MC Lars - Hey There Ophelia Lyrics

The name's Hamlet and I've got a tale
About madness, lust and a female
Dad's a ghost and he roams the floors
Lurks at night in Elsinore
Got a pale face just like Kiss paint, normal you know this ain't
Something is rotten up in Denmark, a sick mistake
My Uncle Claudius, his alibi is fishy
Suspicions of murder because he's acting hella shifty
Frailty - thy name is woman because my mom's on his D
A-N-I-S-H throne my Dad's ghost tells me
"Swear (swear, swear), to revenge my regicide,
Claudius iced me one night, under my crown he tries to hide
So Hamlet here's your mission: use your antic disposition
Make them think you're crazy, bring justice fuse the fission"
Meanwhile my girl Ophelia is goth as hell
Keeps a razor by her wrist, rocks out to Soft Cell
This girl has got more issues than Amy Winehouse
I'm like get thee to a nunnery, I'm not trying to find a spouse... and she says:

"Screw that forget about that I don't want to think about anything like that
Screw that forget about that I don't want to know about anything like that"

I've got nothing to do
but hang around and get screwed up on you (forget it though)
I've got nothing to do
but hang around and get screwed up on you (just let it go)

I'm an emo prince, non-committal as could be
You'd be non-committal too if you were flawed like me
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are on my back and I've had it
I've got these players down from Norway let them practice in the attic
I'll have them reenact the murder, watch my uncle's expression
The play's the thing to catch the king and teach him a lesson
My uncle freaks out at the play I know he did it just like OJ
Can't 187 while he prays because Hamlet won't play that way (nope!)
Confront my mom throw her down on the bed
Because this Oedipus complex has got me stressed in the head
Then I killed my girlfriend's dad, he was spying now he's dead
I screamed at my mom while the blood made the carpet turn red
See kings lose crowns but princes stay intelligent
R. Kelly has girl problems? this is drama, that's irrelevant
Ophelia bursts in throwing columbines and daises
Singing songs about virginity gone - she's honest but she's crazy

And she says

"Screw that forget about that I don't want to think about anything like that
Screw that forget about that I don't want to know about anything like that"

I've got nothing to do
but hang around and get screwed up on you (you've got to see)
I've got nothing to do
but hang around and get screwed up on you (not you it's me)

We've got clowns in the graveyard and I'm talking to skulls
We've got murder and incest, who said Shakespeare was dull?
My girlfriend took her life, and I'm like "Goodness gracious"
Her brother wants to duel - Laertes is too pugnacious
My uncle dipped the tip of the saber in poison (duel time)
Then he poisoned the cup that mom started enjoyin' (tool time)
I got stabbed with the poison sword, then I stabbed my girlfriend's brother
and then I stabbed my uncle and we've all killed each other
To be or not to be? Well I guess that solves that one
And I would have stayed in Wittgenberg if I'd known that this would happen
If you're ever up in Denmark on a moonlit night
You'll hear Ophelia's sad song when the full moon's bright
Baby I'm sorry I messed up, good night my sweet princess
May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest

and they sing

I've got nothing to do
but hang around and get screwed up on you (forget it though)
I've got nothing to do
but hang around and get screwed up on you (just let it go)

I've got nothing to do
but hang around and get screwed up on you (you've got to see)
I've got nothing to do
but hang around and get screwed up on you (not you it's me)

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MC Lars Hey There Ophelia Comments
  1. decap attack fan 1 est 2004/2007

    Is this fanmade or a fanwork why are you not famous and your song internet relationship user videos have no comments just a little comments

  2. first name last name

    R Kelly has girl problems....

    Lolololololol in 2019

  3. Lerad

    The line of "Get thee to a nunnery bitch cause I ain't looking for a spouse" was stuck in my head after not hearing this song in easily 6 years and I'm so glad I could find it again.

  4. Garage Palace

    Easily MC Lars best song on his best album

  5. Camyrn Puckett

    This is gayyy 🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. Jonathan Gustafson

    Oh my God, my bi-polar ass wants to see this guy and m.c. chris do a show with atmosphere and doomtree so I get can get super happy and super serious all within the space of a few hours, and have the BEST TIME EVER doing so!

  7. Amelia Bichsel

    edgy as hell

  8. PurpleBangFlint

    I heard this song years ago. I have this weird thing where I wake up with a song stuck in my head. This has been stuck in my head for a 8 days now. Listening on repeat till another song takes over.

