MC5 - Looking At You Lyrics

When it happened
Something snapped inside
Made me want to hide
All alone on my own
All alone on my own
I stood up on the stand
With my eyes shut tight
Didn't want to see anybody
Feeling happy
Having a good time, now hey
Doing alright, doing alright
I'm doing alright, doing alright

I'm staring to the dancing crowd
Felt like screaming out loud
I saw you standing in there
I saw your long
Saw your long hair
Opened up my eyes, baby
You made me
Realize all I want to do now
All I want to do now, girl
Is look at you, looking at you, baby
Look at you, looking at you, baby
Yeah, yeah, hey

I'm staring to the dancing crowd
I felt like screaming out loud
All I wanna do, all I wanna do
All I want to do
Is look at you, looking at you, baby
Look at you, looking at you baby
Looking at you
Looking at you, looking at you, baby
You baby, you baby, you baby, yeah

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MC5 Looking At You Comments
  1. Javon Stevenson

    These guys are Amazing.

  2. Blitzkrieg Drew

    Fucking legendary.

  3. D4ves

    I've got a Free Wayne Kramer badge somewhere!

  4. ian reynolds

    Tighter than the London symphony orchestra. Stunning and the crowd look stunned too or stoned or both. One of the best clips on YouTube EVER!!!

  5. ian reynolds

    All I can say is holy fuck!!!!

  6. Lee Ernesto Boles

    The Damned brought me here

  7. netei

    Early Mars Volta

  8. alveiro pulgarin

    This is legendary!

  9. Travis_T

    No one played like these motherfuckers played.

  10. Denise O

    I am the girl in between the speakers behind the drums..I have a big story to tell that goes beyond my MC5 all the way to PinK Floyd, Led Zeppelin etc. read about Who I am here.


    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting to read💕

  11. Tyler Gardner

    My first stop after I build a time machine.

  12. Anthony Brown

    Get this band in the rock n roll hall of fame for 2020. get voting now.

  13. Richard

    Audience be like .,...WTF

  14. Yann Fernandes

    0:21 air guitar lol

  15. Dreihme

    The only State University to be named after Wayne Kramer

  16. laila kragh

    Baby, you baby yee yee yyee, all I want is 2 look at you baby ooh!!!! (Y) !!!!

  17. raver funk

    Holy fu kin guitars!!!! Wayne Kramer! Legendary!

  18. Gold Fingers

    This is a stellar,off the scale level of couldnotgiveafuckness that cant be equaled.

  19. stuhazle

    Pure Detroit

  20. Sergio Beltrán

    Infractal - Mulánima

  21. MajorCulturalDivide

    Many comments here insinuating that listening and watching the MC5 as this audience does is not an appropriate reaction. That listening and watching the MC5 somehow means that they don't get it. Too many commentators assuming they have been inside the brains of the audience and have arrogantly concluded that they weren't ready for it. And then in the same comment wonder why there aren't bands like the MC5 anymore.

    Uruguay Underunderground

    the audience looking and thinking... whats that noise????

  22. 4712POMMES

    well, that's OUR times, dropping in and dropping out, and here the audience is even a calm one...wait until the rapture we go...there was no time to lose...

  23. craptastic

    We were the jams.

  24. mosesmoses2000

    Its such a shame Detroit didn't support this Band!!

  25. catalyst_99

    crowd should have been slam dancing

  26. realslimbayze

    Ugh, I was born in the wrong decade...

  27. Eric P

    Check the crowd. Now thats what ahead of their tome means. Actualy nowadays we still pretty lame

  28. Anthony Mandich

    This video oozes timelessness. Somewhere in time this show is still going on. Its unreal, really, when you watch this in its black and white perfection. The beach ball bounding up and you are there. This video is a portal to that day back in 1970.

