MC Lars - Scientology = WTF? Lyrics

Party at the church of Scientology!

Let me drop some science on Scientology
L. Ron Hubbard's weird sci-fi philosophy
They cloud theology in top-secrecy
Technology, mythology, and no apology
1952 was when it all began
Started on a bet by a frustrated man
His books weren't selling, so L. Ron thought fast,
He'd start a new religion and make a lot of cash
Alien rulers, past lives, tone scales,
Copy written texts and scary emails
Shutting up the critics, court battles left and right
Mysterious deaths in the middle of the night
Personality tests, E-meters, Narconon,
Time Square recruitment from dusk to dawn
All this from the guy who wrote "Battlefield Earth"
Salvation for a fee, let's see what your soul's worth

There's a place in Florida where you've got friends
We'll help you transcend if you give us those ends
(Party at the church of Scientology!)
Don't call it a cult, you just don't understand
Write us a check and take our hand
(Party at the church of Scientology!)

Actors are a target for their army of elite
They feed their self-esteem and make them feel complete
They mess with their minds, just look at Tom Cruise,
jumping on the couch during Oprah's interviews
John Travolta fights thetans in his Florida estate
piloting his plane, Dianetics books-on-tape
Beck counts past lives in a temple in Bel-Air,
Katie Holmes stays home and plays pregnant solitaire
Isaac Hayes still pays to reach that upper-level state
But left South Park when they hated on his faith
Sonny Bono made donations, should have bought better skis,
Doug E. Fresh recruits haters on the mic as he MCs
Juliette Lewis, Jason Lee, and Chaka Kahn
Because of L. Ron all their money is gone
Chick Corea, Kirstie Alley, and Nancy Cartwright
Host weekly prayer circles under UFO headlines

Once you step into the temple, your troubles will be gone
We'll get you back on track, everybody sing along
(Party at the church of Scientology!)
Don't listen to the lies, you know they're all untrue
So why not come on down, 'cause we're waiting for you!
(Party at the church of Scientology!)

So that's Scientology, P-S-E-U-D-O
R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N you've heard so now you know
They drain your cash fast, so as long as you agree,
You can't put a price on freedom when it's coming C.O.D.
Okay, they ruin lives and it sounds like science fiction
What about Noah's Ark, Jesus and the crucifiction?
Faith is subjective, you can't say who's right or wrong,
Though I'll probably end up missing just for writing this song

Hey did you guys hear that the Easter Bunny's bringing Bigfoot to the meeting tonight?


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MC Lars Scientology = WTF? Comments
  1. ShadowPresident 420

    It only burnishes this song's list of dope credentials to realize Lars wrote this ten, hell almost FIFTEEN years ago! This level of lyrical quality from small time producers was nowhere near as common back then. The beat is also a banger.

  2. Maddie Rose

    Anyone else here from echo Gillette? (Lmao literally everyone) althpugh this song is still a bop sooooooooooo.......

  3. Glitch

    Im here from Echo but this song is a bop

  4. Dumindu Sameendra

    Yooo this is dope!

  5. YuniTheWolf

    Echo has not disappointed me

  6. Laney C.

    This was a trip and a half. Although I loved it

  7. Wilford Fanstache

    Im here from echo

  8. Ca rt

    I’m here from Echo!!!

  9. lolly lummi

    Wow 11 years

  10. nerf squirrel

    Whos here from echo gillete

  11. Mary Moore

    Ok I wanna know how much harassment did you get from this

  12. Mwhillner

    you have not let me down echo

    Ca rt

    Alexander Hamilton ikr

  13. Inky Hearts Studios

    I m here cause of Echo

  14. beateliljan

    I used to listen to this song on Spotify, but it is not available anymore. Scientology church made it disappear?!?!??

  15. Peach

    Echo... Same. Who else is here by echo? XD

    Sorath The Shaman

    Toxic Tears wassup

    what kind of fuckery is this

    Toxic Tears Me 😂

    Annamations Studio

    Toxic Animates Some Stuff me

    Ash M.S Hitz

    Toxic Animates Some Stuff me:)

    Sarah Quinn

    Toxic Animates Some Stuff But of course 😂

  16. Fourth Espada

    I truly hate $cientology + Miscavige and I love this song. I really hope you don't get sued or disappear. lol

  17. x_eve_x

    i watched her sketch book vid and this song ws one she liked so i checked it out

  18. The Wandering Dragon

    How'd I even get here?

    Sorath The Shaman

    The Wandering Dragon from Echo

  19. Isabelle

    This song is pretty cool

  20. Noah 'VintageWeedKiller'

    I'm here from Echo Gillete

    Annamations Studio

    Ycrad CradCrad me too

    edgy sprikle

    So am am I

    Cayc_Creepypasta 13

    Noah 'VintageWeedKiller' SAME

    Faliha Zahid

    Me too lol same

  21. Michael James Argo

    omg we're sueing the shit out of you now

  22. Mitch Stout

    I miss u chef

  23. HotlantaAnon

    Still an awesome song after all these years

  24. Leo

    Hear, hear, Engineer-eteers unite.

