MC Chris - Nrrrd Grrrl Lyrics

Nerd girl, I don't deserve you
I don't get the references you refer to
I love your Lipsmackers and your lack of perfume
I hope to get you home by curfew

There's a special kind of girl that goes to my shows
And I don't mean the groupie hos
All along the front row
She's more like a wallflower
Like the one that Stryker sniped
I'm like elixir when I'm with her
'Cause I think I like her type

She might seem shy in person, it's no lie
She's always nervous
But the verdict is she's worth it
She gets crap but don't deserve it
She look like Emily Strange
Always ravin' 'bout her favs
Wanna conquer her like Kang
When you kiss like Cassie Lang

There's no way I can pronounce Neo Geo Evangelion
I can't refute 'cause she's so cute
And so I suck my belly in
X-23 and Hellion, odd couple, to be kind
She's in my heart and in my mind
And now she's in my rhymes

She's wordy and verbose
Prolific and prone to prose
Always sick and has a cold
Stuffed nose she's got to blow
I've got many cold remedies, many old enemies
I've got a girl that kick their ass like River from Serenity

Nerd girl, I don't deserve you
I don't get the references you refer to
I love your Lipsmackers and your lack of perfume
I hope to get you home by curfew

Her parents are divorced
And there's often daddy issues
Try not to take advantage
While I hand her all my tissues
She hips me to the bands she likes
I couldn't be more clueless
Every word comes out her mouth
Is now on my to-do list

She's romantic, known to panic
With anxiety attacks
Literary, it's so scary
Reading Brontes back to back
She's playing Ragnarok on her mother's Magnavox
She's underneath my skin like a million nanobots

She's like Annie Potts in 'Busters
Get my freak on like I'm Egon
Say third base right to her face
And she will be like, be gone
If not now know I can wait like Lucas and the locusts
And you know this we'll by glow sticks
Stay up late, perfect the slow kiss

You can't resist Chris 'cause he helps you de-stress
While you play Animal Crossing on your Nintendo DS
Baby, if we can't be a couple
Give up on getting married
I'll remember we connected
And how it happens so rarely
(I'm serious, girl!)

Nerd girl, I don't deserve you
I don't get the references you refer to
I love your Lipsmackers and your lack of perfume
I hope to get you home by curfew

Nerd girl, I don't deserve you
I don't get the references you refer to
I love your Lipsmackers and your lack of perfume
I hope to get you home by curfew

Nerd girl, I don't deserve you
I don't get the references you refer to
I love your Lipsmackers and your lack of perfume
I hope to get you home by curfew

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MC Chris Nrrrd Grrrl Comments
  1. eddie


  2. Dark Swim

    This song is the fucking shit!!!

  3. UniteAllTribes


  4. Edward Z

    ugh i love him

  5. MandyMouse

    2019 🤔

  6. Drawyoursword420

    2:14 bad camera flash or mc chris reeeeaaaalllyyyy loves weed lol


    He not only loves weed but he set up a GoFundMe page a few years ago just for his personal debt and legend has it he still uses GoFundMe to scam people into paying for his drugs as he is smoking weed in every one of his blog posts. My fucking hero man.📣🤯


    @UniteAllTribes love it

  7. Lorenza Minuti

    X-23 :)

  8. J O

    i like camping camping is fun ! nerd girl :)

  9. Thin Soldier

    I've never heard this version. Only one with a totally different instrumental.

  10. foofung

    X-23 and Hellion reference? :)

  11. Number 41

    This is really cute

  12. Stars And Beyond

    I love you!

  13. Jason Jackman

    I thought the song Donald Trump by Mac Miller was good I love this song nerd girl my friend Jackson show me it's pretty awesome

    Riley S

    Jason Jackman Jackson must be a cool guy huh?

  14. Omar Castañeda

    1:50 - 2:09 = One of the dopest instrumentals ever!

    Edward Goode

    Sounds like a moog

  15. Tom Cat

    This had "with lyrics" where's the lyrics!!11!!

    Alli Hutchison

    You have to extend the info below the video

    Tom Cat

    Lol..i know just trollin

  16. lee w.

    I saw him in concert last night :33

  17. Bells Telivison

    this as no lyrics in it liar!

  18. amy allghoulsmustdie

    she ate crap i dont deserve her .. ..? mc? explaination!?

    amy allghoulsmustdie

    nevermind, and forget it. you arnt even that guy. . . welcome to ghoul world with our oblivious volatile clones. talk about conspiracy theories...


    @amy allghoulsmustdie


    @amy allghoulsmustdie the legend of birdasaurus rex continues....

  19. FanGirl Harley

    this song is awesome i love emily the strange lipsmackers and no one ever gets my references and SERENITY omg my new fav hip hop song

    Good Enough at Drums

    Try harder

  20. OGWonkavisionHD

    I love your mom at night mostly doggy (=

  21. A LikeMindedIdiot

    I love your mom too.

  22. OGWonkavisionHD

    Please dont call me any of your mothers pet names.

  23. Molly Akins

    does anyone else ever get sick of explaining that mc chris is male?

    D Armstrong

    I just traveled here from the future.  I watched an episode of Sealab 2021 and they played the Boba Fett song and it blew my mind.  So here I am listening to this garbage trying to find out if it was a couple o White girls commenting on your post from 5 years ago.  Buckle up because 5 years from now, it will be in poor taste to misGENDER a person in 2019.  I know it sounds ALOT like the "Terminator" movie but im just saying

    gabe craft

    Yes. The correct answer is yes.

