MC5 - Black To Comm Lyrics

Come on, gather 'round
Come on, dig the sound
Come on, gonna drop the bomb
Come on, yeah, black to comm

Let it come on down, babe, in the midnight hour
Let it come on down, baby, in the midnight hour

Let it come on down, down, down
Let it come on down, down, down
Let it come on down, down, down
Let it come on down, down, down
In the midnight hour

Can't you feel it, children
All around you?
Well, can't you feel it, children
All around you?

And it's all for you, you, you
And it's all for you, you, you
And it's all for you, you, you
And it's all for you, you, you

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MC5 Black To Comm Comments
  1. leo alex

    Rob Tyner looks like Tommy James.

  2. Marie Gilmartin

    Yep! Here in 2019 Lovin these 😘

  3. rick scriver

    Wow, saw the comment from another fan who saw them at the Grande! Those were the days! We were so lucky, lived in some of the best times, with some of the best bands ever. The acid was amazing too, can’t believe I am so old and boring now! The MC5 were one of God’s gifts to Detroit, it was a great time for a City that was also great in the day. Miss you MC5, miss you Grande!

  4. Txema Novelo

    How Dennis Thompson fucks up at the end of the song is one of the most hilarious and greatest moments of Rock & Roll!

  5. Mohd Fardlan

    Spaceman 3 brought me here <3

  6. sirlordcomic

    Good riff, nonsense lyrics/singing. If the MC5 had had a good front man they could have been as great as The Stooges.

    American Waste

    sirlordcomic holy shit do i agree with you. I always hated this guys vocals

  7. Papa M

    Takes me back to The Grande Ballroom in Detroit. I was there when they recorded their live album. They were the fabulous MC5.

  8. jannyrcobs

    Paved the way for Spacemen 3 (check out 'Revolution').


    how? it's two fucking chords. totally different lyrics, delivery, totally differnt production, different drum beat, different energies. I came here because someone made the same stupid comparison on the spacemen 3 song. To say that the mc5 invented two chord songs is not only ignoring the history of the guitar and blues, but also ignoring all ancient music from greece and India. Just cuz your pop tells you someone invented something doesn't make it true.


    Also I'm pretty sure every 13 yr old invents this riff when they learn power chords for the first time, remember to credit them for paving the way

  9. Jennifer Janicki

    Amazing group with unlimited energy...but hamstrung by pathetic production of their studio recordings. Man, what they could have done with the right people around them...

  10. Todd Muckelvane

    I’m 53


    Todd Muckelvane I'm 16

  11. Todd Muckelvane

    I didn’t know I was mc5 call me if u wanna jam7143453789

  12. Charles Wessels


  13. kevin joseph

    imitating james brown, his hero.

  14. Filipe Lázaro Alvernaz Alvernaz

    Descobrindo agora a banda por conta da tv Brasil. Show

  15. macdaddy mandalorian

    mc5 greatest band ever wish they were still around

  16. Mark Vickroy

    end reminds me of "Forming" without the commentary

  17. spiritofmaynardtrent

    One of the best Bands ever!!!

  18. Mark Vickroy

    end of.verse 1 "it's black to comm"

  19. Mark Vickroy

    best black to comm EVER even with no Sonic Smith in the mix till the "solo". tight as fuck...till the end.

  20. EL _Wilder88

    No way this was in 1972! I dont even think Rob Tyner was in the band anymore in 1972... either way I love this band though!

    Doctor Destiny

    saw them live in 1972. it's true dude

    Mark Vickroy

    Doctor Destiny Beat Club TV gig. the broadcast had all psychedelic stuff over the blue screen. '71 was probably the tightest MC5 sets ever. '72 was the last year of the original MC5. Wayne went away not to many years after to (I think) Lexington Narcotics Hospital - and they closed in..'77 maybe?

  21. J. Sams

    I like Fred "Sonic" Smith here. And other shit he's done. Coulda been a cruiser might of been a bruiser. There was a time when punk was smash mouth. His shit is sung with authority. Authenticity. He was at his best here. I love this stuff. Crude, brutal belt out blast of shit in a hard tone.

  22. Nicholas Fanzo

    coolest rickenbacker ever. with gibson original pafs

  23. MarsHottentot

    Rob Tyner is my hero.


    Guy had an epic 'fro.

    Mark Vickroy

    dnatz58 epic voice man...

  24. KajiCarson

    It's a great game.

  25. N8ZU

    ur mama's -=#;P

  26. TheSoundOfDoom

    Lucky bastard

  27. tehtourist

    from america, this is one called... blacktocomm

  28. N8ZU

    I remember Motor City 5 at the Grandy Ballroom Halloween 1968

  29. rankoutsider

    Check out Sonic's Rendezvous Band.

  30. NilezII

    New Number? "Black To Comm" was a staple of their live set, almost since they formed.

  31. matsl iva


  32. gR8FuLpOnTiAc


  33. Marilyn Bettencourt Hagood


  34. nicolas gonzalez

    @drunknifo a Rickenbacker 450/12 mapleglo strung as a 6 string

  35. roppie755

    I like tyner's "Michael Strahan Gap" in his teeth.

  36. royalslack

    That's not Michael Davis on bass.

  37. Tate Thompson

    Rop Tyner was the soul of Punk/Garage/Rock n Roll

  38. Tate Thompson

    This is on BEAT Club you can tell from the Orange Amps and Mics

  39. bobbelibob

    @soundboy3115 People who are paying money for a gap must be retarded.

  40. Don Ron Drungus


  41. bozwan b

    I love, love, love this song ....!


    this is detroit

  43. Jakub Lemiszewski

    facepalm at 1:47

    Mark Vickroy

    Jakub Lemiszewski what a shitstorm from poor Fred... song died right about 1:40 & there are great 8 minute Black to Comm cuts... Missed Rob's facepalm there tho

  44. kurtizzyflush

    Tyner had the best 'fro tower EVER! I think I see an elevator and a fire escape in it.

  45. Pipkin Hopkins

    Great band Great style great tunes But Rob Tyners head was wrong lol

  46. Allison K

    @spadge321 im curious, what were the 3 good uk punk bands your thinking of?

  47. WHEREtheFUNK

    Grandaddys of punk

  48. John Poulsen

    Epiphone Wilshire!
    Look it up! =)

  49. Ellison Rodriguez

    What kind of guitar is Wayne Kramer playin?
    Looks awsome! :)

  50. sexluthor

    damn straight he does!!!

  51. Montague Withnail

    sonic rules

  52. ZRN959

    a rickenbacker.

  53. jamie 0'rourke


  54. Haveagoodweek


  55. Keith Otis Edwards

    You're right! That is Steve Moorhouse.

  56. NilezII

    That's Steev Moorehouse on bass.

  57. Keith Otis Edwards

    This is from the late-period Five, when they hired an English bass player, the superb Derek Hughes. (Michael Davis was too strung-out on heroin to play.)

    After that, the the greatest band of all time collapsed.

  58. WinsterMovies

    Great quality upload! 'kin' genius...

  59. gorblimey61

    Tyner had better moves than the king of pop!

  60. buriedverydeep

    Legendary Anthem from the 5

  61. Hectorschizoidman

    really badass!!!!!!!

  62. Mike Hunt

    I never get tired of these guys

  63. John Poulsen

    Ladies and gentlemen...
    Mr Fred "Sonic" Smith.