  25. Christopher Proctor

    Most religions are formed to have a sense of community through a common belief. (In God) Which in terms of Judaism or Christianity, also helps to ease pain when a loved one was lost to sickness or battle. Scientology was formed to make money. Beginning and end of list. Make money.

    So the fact that most religions are formed to give people hope, whether or not those people act holier than thou that is what makes it more valid than Scientology. The fact that it's not personal gain, it's community.

  26. dragonicmonkey7

    There's no huge difference. Scientology is just new.

  27. is7wOT

    religion is curable, I'm sure!

  28. GeneralPeragorn

    How is Scientology any less valid then Christianity? Give me one solid point.

  29. Obiwancolenobi

    "Pseudo Religion" is a tad redundant, lol.

  30. Obiwancolenobi

    Mormonism is up there, lol

  31. sgu222e

    I for one will be starting my own religion, L Ron style.
    MC Lars rocks.

  32. catipolX

    Sometimes I think atheists do stuff like this, to make christians like me seem stupid. I have my reasons for what I believe but these guys are just stupid.

  33. uiruu

    Haha whatever you say, little boy.

  34. rudeboyragga

    what is that song before the actual video. its really fucking cool as well and i would love to know who made it etc


    Did he mention Will Smith? and the hipster guy from "that 70's show"? they are both moon-people too.

  36. rudeboyragga

    where can i get that little bit in the beginning its fucking tight

  37. Justin Bouche

    crap, where the arrow pointed on Florida is where i live, no joke.

  38. vampireprince5006

    Honestly, watch south park, they have an episode about it, 100% true about it, they got in trouble with them for it, basicly they say that the alien zenu froze people from his planet, then came here, dumped them in a vocano, but then trapped there souls and put them in cavemen, then brainwashed them to feel bad and religion and the such, its really insain to be honest, im not one for any religion but scienttology is just a scam

  39. Kevin K

    i still dont understand wtf scientology is

  40. Harry Baughan

    Woah '07. Youtube existed then? ;)

  41. vampireprince5006

    hence the reason people spend thousands of dollars for it, people spend millions on christianity and catholism and some of that comes directly from the government, religon is not good plain and simple. but not beleiving in something is also bad, the bible said itself, they dont need churches, they dont need all these robes and stuff,the religon of man comes from within the heart and thats what religon is, not following what a book or someone says but what you feel is right and living by it

  42. Atlas

    @mybutterflyknife well, considering Darwin had tons of evidence to support his claims. Einstein flunked out of school, but all his work came from guesses right?

  43. uiruu

    They all are.

  44. Rob Lett

    Hey did you guys hear the Easter bunny's bringing Big Foot to the meeting tonight?

  45. Prpich25

    @mybutterflyknife Guess who is this years winner of the darwin awards!!!! Thats right its you!!! Congrats!!!

  46. Prpich25

    @Lulzapus Ha ha ha ha ha thats great.

  47. otakucode

    All you doubters... you're so misled. Lord Xenu filled Boeing 737s with thetans and parked them around volcanos and then blew up hydrogen bombs, trapping the thetans in the planet. THAT'S where we came from, not from this crazy science stuff... if it were true, why would it be so hard to understand?!


    er...actually they were Douglas DC8s. for the love of theta, get your shit right.

  48. John Hancock

    @mybutterflyknife Did you just assert that a few issues in school by the pioneer of a theory implies all evidence found in support of evolution is invalid? Plenty of intelligent individuals have done poorly in school, but the factors were unrelated to their ability to understand the material. You, sir, are the dumbass.

    Unless this is the single weakest trolling I've ever seen. In which case, you're still a dumbass.

  49. Michael Franklin

    @fuckmania07 1. Evolution isn't a religion you fucktard. It's a scientific FACT 2. I can't take religious advice seriously coming from someone named fuckmania

  50. Drew Wells

    Jason Lee is scientologist?! NOOOOO! I can never watch Mallrats again without thinking of that!

  51. uiruu

    @TheJesusFreak76258 Sure.

  52. Rueben Leerdam

    Scientology is Fucked Up the maffia in Hollywood

  53. Phosphorescence7991

    hehe tardis at 0:52

  54. TheAbstruseOne

    @uiruu Comes from being the worst fiction a mediocre sci-fi author.

  55. njm vermont

    oh no chef. where will they ever get another fat black guy. well rob n bigs over so..

  56. Daniel Hussey

    For the win ...

  57. Dennis :p

    @volcomscooter29 Isaac Hayes used to be the guy that play chef on south park, so in the episode trapped in the closet trey, and Matt made fun of Scientology so Hayes left the show cause of that

  58. jakeinwashington

    What is the opening song?

  59. Oliver Emmett

    Check out wearemangosandlimes page for some awesome footage of Lars show in bournemouth.

  60. Danladi Kamara

    go on MC Lars, keep keeping it real.

  61. thegreatninjaman

    part of Scientology makes sense.... but other parts are more wtf then mormonisim

  62. Dennis :p

    Isaac Hayes still pays to reach that upper-level state
    But left South Park when they hated on his faith. Thumbs up if you get what that line mean, and if you don't i'll explained it to you

  63. supsdg

    this song should be renamed Operation Chanology.

