MC5 - Ramblin' Rose Lyrics

Brothers and sisters, I want to see a sea of hands out there
Let me see a sea of hands
I want everyone to kick up some noise
I want to hear some revolution out there, brothers
I want to hear a little revolution
Brothers and sisters, the time has come for each and every one of you to decide whether you are going to be the problem or whether you are going to be the solution
(That's right)
You must choose brothers, you must choose
It takes five seconds, five seconds of decision, five seconds to realize your purpose here on the planet
It takes five seconds to realize that it's time to move, it's time to get down with it
Brothers, it's time to testify and I want to know, are you ready to testify?
Are you ready?
I give you a testimonial, the MC5

Love is like a ramblin' rose
The more you feed it, the more it grows
Ramblin' rose, ramblin' rose
Come on home

Ramblin' rose is such a ball
Diamond rings and a Cadillac car
Ramblin' rose, ramblin' rose
Come on home

Ramblin' rose, ramblin' around
Ramblin' rose, I'm gonna put you down
Ramblin' rose, ramblin' rose
Come on home

Love is like a ramblin' rose
The more you feed it, the more it grows
Ramblin' rose, ramblin' rose
Come on home

I need a ramblin' rose
Ramblin' rose, ramblin' rose
I need a ramblin' rose
Ramblin' rose, ramblin' rose
Ramblin' rose, ramblin' rose
Ramblin' rose, ramblin' rose
Ramblin' rose, ramblin' rose
Yeah, woo

Thank you, thank you, thank you

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MC5 Ramblin' Rose Comments
  1. German Gonzales

    Coolest most self-destructive rock'n'roll group to ever live.

  2. rosenkors

    Fet jävla mikrofonfrilla.. :D

  3. Martin Perotti

    Mc5 and the velvet underground are the best from u s a

  4. Veena Sheen

    I didn't know that Wayne was a raspy soprano...awesome song

  5. Jim Overstreet

    Sad effort compared to the Tartar Field 1970 footage. Drugs are bad, mkay?

  6. The Flipper

    Hey man , where did you get that jacket?

  7. Charles Rodriguez

    MC5=the strokes

  8. tappedout300xc

    Real core Rock & Roll.

  9. Michael Pikul

    These dudes need to lay of the sauce

  10. Steve Faure

    Screw it, sounds nothing like the Grateful Dead, man.

  11. WhatWouldHouseDo

    Wayne Kramer is such a badass; great player with super cool stage presence. It's just criminal that MC5 wasn't massive.

  12. Edward Clemons

    Rob was Jewish had a fn afro!

  13. Will E. Fistergash

    Their so fucking awesome. I love when Rob gives Wayne a little back rub before they start.

  14. Markc Ody

    Day tripper played by acdc.

  15. Starman on Channel 2

    Nat "King" Cole brought Me here.....I think I'm lost....Help||||

  16. Nemias Oliveira


  17. Chronicles of Bap

    Holy shit

  18. Tommy Tung

    Cheers Cocaine, thank you for bringing us such a fine example of your magic.

  19. Jurica Grčević

    Pazi zurke hahaaa

  20. Big daddy sugar cane

    Bon Scott?

  21. WootTootZoot

    Well, it was good when I was 18 and stoned out of my gourd.

    J. Sams

    Hey, it's still good at 62 when I'm drinking a fifth of Jim Beam.

    TAT S

    Sounds like you're getting old ' dude ' , when you make a statement like that you gotta be supporting a cane along with ear plugs.. this rock than and am sorry but it's kicking ass now am aloud to say that being I just turned 62 21 days ago.

  22. Billy Fox

    Ladies and gentlemen: It ain't get no betternthat.

