MC Chris - Metaphor (Skit) Lyrics

MMM! Now that was a lunch. I still like hotdogs, I still like, discussing it with other people and just saying--
Mr. Chandler? Mr. Ward is here to see you?
Oh He is?
..and he looks...dead?
Alrite send him in.
[MC Chris:]
Rar! I'm a zombie! Back from the grave!
Heey! Rar, you're a zombie, look at you, you're a zombie, of course you are, of course you are.
[MC Chris:]
Back from the grave!
Back form the grave, there he is.
[MC Chris:]
Rar! There you go! Look at you!
[MC Chris:]
I'm a zombie!
I'm really proud of you. Why am i proud of you? Because I'm NOT proud of you.
I heard the album you cut in the endless void of pergatory. (right?)
It stinks! (mwh?) Don't ask me how I heard it. (how'd you hear it?)
I heard it on the internet. Will you listen to me for once and sit down?
[MC Chris:] No! I'm a zombie! I'm here to seek vengence! Blar! [vomit sound] Zombie vomit all over you!
[Chandler:] Oh look what you did!
[MC Chris:] Threw up all over you shirt
[Chandler:] black vomit all and black vomit all over me, it's got chunks in it--
[MC Chris:] It burns too don't it?
[Chandler:] Obviously...eeeh, it's ok actually..
[MC Chris:]

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MC Chris Metaphor (Skit) Comments
  1. Ian Jones

    "Sounds like an afternoon." "Well, it's evening."

  2. Adam

    how bout stickin some eyes in some puss?

  3. Helltech

    Im surprised someone hasn't animated this.

  4. Yggdrasill4

    Meant to quote:
    "Oops, never mind! I am a zombie now!"

  5. Yggdrasill4

    "OOPS I am a zombie now!"
    Which later he dispels, without any change in speech pattern, long coherent thoughts about what he wants to do as a zombie rofl.

  6. Yggdrasill4

    Licking vaginal discharges...

  7. Ian Borsick

    RAWR!!!! love this one I spam it on l4d2 haha...."that sounds like an afternoon" lol little jiggle tits zombie running all around haha....I swear mc chris plays a lot of l4d2 he has 4 tracks that say all kinds of shit from that game haha!

  8. PK Requinoks

    Quick! How do I like it more than once?!

  9. Tiny Trainer

    Chikezie, is now Zombezie.... yeah..

  10. Brandon Donahue

    Who does the voice of his Manager?

    Marlowe Beckman

    I think it's the creator of aquateen that does the voice of barry from archer, but I could be wrong

    Jonny Maximum

    It sounds a lot like Dave Willis

  11. Lisa Marie

    "You gotta get in on the new game... Viral videos."

    Judging by the number of views on this vid, he was absolutely right. :D

  12. Kyle Cruzan

    Scum licking... what is THAT?

    C-shift Report

    If you gotta ask, you can't afford it.

  13. Scout Harp

    i love mc chris

  14. Zom Biezley


  15. DamageKITTY13

    Yeah that does sound kinda.... you know what though? BLARGHH!!!! Rain zombie vomit all over you!!!!

  16. Nick McCack

    Put him on a god damn segway already!!!

  17. Blindmoose


  18. Rhagven

    2 people just want to hear about ass jamming.

  19. BlackTrainXIII

    god i love this, it's just hilarious.

  20. Tor

    it burns but it's FUN.

  21. AaronnotAaron

    : - o--- "Blarh...Burns don't it!"

  22. sdmitch16

    I really wish I had known that music wouldn't start playing after a little while.

  23. Justin Millward

    you know what though, BLARGH

  24. James Dugan-Weeks

    pearl nekclaces.....word haha makes the ladies look purdy

  25. skudzer1985

    chasing a dog down the street DOES sound like an afternoon.

  26. James Dugan-Weeks

    rawr imma zombie

  27. Ozymandias

    sum jiggly tit zombies

  28. pacemasterful

    He should have some radio play

  29. NightManVsDayMan

    Chikezie is ZOMBIEZIE

  30. temrak

    About scum lickin and stickin eyes in sum puss

  31. aaron kingston

    @InnocentzRaptor um yea belive you are rite

  32. aaron kingston

    Rawr im a zombie.....blah zombie brain vomit all over burns huh

  33. vidmuncher

    @Wftdudewhoa it was all fun and games until someone got herpes on their face

  34. Jeremie Schudel

    How bout stickin' some eyes in some puss! HUH?!

  35. Ryan

    i fucking love this skit hahaha i love the "RAWR" is awesome hahaha "scum licking? whats that?"

  36. Marie Bullard


  37. tripletrash

    i get it. inside jokes are the best. I have inside jokes with myself, that only i get.

  38. Clif Last


  39. snakeeater1000

    they need to make a fucking video for this!!!!!!!

  40. JS500Y

    When he says whos that guy who plays me on the skits and then references adult swim who is that guy?

  41. Omar Rios

    IM A ZOMBIE!!! RAWR!!!

  42. Jose Jimenez

    MC Chris and Chakeezy; tourin' this summer!

  43. styles7887

    mc chris ftw!

  44. Superkaiju

    Can this man do any wrong? WHY ISNT HE FUCKING FAMOUS OUTSIDE THE WIERD BUNCH OF IDIOTS WHO LEARNED OF HIM FROM ATHF. Wish i knew of him before that.

  45. QuesoKing

    Excuse me.....that's a fun alert....a fun alert just went off in burns but it fun

  46. Brett Mann

    hahahaha jiggle tits zombies

  47. Kyris

    HAHAHA! this is why i love MC chris. fucking amazing

  48. D34dEY3

    It burns. It Burns and I love it.

  49. slimjimDoritos

    they wanna hear songs about ass jammin, lol hahahaha

  50. Jason Garcia zombies, we're fast. we can jump boy!!!

    hahaha so fucking great.

  51. Johnny002

    man i cant wait for teh 19th

  52. Fien

    I could only imagine Hesh saying this....Peed a bit

  53. Bobby Walker

    back from the grave rawr!!!!!!!!!! lol i love it.

  54. Adam

    Thank you!! i couldnt find this anywhere

  55. UncleGeedo

    LMFAO Brilliant! xD