still awesome but there's none of the patter at the start and i've heard far better mixes.
    is this how it was originally released?!..........massive fade out too :-(

  38. Miles Cooler

    Chooooooon!.....there's a hint of 'Moby Dick' in that solo

  39. tinyvox

    SONIC, indeed. Fred's amazing !!!!!!!!

  40. Jesus Góngora

    that drummer is insane, is a beast, is an asshole, this reeks skunk, it's awesome, awesome band, awesome sound great year