MC5 - Baby Won't Ya Lyrics

Oh, ah
Come on
It's alright, now, hey, hey, hey

I sat up here in my window
Lookin' down on the street
Strychnine poison woman
Man, don't you look so sweet?

Woo, I said come on up and see me sometime
I'm just a drunken sailor but I'm feeling so fine
I've been out sailin' on the seven seas
Baby, won't ya give it to me?

Baby won't ya drive me mad?
Baby don't ya let me feel bad
Baby don't ya leave me alone
Baby won't ya carry me home?
Baby won't ya jump and shout?
You know what I'm talking about
Baby won't ya drive me wild?
Baby let me see you smile
Whoa, yeah, yeah
It's alright, now
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Oh, now

I see all the sickly, the sultry swingers
Standing on the ballroom floor
Sliding and gliding as she past by my window
She was a female mercenary coming home from the war
The ultimate inflection on the word perfection
I thought I'd drop by and say hi
Sweetly, serenely she showed me her gun
Baby let's go get high

Baby won't ya drive me wild?
Baby let me see you smile
Baby won't ya please come here?
Baby don't ya have no fear
Baby won't ya scratch my back?
Baby don't ya leave me mad
Baby won't ya drive me mad?
Baby don't ya let me be mad
Oh, yeah
Ooh, come on
Yeah, yeah, whoa

Whoa, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Uh-huh, whoa, come on now, yooh-hoo

I sat down to the matters at hand
Trying to find a way to beat the heat
Outside my window was a bunch of tipsy gypsies
Dancin' up and down the street
The lovely señorita took me by my hand
She said, "Oh, baby won't you be my man?"
I'll get yours and, uh, you'll get mine
Baby let's have a good time

Baby won't ya drive me mad?
Baby don't ya let me feel bad
Baby don't ya leave me alone
Baby won't ya carry me home?
Baby won't ya jump and shout?
You know what I'm talking about
Baby won't ya drive me wild?
Baby let me see you smile

Baby won't you please come here?
Baby don't you have no fear?
Baby let me hold your hand
Baby let me be your man
Baby won't you scratch my back?
Baby don't you leave me mad
Baby won't you please be true?
Baby let's wait for you

Baby won't you drive me mad?
Baby won't you let me be bad?
Baby don't you leave me alone
Baby won't you carry me home?
Baby won't you jump and shout?
You know what I'm talking about
Baby won't you drive me wild?
Baby let me see you smile...

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MC5 Baby Won't Ya Comments
  1. lazy boy

    Best rock band ever 👍👍👍👍

  2. Xenia Starling

    this band is kinda underrated :(

  3. Neven Nekic

    Their pure electricity still shakin my body and soul. No one like MC 5.

  4. Martin Perotti

    the stooges i almost forgot played in B.A too and iggy many times as a solo artist

  5. Martin Perotti

    probably of all the huge american bands the only that never played in buenos aires in one way or another,the doors visit B.A. some members-Lou Reed and J Cale-the ramones-the new york dolls-social distortion-R Protrudi from the fuzztones-from the MC5 no member came to Argentina i would love to see brother Wayne

  6. Blind dude

    Stone Soul Kool

    Robert McAllister

    Well said

  7. Robert Cubinelli

    The greatest American band :):)

  8. Cook moore

    Is this an album version? It seems so raw and sounds like the Small Faces in Rob's voice from time to time. Mod Mod. That high energy he and Marriott have! Motown Mods

  9. Alien Martin


  10. Bob

    Some great guitar playing on this one.

  11. Charles Hall

    ' SONIC '

  12. chris binckes

    there never were any other contenders for top ranking mc5.... this song just sets the record straight

  13. Billy Pigati

    Best solos on this album of all mc5.. wayne kramer is legit guitar hero

  14. Grandpa Ramone

    Thank you CREEM for supporting the MC5. Most radio stations didn't play them. Would have missed a lot of incredible music without CREEM.
    BOY HOWDY Forever!!!

