MC5 - Poison Lyrics

The partisans not the artisans
Are doing their dirty show
But I ripped my pants
Doing some dance
That I learned in France
And they think there ain't
Nothin' to know
Used, abused
Locked up, beaten and fined
But I got free
Copped a plea
And I can see
That there ain't no freedom
Bell gonna chime
This time

Truth and love
Are my law and worship
Form and conscience
My manifestation and guide
Nature and peace are
My shelter and companion
Order is my attitude
Beauty and perfection
Are my attack
False faces
Fast company
A night of thrills
With no jealousy, no poison

Nobody's tool
Will be a public fool
To manipulate the masses
Who lie and cheat
And eat their meat
And think it's sweet
While the rest all clean their glasses
In status classes

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MC5 Poison Comments
  1. diafwnia

    Yeah, its 2019 and MC5 fucking rules.

  2. Joel Howard

    MC5 kick out the jams

  3. Robert Cubinelli

    Either you're the problem or you're the solution.
    You choose, but choose well....these words are still VERY valid today :)

  4. Roby laffra


  5. Ghislain DORMONT

    Mandatory stuff. Today : MAINSTREAM SUCKS.

  6. misterhair66

    who are the four dipsch*tts that gave this a thumbs down?

  7. Vincenzo Sallusto

    stratosferici e unici ,,,,,,,,,,,,, y e a h,,,,,

  8. kathy 2trips

    I love this song!  So well written and relevant even today.

  9. kevin joseph

    took that from the Kinks--really got me

    kathy 2trips

    Not even close.

    Vincent Kilpatrick

    Whut?!? Haha

  10. Keith Gordon

    Superb song, just great guitar, this band were awesome back in the daze, performance wise, no band could match them, Wayne Kramer's moves were rebellion in motion, some old clips are astounding...A band that will never be forgotten.

    Stephen Kane

    Seriously like bottling a shooting star

    kathy 2trips

    Wayne was amazing. He could out dance James Brown WHILE playing guitar. Nobody except maybe Jimmy Page could rock a ruffled shirt like that man.  What a guy!

  11. Gonzo Tigerfish

    heard this...then i went out and put my hair in a mohawk


    As long as you're not driving a cab and talking to yourself in a mirror, I think you're going to be alright.

  12. Sheri Trupp

    The best doing one of their best

  13. Pedro Valdegrama


  14. Flannigan79

    It goes back to the 68/69 insanity, that nothing could have come together more and the center had nothing to do but begin disintegrating, especially when a Sinclair goes off to jail.  The American Ruse compilation has the brute versions of some Back In The USA tracks, that their shit kinda parallels the peak years of muscle cars.  At least the last album brought back the whip-ass like in "Poison", major shining moment for Rob Tyner, to help usher out the muscle cars in 1971.  I'll take a red 70 El Camino, a light brown 69 Corvette, a black 70 Challenger, a 68 Cougar, a 69 Olds 442, a 67 Firebird,

    Stephen Kane

    Olds 442 :)

    kathy 2trips

    If you listen closely, both Rob and Wayne are singing lead on this. Wayne wrote it.

  15. reknawfiend

    High Time is the shit. Kick out the Jams lacks tunes, Back in the USA sounds like it was recorded in a biscuit tin. High Time is a fucking juggernaut of a record. 

  16. jeremiasz rebelka

    amazing piece - I'm left shocked - thats the music

  17. sirlordwhitman

    I like this song way more now that I've read the lyrics..

  18. Hister333

    Um...They sound like KISS only if you can't tell one hard rock band from another. Do Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Alice Cooper sound like KISS to you? Do Yes sound like KISS to you?

  19. Marcus Clements

    Some people, honestly.


    why does this sound exactly like KISS?

    Jean-Jacques Dauben

    You have stupid ears and your mind is deaf.

    Vinyl Diary666

    LOL Fuck kiss


    Jean-Jacques Dauben I thought that was a weird comment, too, but in certain parts, the singing reminds me of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons

    kathy 2trips

    MC5 came first. Please read some music history.

    World's Forgotten Boy

    Kiss wish they were this good

  21. ezandycle

    OK, this isn't the band at their peak. But it still cuffs 90% of what's out there right now.

    kathy 2trips

    ezandycle5 - Disagree totally! Each record got better and better. This LP got heavy airplay on FM radio. The band was mismanaged and mishandled by their record companies throughout their existence. They should have got Peter Grant or some other bad MF to clear out the BS.


    this only has 1300 views? this is MC5 people.