  23. Gaz Lee

    Hearing Brian Johnson in there

  24. Barne Bock

    MC5 - Ramblin' Rose 1972

    Released 1969

    hm...what...time travel ? ^^


    Studio 1969 and this version 1972

  25. richard finlayson

    Kramer sure has the mvs

    richard finlayson

    moves. (get it right)

  26. Alex Castino

    pure rock

  27. ღ liliana maria ღ

    Such a breath of fresh air this comments section is.
    Real and rich comments, the “who still listening in ####” brainless horde hasn’t got to it 🙌🏻

  28. loveistruth 5*7*

    I always thought they sucked and I still do. Especially with all the great music that came out of the 60s and 70s

  29. David Dave

    Too chuck berry to beat the Stooges..... close second

  30. 122Music1

    Frank Oz would be proud of the quality Muppet vocals!:)

    JJ PopNFresh

    He's got that Miss Piggy vibe happening 😂

  31. Bobby Hill

    That guitarist looks like Jimmy Pages’ illegitimate brother!

  32. Zibbe Zabba

    This is awful, why won't they let Mungo jerry sing a bit more?

  33. Lucas Stclair

    Boomer nostalgia gross

  34. jamesha175

    Wayne mother fuckin Kramer yalls! imagine throwing these guys up onto the Apollo stage with the black motown groups - imagine the reaction....

  35. MrFaDookie

    I see band in frunt oV bloo/green screen....I clikk....

  36. Jorge García Robles

    Too LZ....

  37. Robert bishop

    Politically these guys,were always way to liberal for me. Man on stage they tore it up. A great band with a very strong and unique legacy. Should be in the R&R HOF. Kick out the jams baby.

  38. Gefletschtes Gebiß

    I expected a covered song from Nat King Cole 🙉

  39. Scot Scotland

    All bands should be given narcotics before recording or playing live.

  40. Iwan Bottos

    MC5 is dat wat ,Live nog wel. Ga me niet vertellen dat Kick out the jams er op voorkomt .. Dit is echt garage avant la lettre .Een robleem, dit is niet echt hun beste nummer
    Maar toch .MC5

  41. Mike Watkinson

    WAITTTT A MINUTE....this isn't the Grateful Dead...

  42. jmgmarcus

    Wayne Kramer.......Legend.✊🏼

  43. Dave Woods


  44. Tony Mcnamara

    I can see why Lemmy loved this Band!

  45. Bethany Kristich

    anyone know what kind of guitar that is? almost looks like a silvertone but I can't tell.

    Christopher Graham

    It's a mid-'60's Epiphone Wilshire.

  46. Perry Sar

    Love that Epiphone Wilshire guitar!

  47. Lenny Luzitano

    Dam these guys are great

  48. kevin joseph

    the opening sounds like day tripper.

  49. Jake C

    man I love Wayne Kramer here. and the whole band's energy.

  50. Steven DeLaCueva

    The band was coming apart at this point, close to the end...but DAMN even on an 'off' day they absolutely SLAYED.

  51. Percy's

    It seems MC5 liked The Beatles!

  52. heylamma2

    Only hit the like button because there is no Fucking Love It button

  53. David Szilagyi

    Iggy and the Stooges and the MC5 both from the Motor City.


    And don't forget a band called DEATH

  54. Bas 1Sokkie

    The original P U N K S !

  55. miguel pedroso

    These people have been playing like this before Led zeppelin and black Sabbath. WTF.

  56. Jonathan Herweg

    What idiot gave this a thumbs down? I’d really like to fucking know who doesn’t think this kicks more ass than anything ever... it’s insanely good!

  57. Doctor Skull

    Fantastic. Timeless!

  58. James Mullikin

    He'll, YEAH!!!!!!!!

  59. john zaccai

    LOL. What in the f*** is this garbage??? Jesus Christ! That has got to be the worst band of all time.

  60. Nazario G.

    The music is so good that I almost missed the confederate flag on the amp!! Different times I guess or I think everyone was too high to care!!!

    Marie Gilmartin

    😘 Happy to have found these in 2019 Been checking out there stuff

    Dean Smith

    hahaha MC5 were from Detroit... the flag was meant to piss people off in 2019

    Joseph Travis

    Wayne Kramer was the epitome of a Rebel in late 60's

  61. clarkewi

    Greatest performance of all time?