  15. Colonel Hogan

    They lifted this song from Fall Out Boy.

    Art Rogue


  16. Robert McAllister

    Way ahead of their time. Still don't get enough respect.

    Dmtiz Swatch

    Robert McAllister Milky Way way ahead always a pleasure to meet a motor city five fan

  17. Josh Beeson

    3 pussies disliked this

    Blind dude

    5 pussies now. !

  18. macdaddy mandalorian

    Greatest band of all time better than the bad record producer screwed them over on last albums


    Only their second album, "Back in the USA" although it's still a great album but it had almost no bottom, this album sounds good.

  19. Konig Corvus


  20. buriedverydeep

    High Time one Cool Thunderous Masterpiece!!!

  21. Chris Sandoval

    the godfathers of punk. much respect.

  22. StrimbuLand (Sri N. Strimbu)

    BEAT THAT!!!... ANYONE....

    Tom Dangerous

    Ha! Not possible.

    JimiJop Woodstock

    Who d even dare .

    chris binckes

    mc5 still up there... no one else can come close

    JimiJop Woodstock

    chris binckes you know it chief , future /now bruv

  23. MrJohnnyDistortion

    These guys were raw,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,like a piece of meat.

    Robert McAllister

    Well said.

  24. Tony Turner

    City Slang Sonics Rendezvous Band,Yes I know Sonic changed his lyrics on a daily basis My best efforts at doing City Slang is playing it at 33 rpm still can;t make it out.

    Guillaume Daguet

    City Slang

    (it’s) Got dirt in my hand
    Part of the land
    City slang communication
    Know downtown street’s
    They measure the beat
    To understand situation
    Taste of the tongue
    (there) no place to run
    And all chance to be taken
    Screaming by, angels should fly
    My heart is open like a nation

    I got nothing to kick out at night
    Just see that, Hey! That’s allright
    Mamma crying sister thinking
    Yeah I know it’s just c c c c c c c city slang

    See I get through, going (go out?) to blue
    Time is kicking, so get it in
    Talking to B, sist coming teen
    Say “kaka luni” I think I am
    Turn on the life, she’sall mine
    Got the butchers in American
    Tick, insane, they’re coming for me
    Then I wait, I’m alone again

    When you feel hell above you
    Pack weeds and be left out
    And no reason to call any name
    When you know it’s just ccccccc city slang

    See it’s allright
    Time in your life
    ‘Cause I refusal to take you
    Messiah is kind, treasure to find
    Gonna be civil who shake you
    And all of the low there’s no echo
    This guy fellow gonna follow me
    Satan is take, inside of a break
    C’mon baby let us premiere in

    Keep a talkin’ this city scream
    Well you know allright you know what I mean
    Detroit Chicago now NewYork to LA
    They all been talkin about ccccccccc city slang

  25. Tony Turner

    Lyrics anyone!

  26. Rev Eddro

    one HARD Rockin' band

  27. Slayer Hippy

    Najbolji bend svih vremena. - Boris Savić

  28. Bruce Dunkle

    "Baby let's go get high  Waaaaauuughh!"   Never will the sound and energy of this band be forgotten.

    chris binckes

    too true

  29. Jonathon Flash

    Classic tune, inspired Zeppelin, and my band we cover this one.

    vesheto super sayayin

    More like the who, rollimg stones the sonics and little richard

  30. maynardmoleman

    fuck yeah!

  31. amber nataLie

    baby Let me seeeeee you smiLe!

  32. Michael MacDonald

    Detroit MC5!  OH YEAH!

  33. TPAwavelink

    Dig it Dog-Fave 5 track too..So badass. Nothing today even touches the 5's cool.

    Ginny Cummins-Cook

    Lucky to grow up in D town saw em many times Bad ass R&ROLL Band

  34. Earl00001

    good tune!!

  35. Anthony Monaghan

    Fucking killer!!

  36. suzesrc

    thanks Zen Muchos Gracious!