  24. bitty-bee

    The description, under the "show more"

  25. Jamie King

    Lyrics? Where

  26. Not Mary Beth

    Neo Geo Evangelion omg

  27. Vikky

    You're :3

  28. DudetChic

    I'm not an idiot. The song references only Serenity, not Firefly. It doesn't matter what Serenity is based on, he does not refer to Firefly. Unless of course he means the ship in which case, I am wrong about it being a Firefly reference, however I feel that River isn't actually from Serenity, in that she wasn't born there.

  29. Atemis Vale

    Your an idiot. Serenity is based off firefly.

  30. Dan ion

    Deja-vu anyone ? :O

  31. George Rogers

    All this song needs is Surge.

  32. VanillaMilkShark

    hahaha that /Emo shirt is fuckin awesome.

  33. Anomal

    mc chris is a man. PS what do you got against lesbians , their my favorite kind of people.

  34. Stay Strong

    not lyrics lol

  35. DudetChic

    This is actually a reference to Serenity, not Firefly :).

  36. Lucas W

    nintendo DS :D

  37. savetheblondesXD

    not really, both of us are girls.... now that i think of it that just makes it awkward now....

  38. GiVeNuP96


  39. savetheblondesXD

    This is my best friend and i's song.... lol.

  40. Chris Bommer


  41. Chris Bommer


  42. Josh Walsh

    he has a strangley squeaky voice but hes a dude

  43. StraingerThingz

    hoodie ninja sounds like a girl huh!!

  44. Schmockerich

    MC Chris is a guy

  45. OGWonkavisionHD

    Fuckin lesbian rap!

  46. Kristi Moscoloni

    Lol! Love it.

  47. Karen G.

    Livelavalive? Really? Ugh.

  48. Kate b

    This is like my life story in one song

  49. Suph373

    love the irony of this song, with all of its 'nrrrd'y references

  50. darkknlovelie

    heh, don't hate ^^

  51. darkknlovelie

    i've been seeing this guy, he told me that this song makes him think of me, i'd never heard of it before but now i'm so happy ^^

  52. Michael Chavous

    the refrence to the movie serenity was legit !

  53. Sajida H.


  54. Deej

    any song that references X-Men gets my vote <3

  55. MyaWho

    Party music III is gone :'(

  56. Dalton Mollett

    HELL YA !!!

  57. TheKillaComa

    @nicolettekumkowski NO FUK U i came here for CHRIS!

  58. Madelyn Fischer

    this song completes me

  59. Gwen Chapman

    I love this song!! It's cute... :) I have never heard it before until tonight. I am addicted to it and I love it. :)

  60. erica staffa

    mc chris is tha shit bitchies

  61. Lilian B.



  62. Nevershout Nellie

    I Flipping Lovee Mitchell Davis Lol iWas Clapping While Listening ;D

  63. Nevershout Nellie

    Livelavalive Brought Me Here! ;D lol

  64. Christina Marcella

    LiveLavaLive brought me here

  65. stopbeatingoff

    @CORNDOGSandBTR I thought it was a girl

  66. KillMeForLove

    Thanks for that.

  67. Erin Clements

    @KillMeForLove Mitchell*

  68. BlackNails320

    WORD UP!

  69. izumi nishimura

    He doesnt look like how he sounds o.o xD

  70. KillMeForLove

    Thanks Kyle and Michelle! <3

  71. memoriesinmelodies

    I'm clapping to this song like LLL lol

  72. Maddi Amber

    like this if you just finished watching the party music III and now youre here.

  73. Rachael Cordeiro

    Love this song. Thanks LiveLavaLive <3

  74. Stephen Shuman


    2 steps ahead of you :3

  75. WatsDaWurd

    @MrPLOXPLOXPLOX don't even start bro. just enjoy the freakin music.

  76. Surya YouTube

    I love this song. It makes me happy.

  77. Ares Aries

    @MissLFlechsig you misunderstand. he's saying if it didn't work out he'd never forget it anyway.

  78. Stephen Shuman

    thumbs if you have known about this song before livelavalive sent everybody here

  79. Cosima Treichel

    @LoveShiaGDSN Yes, me too! :)

  80. Ty Monae


  81. LoveShiaGDSN

    I also can't stop listening to this.

  82. LoveShiaGDSN

    I can kill you with my brain.

  83. Rainbowclauses

    And I see it again and again. And I find ever that this song is really super cool!

  84. johnny Pantohaha

    i want to see him sing thiis soo bad

  85. MechanicalBride13

    Seeing mc on Friday! wooo!

  86. Anomal

    @islaykiwis its a guy singing this thats why it says MC Chris on the top

  87. Mallika Madhok

    I can't help but wonder....why is a girl singing this?

  88. thegiantsquidofanger

    My boyfriend sent me here.


  89. Lexi Lives

    sounds like a girl..but i love it

  90. Anomal

    @Snelfie1 yes

  91. Anomal

    @bssbdandk2011 who

  92. heyyougirl87

    @LookMax50 There's a good reason for that. MC Chris is the voice of MC Pee Pants.

  93. RCH17560

    i knew about this song before livelavelive but im glad he had it in the video :D
    now theres even more people that likes this song :D

  94. Henry Kaufman

    is it just me or does this sound like 'MC P Pants ' off of aqua team hunger force?