  29. Jonas MMG


  30. Michael Baker

    You can look here, there, everywhere--starting inside yr granny’s knickers?--but you will not find a music vid that boils everything down like this--tyner’s leer ped pleadings, fred’s satanic anchorage, and the impish wayne, like archangel michael, slaying all of our ubiquitous quotidien sorrow and malaise and regret. Like a scythe, his second solo elevates us--the hair on our balding heads, our skin raised beyond the cancerous age spots, our low hanging testes, our hearts dead to life but freed here--hard and heavy, the way i like it, bitchez, heated and homespun. Suddenly, in the distance a beach ball is floating, god’s last teardrop.

    Happy bd wayne. The man

  31. Chuck1798

    thank you Brothers

  32. Mats Svensson

    I used to cure my hangover with this song + "Over and over" on max volume in the early 80s and in my early 20s. It worked out perfectly. And once we were about 20 guys (the girls hadn't shown up yet) in a small living room dancing to this song. It was ecstatic! So many great memories when the MC5 made it happen. Thank you! I wish had heard you when I was even younger.

  33. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    I was 9 years old in 1970. Wish I'd have listened to this back then.

  34. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    Wayne Kramer. BAM.

  35. Dragan Radonjic

    Great performance from legendary band from > *Detroit* <

  36. Evan Abbott

    DETROIT: the home of some of the best rock and roll bands of all time👍

  37. fatfishtaco


  38. james lujack

    This is the closest I have been to feeling all right...just thinking about those daE..Belle isle..grande...ficf fhnst hcsi

  39. Steve Ellis

    Holy shit

  40. Jim Beekman

    Made me realize......... ( I love it)

  41. dôgus utôôpia


  42. X-OR

    Pre Punk

  43. tandem compound

    furiousness for a fucked up time. Vietnam, Nixon, Inflation. Tectonic Video that definitely kicks out the jams....

  44. theWARMJET

    heavy and raw

  45. Davitofratito

    They might have gone further than they did if they had of had a decent frontman. That guy's vocals are brutal, and he looks like a fucking goof!

  46. Scott Connors

    what's so sad is we,ll never have freedom of park concerts n public shows,now it's all permits,no this no that...thnx for this chunk of history here.. miss it..

  47. hope216

    These guys ran full throttle from the count. This must be what its like to ride a rocket into orbit ,the musicianship and raw, guttural energy is top class.

  48. richard roadman

    drummer is driving the bus

  49. Kelven Dyson

    Look at those amps!!!

  50. Robert Madera

    Oh yeah now I remember why I loved these guys. Forget the Ramones, this is where punk really got started.

  51. Edoardo Ciervo

    Proto- punk be like

  52. Anthony Monaghan

    From the brilliant documentary The MC5: A True Testimonial...which is impossible to find anywhere. What a fucking band. This one for my old friend Neil.His favourite guitar solo ever. Yes indeed. Wayne Kramer was possibly the coolest kid of the entire 1960's. and that is saying something. He grew up to be one of the coolest men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Enough said.

  53. david walsh the chicago Whitehawk

    Nobody is feeling it for a reason...perhaps its soulless nonsense.

  54. MrDancingqueer

    I watch these MC5 clips....such a tiny % of audience members look like they know what's even happening. Love for Wayne Kramer, and his stage moves...fantastic .! Fancy James Brown footwork.

  55. Paul Cross

    Heavy metal Motown

  56. Joe Pio

    A Testimonial to Everything Detroit- High Energy-Balls to the Wall- All outor NOTHING.

  57. Rusty Anzac

    Deniz Tek totally ripped of Brother Wayne's flurry of 1/4 note pull off's in his solo for "descent into the malestrom". but thats ok. like breeds like. long live the MC5.

  58. Huit légendes du pays du Ternois Thierry Milhomme

    Extraordinaire !!!!

  59. Rob Jontay

    Notice All the white faces and the black faces rocking a peace punk revolution together. A time when we all listened to one type of music....

  60. Rob Jontay

    The Beginning. But certainly not the End....

  61. Philippos Kolovos

    Oh man lead guitar went crazy. This must have been such a kickass gig!

