MC Lars - Annabel Lee R.I.P. (2012) Lyrics

We got EAP in the house tonight,
Edgar Allan Poe, America's most romantic love poet.
We're taking this back, way back, 1849 style. Hip-Hop? Nah, this is Lit-Hop!

It was many and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the name of Annabel Lea
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me.
But the angels got jealous and they took my queen
Now she's gone and I can barely sleep (but her)
Mortality, makes her hot, up in the malt shop, our favorite spot
I got so lost in her bright green eyes,
So tell me why the love of my life had to die?
So who's that (who's that) rappin', at my door?
Annabel Lee, RIP like Lenore
Nevermore should have known death would take her out
Red lips, sick kiss and I'm lonely now
It was tuberculosis, necrosis, I can't focus and I hope this
Pain goes away cause all I see is her photo on the wall,
Smell her perfume on the sheets,
We were so in love, even when she's gone
I'll be up in the graveyard singing her songs
Like cemetery woman, my cemetery girl
Cemetery lady, I want you in my world.

Annabel Lee R.I.P.

I was a child and she was a child,
In this kingdom by the sea;
But we loved with a love that was more than love see
I and my Annabel Lee;
With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven coveted her and me.
She was gone by dawn should have known all along
That we were never meant to be
Sadly, I gave her my heart, she gave me her flower
Like Romeo and Juliet humping in the tower
Every single day every single hour
Rumpy in the bedroom, pumpy in the shower
So now I pack a shovel and I dig real deep
Take a crescent wrench, rip out all her teeth
Put 'em in a box, so she'll always be
Here with me, let's see probably need some therapy
The highborn kinsman stole her from me
Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee
That's death, I guess, there's nothing I can do
Like Ronnie and Sammie our relationship is through
Now every single night, I lie down by the side
Of my darling, my darling, my life and my bride,
My wife and my pride now all I have left
Is poetry, memories, sorrow and stress.


For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
And neither the angels in heaven above,
Nor the demons down under the sea,
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee.
But our love it was stronger by far than the love
Of those who were older than we-
They said we were kids but I love what is
We were happy and young and so free
And so every night, I lie down by the side
Of my darling, my darling, my life and my bride,
That's where she will always be
In her tomb by the sounding sea.

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MC Lars Annabel Lee R.I.P. (2012) Comments
  1. first name last name

    Manly tears

  2. i suck at life

    the melody under the chorus sounds suspiciously similar to "slices of you" by electric six

  3. TheBrazilRules

    I don't like this version at all. It breaks the flow completely.

    MC Lars

    TheBrazilRules This was actually the original.

  4. Get what you want

    OMG !!! I was looking for this song I'm glad I found it again 😍😍 it reminds me of a lot of memories ❤️❤️

    MC Lars

    Much love!!

    Get what you want

    MC Lars ❤️❤️

  5. Kayla Bruning


    MC Lars

    Thank you!!

  6. Monica Mclaughlin

    i'm here for this

  7. Jamie Mayhew

    Here in 2018, still loving MC Lars' music. Ps. Laptop EP should really be on iTunes dude!

    MC Lars

    Thanks! Is it not?

    Jamie Mayhew

    My bad, It's downloading. I just remember wanting Stat-60 on my iPhone and not being able to find it when I mass downloaded your back catalogue. :) Thanks for the reply Lars, whipping my butt into shape. :/

  8. kgonepostl

    Nice ICP reference. " Cemetery lady, my cemetery girl, cemetery baby, I want you in my world."

  9. nobodybirthday

    this is one of the reasons why I absolutely love Mc lars

    MC Lars

    Thank you. :)

  10. Meota ko

    :33 < that face scared me!

  11. Stop Asking For My Name Google.

    What a fucking work.

  12. Lara Miller

    Tegan and Sara just got so much cooler. And I love t+s.

  13. Euphasaur

    I love this song! :-D

  14. The Majestic Beto

    I've been on YouTube too long cuz I somehow went from attack on titan vines to reaction videos to this I'm like wtf

  15. NimphaioN

    Annabel Lee - Live

  16. 69eyes2191

    Where can i find this version? on Itunes and Amazon they only seem to have the other version.