  9. Red Siegfried

    Shout out to Brett from The Donnas.  BTW, ho, I am slain.

    MC Lars


  10. Red Siegfried

    Ho! I am slain!

  11. saintjon13666

    mc Lars is kool.

  12. Joshua Garison

    black beatle!

  13. Rad_brad 24

    "Screw that, forget about that, I don't wanna think about anything like that" -MC Lars


    Rad_brad 24 Actually that line is from the Therapy? song, Screamager.

    David Streader

    MC Lars sampled the song, kept the chorus lyrics/melody and simply replaced the verses with his "rap". It's an alt-rock song from 1993.

  14. Rad_brad 24

    "May flights of angels sing thee to (something)" -mc Lars

  15. Laffy Sapphy

    This song makes me feel special because my name is Ophelia >.<

  16. Red Siegfried

    ho I am slain

  17. Red Siegfried

    wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them

  18. Michelle Koz

    Totally caught that emo kid song reference/remix. Hahaha, love it dude

  19. Sam K.

    The first time I heard this, it took me until about half way through to realize this was Hamlet... I'm felt so dumb...

    Anarchy Adam

    @Samamu Kitz Yeah I recognized the name Ophelia but couldn't remember where from.

  20. Valkyrie Speaker

    This is perfect

  21. John Walker

    Just in case it hasn't been mentioned yet, a lot of the backing samples and the chorus lyrics are from a song called Screamager from a northern Ireland act called Therapy?. I prefer MC Lars' song, but the Therapy? song is pretty good too.

  22. Jacob L

    who's the female vocals?

    Ian Vel

    I think Brett Anderson?


    Brett Anderson - The Donnas

  23. Matt Schmissrauter

    shout out to Michael Jones and

    Punkduck Superface

    just came here from watching that re run on their website... this is actually really good.

  24. Pascal

    Michael "rage quit" Jones sent me here!!!!!!

  25. M C

    Your Mom's a transitive property!

    (I kid)

  26. Aiko Oller

    i just saw him :D he's so awesome live!

  27. Wilhelm McCluskey

    You mean, "TRANSITIVE property"

  28. Michael Streeter

    Juliet is thirteen in R&J. Nowhere in Hamlet do we find out Ophelia's age. We do know Hamlet's, he's thirty.

  29. Gabriel Cohen-Higbee

    I feel like I should not encourage this immaturity but I actually got a 97 on a quiz about Hamlet without reading it because of this song.

  30. Joshua Freedomfists

    i still listen to Lars on the reg!

  31. Asmor

    That's the transitive property of equality. The associate property means you can group things however you want, e.g. the associative property of addition tells us (a+b)+c = a+(b+c)

  32. Rhettorical

    You're the one who argued with a 9-month-old comment. It was a silly joke that you obviously didn't get. I've read Hamlet, and I've seen it performed many times. It's one of my favorite plays. I made a joke, because I thought that Drew did a fantastic job of retelling Shakespeare's masterpiece in lyrical form. Your comment, however, was idiotic and unnecessary, and I find that the best way to argue with idiocy is idiocy. That way, we at least get a laugh out of it. Well, at least I did.

  33. Justiceisahero

    Ah but you did indeed say you did not have to read it thanks to this song, which is stupid. Also, copying and pasting what I say (plus adding a little flair) does not work, seeing as how I never insinuated that you said the play sucked. You did insinuate that I said the song sucked, which I did not.

  34. Rhettorical

    You obviously border on illiteracy, at no point did I say the play sucked.

  35. Justiceisahero

    You obviously border on illiteracy, because at no point did I say the song sucked.

  36. Rhettorical

    You're stupid, it's a great song.

  37. Justiceisahero

    That's stupid, it's a great play.

  38. kentucky nightmare

    i might be wrong, but i think that is the transitive property

  39. Daniel Tittyfish

    dude, hold on just one second.....ima drop science on you right now; This song is awesomer than titties and awesomeness put together.

    Awesomer.....yeah i said it bitch, it's a word cuz i SAID SO!

  40. Aubryanna Fredrickson

    *Transitive >.> But yus, very awesome

  41. Brandon Olivier

    That's the transitive property, not associative.

  42. Rhettorical

    And now I don't need to read Hamlet.

  43. GJDTV

    @TheCuljat1994 That's actually the transitive property...