  62. Siggy Spatsky

    Check this...

  63. Richard Gagliano

    This is very cool! Wayne Kramer is a total gentleman rockstar. (Prime Time all those years, San Lorenzo) no idea he could rock like that. So happy for MC5 recognition and success. Continued blessings!

  64. N Val


  65. Dezső János Toth

    Katasztrófa !

  66. Lion of Zion

    I never heard of this band and I am surprised. Anyway I prefer old original music than todays karaoke BS!

  67. Dan Mickelson

    Oh shit i was not expecting that face when he stood up in the beginning.

    Marie Gilmartin


  68. Fuzzy Butkus

    Must be the heroin years. Wayne had slowed waaaay down by this from the coke days of 1970.

  69. 1114maniacmike

    Nice fro

  70. Will E. Fistergash

    Mars Volta Before they were Mars Volta.

  71. Mikah White

    I want to be rock clapper. Like the guy with the fro.

  72. あ あ

    Love is like a Ramblin' Rose
    The more you feed it
    The more it grows
    Ramblin'Rose, Ramblin'Rose
    Come on home

    Ramblin' Rose
    Is such a ball
    Diamond rings
    And a Cadillac car
    Ramblin' Rose, Ramblin' Rose
    Come on home

    Ramblin' Rose
    Ramblin' around
    Ramblin' Rose
    I'm gonna put you down
    Ramblin' Rose, Ramblin' Rose
    Come on home

    Love is like a Ramblin' Rose
    The more you feed it
    The more it grows
    Ramblin' Rose, Ramblin' Rose
    Come on home

    I need a Ramblin' Rose
    Ramblin' Rose
    (repeat 'til end

  73. TheDieselbutterfly

    That singers afro is the stuff dreams are made homo

  74. Wobbly Ashes

    Masterful. Heavenly. MC5 makes you want to live, but... is that a stars and bars piece of crap flag we see on the amp around 3:45...?

  75. Sharpdressedvan

    There will be some 8-year-old Japanese girl that can cover him note for note. And someone will post it.

    Laurie Colson

    I can't wait !

  76. Richard Albert Henderson

    If your hair is wrong then you won't play right!

  77. Mili Guzin

    This is not limp sync !

  78. Jonas MMG


  79. T S

    Who else expected him in the beginning to rise up and yell, "Ramblin' Rose, MOTHER FUCKA!"?

  80. олег абдзах

    Мяу мЯу мяу.......Брюс ли что ли вокал?

  81. David k Seger

    Mike Davis?????

  82. Fred Hall

    That solo at 2:18 hit the spot.

  83. aztec999999

    That is seriously fuckin crap

  84. aztec999999

    Fuck that's some crap. Sounds like four 12 year old deaf kids in a garage band

  85. Big zelig

    One of the best band performances ever ever ever

  86. Mike Houser

    Yeah but why the stars and bars flag on the amp ?

  87. SightSeer

    Trans-Love Energies - what happened? Where did it all go?

  88. MajorCulturalDivide

    These days Rob Tyner would be called a Nazi for cultural appropriation.

  89. José Neto

    white man afro

  90. Richard soma

    Their new to me and I love em .

  91. Mike D

    Old school kinda sounds like acdc in a blender

  92. All4Him

    Just had Wayne Kramer sign his book for me. Signed it "Kick out the jams mother fuckers" ! Being from the Detroit area, these guys were the legends as the house band @ The Grande Ballroom. What energy & stage presence !


    Бля фритц спасибо во ебашут воть это да
    Cool stcugoiiiiii danke shoen

  94. Avitar Magnus

    we know MC5 came first

  95. Avitar Magnus

    acdc copies 100%

  96. john alt


  97. SuperSix Delta

    Pretty shit.

  98. deanc2000

    I guess this isn't a Neil Diamond cover.


    You got that right, Cracklin' Rosie.


    No, that would be Nat King Cole.

  99. Charles Crowell

    Government agents?