    MC Lars

    +69eyes2191 Hey there! You can find the full version here, it has a Tegan and Sara sample, so we couldn't put it on iTunes.


    +MC Lars awesome, thanks man. Keep making great music.

    MC Lars

    Thank you!!

  17. Rynnie

    I love someone who can make a whole Edgar Allen Poe album

  18. Ang La Bux

    Who wrote this beat?  It's amazing.

    MC Lars

    +Ang La Bux K.Flay!

  19. reonix

    this should have way more views

  20. Tiberius Wolf

    I love this song soooo much, definitely one of my favourite

  21. cotss2012

    Only Lars could receive praise for making a song about necrophilia. Anyone else would be legally required to inform their neighbors that they've been put on a registry list.

    Alan Bean

    @cotss2012 That is Edgar Allen Poe for you....

    Gregory Myres

    +cotss2012 A7X did A little piece of heaven


    icp did "cemetary lady" which lars actually quotes in this song

  22. Ponyboy Gat

    That ICP reference tho

    Mike TheBranchBoy

    @Ponyboy Gat WHOOP WHOOP :)

    Adam Wilson

    I've never heard it what does he say?

  23. Kenzie Pendley

    Why didn't he make a music video for his other Edgar Allan Poe songs?

    MC Lars

    On it!!

  24. TheLastHylianTitan

    this doesn't have enough likes.

  25. Kpsivad

    Who is the girl singing?


    its Tegan and Sara, i believe.

  26. Pharozos

    Dam Lars and Poe. That was deep.

  27. Psychosassic

    I love this song but it's apparently rendered me incapable of reading this poem without thinking about it :p Not that that's a bad thing

  28. YBH

    Mc lars + Poe + Tegan and Sara = perfection

  29. marickam

    So nice song!

  30. RedBullSlurpie

    Even though i'm listening to this song, while doing other things, I still put it in 720p, this song deserves it!!

  31. Jakob Cullins

    Absolutely brilliant

  32. Nicholas Grooms

    This song is straight up brilllant...the hook is so catchy.

  33. Bradley Geertz

    Yeah and if you pause @1:00 you will see his accreditation to them. :P

  34. Maria Clayton

    It is a Canadian sister duo, Tegan and Sara.<3 They're flawless.

  35. Bob Ross

    the beat/music to this song was taken from a song called "Walking with a Ghost" by Tegan and Sara. Sara is the female vocalist. look it up, the original song is great. and Lars made it 10 times better :)

  36. Liam Gillies

    anyone know who is doing the female vocal?

    MC Lars

    Tegan & Sara!

  37. Nate Michanowicz

    Started listening to Lars 4 days ago. I have listened to over 40 hours of his music by now :D I think I might have a problem

  38. Kit

    LOVE it!!!

  39. notthatbrad

    You do what so few can easily do, you present classic lit anew.
    bah, I am done rhyming. Thank you Lars for making this stuff accessible to so many more people.

  40. lostinblondeland

    Lars you should go to Universal Studios in Florida this year they have a Edgar Allen Poe scare house :)

  41. kgonepostl

    Still awesome though.

  42. kgonepostl

    MC lars needs to work on his flow.

  43. luke1webwalker

    Wonderful Song and awesome video.

    it should be famous all over the worlds and number 1 in the charts

  44. rndbff123

    Andrew, i love you. <3 :)

  45. Moritz Frank

    made me read the original poem again...

  46. N/a

    @AlcestemoliereS the chorus is sampled from another song, i believe he mentioned it was tegan and sara, but i might be wrong

  47. AlcestemoliereS

    Who is the high pitched voice and the whos that echo? vocal effects or someone featured?

    MC Lars

    Tegan & Sara sample.

  48. ethyricalgirl

    awesome art (who did it?)
    always love this song....

    now get on that Lord of the Fries vid!!! ;-P

  49. Aaron Barca

    Love the song and the video fits it perfectly. Nice job.

  50. Ninja Tyler Black

    The first time I heard this I thought my phone was fucking up and play the raven and walking with a ghost at the same time

  51. buggleboo

    One of my favourite songs :D

  52. Fr0st13

    Glad you made a video for this song =D

  53. Rizz3n

    Awesome video, awesome song. Nuff said! :D

  54. jwb4291

    good stuff right here