  44. Alton VanQuaethem

    @TheBurrowingHippo Actually, you should just freestyle this entire song as the assignment.

  45. whatupmaaan

    therapy? - screamager

    this song sucks balls compared to the original

  46. TheBurrowingHippo

    @kayteamaz Ugh. You and your LOGIC.

  47. TheBurrowingHippo

    If a teacher ever asks me to read Hamlet, I''l say this:
    "Screw that, forget about that! I don't wanna think about anything like that!"

  48. spazzyprincess

    @mcfadm this song came out years before Amy Winehouse died.

  49. MrCreston16

    @mcfadm no Ophelia still has more, and its never too soon.

  50. Mike Hunt

    It's Screamager ! By Therapy? !

    Look it up people !

  51. lamuella

    Good song. If you get a chance, look up Screamager by Therapy, where the backing music & chorus comes from.

  52. M94666

    I believe this will be my next school presentation at my performing arts school....hehehe

  53. Billy Poore

    This song made me want to read hamlet..... im not going to but i at least kinda want to now.

  54. Crymson Nite

    @TheGeekyBlonde Yeah but death age was waaay younger then and so was marriage

  55. Crymson Nite

    omg, I love this shit, great play and this song IS the play, MC Lars rocks

  56. Crymson Nite

    @sjwWalker wow

  57. Rebecca .Dobias

    @mcfadm Then Macbeth responds "Some Conquerors have all the luck!" LOL.

  58. Brandon Freed


  59. TheGeekyBlonde

    @sjwWalker Um, Hamlet. The one that the whole bloody song is about?

  60. Steven Walker

    @TheGeekyBlonde wat play ?

  61. TheGeekyBlonde

    The play gets that much creepier when you realize that Ophelia is actually 13.

  62. Tumbler Black

    @u2bbastard essentially the same concept my good man, only some variables are switched about, but high-five!

  63. thisisaname182

    lol im writing a rant about shakespeare right now and this song helped me out actually funny how things happen like that

  64. Steven Walker

    who is th girl in th song

  65. Tumbler Black

    @Jwpro99 Are you stupid? His logic is very easy to understand, i can show it in this simple equation.
    Tits = Awesome
    This song = Tits
    Therefore, by the associative property, This song = Awesome

  66. Jwpro99

    @timmetyme this game is not the tits. This song is the best form of rap there is. not tits. WTF are you thinking?

  67. Jwpro99

    three people (dislikes) all killed each other!

  68. TheSamba37

    @TrexVidz What exactly makes you think this song is about your home city?

  69. Flamefang

    @angelgirl1992 You won't believe it but my English teacher actually showed me this song for the same reason you state...

  70. Elliot Leaver

    This song has been playing the whole time I've been writing an essay on Hamlet!

  71. morningchaps

    @teacherofcrazy Jesus, yes! I always thought that there was a great Mafia movie waiting to be adapted from that play. Trust betrayed, bloody, red-handed torture, everyone dies...great stuff. Lots of stuff for the kids to learn from & avoid, the little f*ckers.

  72. jack swallows

    I love Hamlet. and this song is amazingg!

  73. morningchaps

    Ah Shakespeare, love is always compromised & fuck ups are never forgiven. Ophelia was the only one to get out of Elsinore with her dignity intact. It's probably lucky that teenagers pay no attention to this stuff in school - between this, Romeo & Juliet, Troilus & Cressida and virtually everything else he put pen to paper about, the kids would be booking out early instead of suffering & screwing up like the rest of us! Jesus, suddenly I need a drink...

  74. SuperGoki

    Soft Cell reference too!

  75. folklorette


  76. Sarri Ahn

    This song is so freaking addictive ;D

  77. dearest27helpless

    Awesome, but it could never compare with Kenneth Branagh's movie. xD

  78. whateversinmyhead

    listening to this all the time it's niiiiiiice

  79. Sronpop

    Killer beat

  80. Hannah Super

    Catchy as all hell, love it.

  81. AjoseRow

    ha MC lars is one of those cool nerds. finished hamlet coursework. yes!

  82. Chris


  83. JP Lopez

    i love it. well done

  84. Sanah Virani


  85. plzletmelive1

    damn like best song ever!:)

  86. jack swallows

    =] I love this haha.

  87. PalaDan

    its cause its about one of the best plays EVA!

  88. grandpri1

    i think im like 100 of those veiws,i cant stop listening to this song xD