  64. Jump Chair

    @TheFlyposter Yes, and you're being very open minded yourself. What's your point?
    Please just get back under the bridge and leave me alone.

  65. TheFlyposter

    "you can't prove anything to 100%"
    - A call to be open minded
    "for the most part my own opinion will not change"
    -an unwillingness to be.

  66. TheFlyposter

    And if you want to see a great debunking of the claim that 'science proves god real' watch the excellent video "Why I am no longer a Christian" here on You Tube.

  67. Jump Chair

    @TheFlyposter I'm sorry but I'm going to have to decline your offer. Though you can go ahead and do it yourself.

  68. TheFlyposter

    Your right, who's to say gravity exists? We have no proof, it is for that reason I think you should go jump off of a very tall building.

  69. nojm12

    it all looks crazy form the out side. once you get in it does not

    btw: im uu so dont give me shit

  70. Nerdcore News 1.00

    Note that that's in reply to morons suggesting that whatever dumb ideas they have are just as valid as scientific reasoning, evidence and proof - not to the video's assertion that religion is subjective and therefore unprovable.

  71. Nerdcore News 1.00

    Bad application of philosophy doesn't prove anything and bullshit statements like "nothing can be proven" actually prove the speaker is an idiot. I trust the fruits of the scientific method every single day, as does literally every other person who's here, viewing things online, making comments. If you wanna disingenuously pretend that this is all somehow opinion, then stop moving, eating and drinking for a week. We don't know what'll happen, it's all opinion, right? Yeah, I didn't think so.

  72. uiruu

    As an atheist, I don't think much of any religion, but Scientology is the weirdest. And that's saying something.



  74. Jenni Lowe

    Awesome, that's all I gotta say!!!

  75. Howie P

    27 scilon's got rickrolled

  76. marigoldmylove

    Anyone else spot the TARDIS?

  77. Jump Chair

    @RetartedWaffles But there's always the possibility that we have everything, and I mean everything, completely wrong.

  78. Hal Otacon Emmerich

    @SuperBetty213 Science almost always answers why it happens if it has already answered how it has.

  79. Hal Otacon Emmerich

    @LauranceCWright Considering normal human perceptions are all in one unless a defect is apparent in a being, fact can be drawn from science. like for example what exactly the dirt is made of or how old a fossil is. It wouldn't be fact if it couldn't be 100% proven, it would be a theory of sorts.

  80. Hal Otacon Emmerich

    @Metaknight486 Just like almost every other religion.

  81. Jump Chair

    Why does everyone look at Heaven/paradise/eden, whatever you want to call it, as a destination? Why don't people try and make this world, the one we are LIVING in a paradise. Why fight and argue faith and science. Neither can be unproven and neither can be proven.
    Now for those of you saying you can prove science, you can't, science is based on what we believe to be true not what we "know" is true, because we don't "know" anything there is no way to prove anything.

  82. vidmuncher

    I think the point our favorite emcee is trying to make is that the beliefs that one holds aren't inherently right or wrong, what we do in the name of said beliefs can be (e.g. stealing people's money)

  83. James Martin

    I think everyone has missed the point here, so I'm about to contradict a few people. Firstly, I see a lot of issues about what science is and is not. Lets be clear, you're use a computer, you're using electricity. Science works and if you want proof, its right in front of you. Religion offers no answers and supresses Science. Science proves itself, Religion punishes until its finally proven wrong. Scientology = Religion = Proves Nothing. All is stupidity tax.

  84. x73igg

    @FullMetalNinjaReaper when did he say that....anon isnt in this song

  85. x73igg

    26 people are scientolgists

  86. JDL2150

    @FullMetalNinjaReaper Project Chanology en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Project_Chanology

  87. Sexhaie

    Alot of religions are scams... By ppl who want the money, sometimes ther are ppl who actually buy into one or some religions that he starts a church himself because he had faith, so it's 50/50 that some churches are run by money hungery dicks and some are run by those who actually believe it enough to spend all that money converting others to follow.

  88. bogertheogre


    that area that is arabia used to be exremely lush

  89. JDL2150

    all are scams

  90. SuperGoki

    If everyone mentioned in this video is a scientologist, I've lost a lot of respect for people.

  91. Treddian

    @akfabutterfield I don't judge any modern day religion by what the churches do and say. They've been perverted by power-hungry hypocrits. The Bible has truth in it but a lot of it is symbolic, like many ancient writings (and in some cases hieroglyphs) were.

  92. Ty McKay

    @PanicAtTheDisco0247 i know! have u heard the song iGeneration?

  93. Dave L.

    Jason Lee. That makes me really, really sad. Damn.

  94. SHT musik

    After watching the Scientology video and watching the Hipster Girl video I sincerely wish that Richard Barham does a version of the latter song. That was a nice literal video that did justice to the song.

  95. darkarchangel186

    i have absolutly fallen in love with mc lar's music. Its fun yet very hardcore at the same time.

  96. Senne D.

    Battlefield earth sucked bigtime

  97. Dan Herrera

    $cientology = BIG EVIL CULT!!