  62. Pro1er

    It never fails to amaze me the amount of talent and music trend-setting that came out of Detroit. I saw a lot of Detroit rock groups from this era before they made it big but I will never, ever forgive myself for not going to see the Mowtown artists when they were popular. When I see some of the old Mowtown videos on Youtube, I just want to kick myself.

  63. margus kiis

    1968 MC5 supperted Deep Purple in Detroit and soon DP started to follow MC5 musically (especially on "InRock") and Blackmore copied the Wayne`s stage antics (00:28) one to one.

  64. phongulu

    That's it--no more morning coffee. Starting each day with this.

  65. Powderfinger

    These fuckers were years ahead of the Stooges, Alice Cooper, Grand Funk (not saying these bands didn't deserve their fame) but why did MC5 fizzle out and just became a footnote in Detroit rock. Shame.

  66. Brooklyn Cyclist

    reaction of the people remind me movie Back in the future

  67. msjoanofthearc

    It will never be better than the MC5

  68. Steve Janas

    And at least one of them is still plugging away:

  69. Surfer Bri

    It beautiful

  70. Keyser Soze

    00:18 How the fuck did omar rodriguez find a time machine to go back amd stand on stage next to wayne..?

  71. Brooklyn Cyclist

    Reaction of the people on the music reminds me movie Back To the futures when Rock and Roll was plays

  72. Brooklyn Cyclist

    it takes until 1990's and Guns And Roses to understand that kind of music

  73. Ari Mitrani

    They are The killers hippies . Full of destroying energy. Raw punk rock’n’roll

  74. charlotia

    Magine, 63 morons gave this magnificance a thumbs down!

  75. 72karamba

    so good now..after 48 years
    great song

  76. jamesha175

    the soul of detroit

  77. 1 Life 2 Rock

    the world was not ready for MC5 and prob never will be

  78. rowlffffff

    I'm from Detroit and saw the band half a dozen times. Had to be peeled off the wall every time after the show!

  79. Roland Kobelbauer

    That's the definition of rock'n roll....🤘


    Roland Kobelbauer job

  80. tito Balkani

    everybody's just standing there looking like fuckin' goons.

  81. eebeelive

    MC50 tonight at the Recency San Fran baby!! All I WANT to do is dance with Wayne Kramer tonight!!


    Saw them in San Diego, it blew me away how lucid, energetic and lively Wayne Kramer is after all the decades of shit and grime he went through! Amazing show, amazing band! With marcus from Zen Guerilla probably being the best possible Rob Tyner fill-in out there!

  82. Jared Vas

    You can tell kramer is one of tom morelos heroes. Tom uses some of the techniques used here

  83. Laura Strobel

    They were the true "godfathers"of punk

  84. Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    Not only a helluva good guitarist, Wayne had some serious footwork skills for a rocker!


    What were the crowd expecting to see here?? MC5 gave a flawless performance and killed it in the good way. I would have been floored.

    kathy 2trips

    They were!

    JimiJop Woodstock

    looking at you on lively spot is a studio recording? equally great to live

  86. Alessandro Marrosu

    Kramer at 03:40. Bye bye Hendrix bye bye Townsend

    kathy 2trips

    LOL! You got that right!

  87. Dan Springer

    Rock and Roll

  88. Breaker Bill

    Never has a band had such a heavy hard rock sound that could make you dance your ass off at the same time! Motown meets Metal! Mc5 forever!

  89. Renee Benavidez

    At the drive in! Lol!🤟🤟

  90. Gerard Ford

    There's an album version of this that in no way captures the excitement of this live version.

  91. Steve Leonard

    wow,i can see my 14 yr old self in this !,I still remember this concert like it was yesterday

  92. Nick Rautenberg

    God damn the MC5 were so fucking cool

  93. Thomas Molitor

    Notice the college crowd not rocking at all. Strange. Repressed?

    kathy 2trips


  94. Andrew Burgess

    too good and powerful for words really...

  95. Mr x

    Fred Smith . . . cool without trying


    WE ARE THE MC5!!!!!!

  97. Mike Hunter

    Bass player has got the Romone thing going.

    kathy 2trips

    No, the Ramones got the Mike Davis thing going!