MC5 - Gotta Keep Movin' Lyrics

Teachers, parents and politicians
They ridicule my wild ambitions
They say, "settle down son, live decently
Or you'll rot in jail before your 23!"
They don't know their stuck in the past
Can't stop me now 'cause I'm movin' too fast

Presidents, priests and old ladies too
They'll swear on the Bible
What's best for you
Atom bombs, Vietnam, missiles on the moon
And they wonder why their kids are shootin'
Drugs so soon
Young men fightin' for democracy
And sacrificed for mediocrity

I can't stay in one place for too long a time
I get stone bored, I go outta my mind
I'm here and I'm there and don'tcha know I'm free
Gotta keep movin' baby, you and me

People wakin' up, but they've just begun
To realize what needs to be done
But as for me I keep movin' on
The future's now, yesterday is gone
I never let nobody tell me what to do
And no matter what I'm gonna see things through

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MC5 Gotta Keep Movin' Comments
  1. TracksAnd Mixes

    very good band one of the greatest in rocknroll

  2. Robert Cubinelli

    Kick out the politicians....nothing like this Fascist era to shoot me some MC5....we all need this in the Ks :)

  3. Steve Leonard

    these guys and the Ramones were the loudest I've heard

  4. Ivo Ponduša


    kathy 2trips

    I love that man! LOVE him!

  5. DebbieMorris9

    Get stoned b4 go out me mind

  6. DebbieMorris9

    Born vantage

  7. paul74432

    Oh Yeh..

  8. Celtic Warrior

    Wow! Early punk! Love it!

    KEMP 1

    This is not fucking boring punk, this is MUSIC!!

    Bret Miller

    This is not punk this is Detroit revolution music listen to what they’re singing


    kelt war fuck,this is music,not puke punk, low iq kelt lineage dont know better,glasgow is light years away from detroit

    kathy 2trips

    @Bret Miller - Exactly right. Even Brother Wayne says it isn't punk. May have influenced punk, but this ain't punk!

    World's Forgotten Boy

    Punk is far from boring

  9. Angelo Catapang

    white fellas can play and be funky like fucking hell.e.g. mc5's 'gotta keep moving'.

  10. steven imeson

    Mc5 will never die!

    kathy 2trips

    Not if I can help it!!!! LOL E=MC5

  11. ezandycle

    If only the production had matched the quality of the song!(A recurring problem with the 5).

    Bradley Logan

    I agree but this is a better mix than (Back In The USA) The mix on that record is so Thin.


    I heard that.

    Mark Vickroy

    Bradley Logan this is thin as fuck. still great... im glad theres plenty of good audio quality live mc5 i can access nowadays!

    Starship Ghetto Byrd

    Yeah, it's hard to capture so much power on tape! Still an amazing album, tho....

    Steve Leonard

    the production sounds fine to me

  12. microdot

    Dennis Thompson wrote this one! What a fantastic drummer! The ultimate thermo nuclear human beat box!

    kathy 2trips

    Detroit is/was known for its drummers, and Dennis was head and shoulders above them all.

    JimiJop Woodstock

    kathy 2trips trippin’