MC Lars - Nerdcore Died Lyrics

Yeah I said it, nerdcore died
Blogged it online and they all asked why
Now I'm the bad guy cause all I did was try
To start a dialogue on just what went awry
Stop whining! You've got to learn the basics
Your album was a train wreck, I know it's hard to face it
Basically, you debased the scene
Chased a little dream and you called me mean
when all I did was call the genre's time of death
Gave props to some rappers that I thought were the best
but you didn't make the list - you felt dissed!
Wrote some simple rhymes that you said I dismissed
TO 8-bit beat iambic stagnation
All about your Xbox and your PlayStation... feeling it, I'm not
Your CD wasn't hot, I guess you had your shot

I know a lot of rappers or people who claim
to be deep in the game but they secretly lame
And when I hear they records I start laughin' it up
And I wanna tell 'em, "Please stop rappin - you suck!"
But I don't - cause who am I to crush a dream?
Because I love hip-hop, I got love for the scene
But the fact is that many artists rarely try they hardest
So they don't spend the dough to make productions clean
I rapped on beats that were game-related
To my surprise, half of the game related
The other half all became angry haters
who were mad at Mega Ran cause they ain't create it
We all had an NES and hummed all the tunes
But good music ain't usually done in your room
So do your thing dawgs, but don't get sore
cause I don't hang around your forum much any more
Cause I don't have time for a message board beef
I'd rather play games or listen to the beats
Or make good music that folks wanna listen to
Don't get it mixed up, Random ain't dissin you
Not that I'm too big to hang out and get wit'chu
Represent yourself in a manner that's offic-ial
Think of who you listen to, imitate, then innovate
Come original, then I get at you

Is nerdcore dope? Is nerdcore whack?
Is nerdcore fiction? Is nerdcore fact? (You tell me)
Is nerdcore amateur? Is nerdcore pro?
Should nerdcore stay or should nerdcore go? (You tell me)
Is nerdcore real? Is nerdcore fake?
Is nerdcore love or does nerdcore hate? (Tell me)
Does nerdcore matter? Is nerdcore improvin?
Is nerdcore winnin? Is nerdcore losin? (You tell me)

I got love for the kids with the laptops
Up in the lab making crunk-core rap rock
Writing the rhymes 'cause they're straight flowin' non-stop
Putting inames to the styles in a headlock
I got love for the kids with their labels
Making those beats with two Technic turntables
Flippin the script like a dope Aesop fable
Killin the tracks just like Cain he slayed Abel
Look - all I want to see is amazing art
Invest your heart and play your part
Perfect your craft and straight do you
If you don't do you then who's going to?
Just push it, push it, make it awesome
Build those concepts get it poppin
There's no stoppin' you when your voice
makes the world go "What?" like your name was James Joyce

I made the same choice, back when I was young
Tried to make beats on my PS1
Made a pact to keep it true and BS none
Wrote raps on the stoop, look how far we've come
Success is a journey, not a destination
So thank God I was blessed with patience
I never been down with this type cash nonsense
If I'm conscience, what are your unconscious?
I showed you how to plot a career
How to astonish your peers and then brought in some gears
So take that backpack nerd rap label off Random
and slap it on a bottle of beer, you hear?
It's impossible to categorize me
Can't say that anything that's happened surprise me
They still ain't figurin' it out, sittin' in the house
Clickin' on they mouse, just bickering about nerdcore


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MC Lars Nerdcore Died Comments
  1. Teresa Ellis

    >Correction:< Apparently Nerdcore isn't just nerdy/clever songs, but specifically in the style of hip-hop.  I just showed my ignorance.  As I say below, I only heard about it yesterday, night, late, and this was my first chance to research what it actually is.  I was shown a couple of videos, but the makerspace was so noisy, that I could only sort of hear the music and mostly went off the very funny videos. >Correction complete< 
    Cool song and good point on people need to put lots of time and lots of effort to make good music no matter the genre.  In my opinion, Weird Al wrote Nerdcore songs long before someone came up with the name: smart fun music.  I hadn't even heard of Nerdcore until yesterday, but I have always enjoyed clever, well done music.  The geeky/sciency stuff is my favorite.

  2. Phished123

    You really missed the point didnt you? Its not about if nerdcore 'died' or not (protip: it died in 2009) its about people putting more stake in the label of the music over the music itself.

  3. Blindy 4Jesus

    Nerdcore did not die!

    Zed Smith

    No, it was reborn: With this song right here.