MC Chris - MC Chris Is Dreaming Lyrics

When the stars are in the sky and the clouds are in my mind
I rapidly move my eyes see sights I cannot describe
Subconscious sucks at subtly utterly unsatisfied
Dream therapy apparently terribly terrified

Mc chris is dreaming let's see what the damage is
Head is bound in bandages bed has appendages
Hover over others now i'm boundless and buoyant
We're an annoyance to the air planes that attempt to avoid us
I'm a Morpheus Mario jumping just off screen
Climbing clouds towards a castle filled with fucked up dreams
When I arrive it's a dive and there's no scrilla to scrooge
Just a treasure trove of trauma and a really bad mood
My dark depths are far fetched yo my gray matter's gross
My cortex a vortex and I am lost in my lobes
My hippocampus is so cunning keeps on running on repeat
I wake up wanting a release from these watery sheets
Nights sweats you can bet sometimes i talk in my sleep
The Romantics are recording they like hoarding my deets
Sometimes I snore it's abhorrent i'm a quarrelsome beast
I even float above my covers someone summon a priest

When the stars are in the sky and the clouds are in my mind
I rapidly move my eyes see sights I cannot describe
Subconscious sucks at subtly utterly unsatisfied
Dream therapy apparently terribly terrified

Mc chris is dreaming i'm not paying attention
My head in the clouds i'm in other dimensions
My attention span is limited it's not condescension
In a conversation with me i'm looking distracted
Not my fault if my focus is fractured i'm captured
Has to be another fantasy of a rapper enraptured
Never in my planner to be a bad manner disaster
A bastard who cannot even remember his password
But can't forget the past that's a matter of fact that hurts
My brain is a sieve give me a break
It's leaking lovely weekends but it's keepin' mistakes
Can't listen, can't focus in class i'd often doodle
Getting C's on my test cuz my messed up little noodle
Making mazes so amazing even teachers were impressed
No one was concerned i couldn't learn or do my best

When the stars are in the sky and the clouds are in my mind
I rapidly move my eyes see sights I cannot describe
Subconscious sucks at subtly utterly unsatisfied
Dream therapy apparently terribly terrified [x2]

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MC Chris MC Chris Is Dreaming Comments
  1. thegovernment0usa

    Fuuuuck, recent classic. "mc chris Foreverrr[however number of Rs]" and "mc chris is Good Music" were both aight but this one IS FUCKING FANTASTIC!
    Thanks for uploading it, mc. A shame you can't beat an unstoppable zombie army of downloaders, but I, humblebrag, pay human dollars for your albums.
    Edit: To clarify, though, I didn't buy this one. You know what? I'm going to but it right now. I love you, mc. I'm not aging out. At thirty-two I love you as much as I did at nineteen. Keep doing good work.

  2. Will To Win

    Damn how have I not heard this?! STRAIGHT FIRE!

  3. N H

    Can we get all the skits in chronological order from their release??? I would pay for that.

  4. William Wallace

    You put the whole album up? Thank you. I'm broke as hell and I hate to steal from people who make quality content that enriches my life. It means a LOT to me that it's here, officially, for free. Yay!


    Bro, it's a YES go.

  5. Quinn Kelly

    is that Bevers from Broad City in the Netflix skit? lol well I hope so.

  6. trenchcoatbandit

    give it to me, freddy, lets have it

  7. E.I.

    Did MC fall off wtf bro

  8. Mc Chaotic Neutral & Rusty Shackleford & Company

    All the love in world for my man Chris! Effortlessly Killing it on this album like always! Bless

  9. Zaru

    This album is fucking hilarious, I love it.

  10. mitokechi a weeb

    Hellllllllllllllllllll yesssssszzzzzzsssszzzzzz

  11. Benjamin Matthews

    Sad story. mc chris makes albums I like but seems like a bigot in real life.
    Just got blocked on his fb for asking why he is alienating fans by being a depressed anti-Trumper.
    Guess he didn't like the depression comment, but he is.
    Shitting on the feelings of fans that voted a certain way is crap. And not lucrative.
    Won't be paying for another one of his albums, that's for sure.

    Devan Himmler

    U sound butt hurt.

    Benjamin Matthews

    Devan Himmler did not finger my ass dry, I just think he's narrow-minded.
    It's fine. I'm not the only one who thinks this.

    Mc Chaotic Neutral & Rusty Shackleford & Company

    Benjamin Matthews i voted Trump but i still love Chris regradless.

    Benjamin Matthews

    Devan Himmler how? By saying his politics suck?
    If I'm butt-hurt, then mc is ass-jammed at how he whines about Trump.
    Lifetime Democrat doof.

    Bal Partisan

    It's cuz he's jewish, lols.

  12. yo mama

    points...i love points.

  13. dables

    GREAT album, mc. Please don't stop the Mr. Chandler skits, Been a fan since eating's not cheating came out and every album I look forward to the the skits to see how the mc chris fiction progresses.

  14. Ser_ Ryon_Vine

    i slept on this....glad i found it tho. already loving track 1!

  15. Jon Jeremy

    Chris you are my hero!! i'd love to do a song with you!!

  16. skump13


  17. Sway N Tech


  18. Shy Violet


    I'm so sorry, Chris. I'll try to be a better fan. *sobs*

  19. Re:Boot

    4:05 - Scary Terry lmao

  20. Reviews On Ice

    mc chris is the shit, yes you know that he iiiiissss!

  21. Bearded Budtender

    "did you get the zip? did you uncompress the zip?"
    "i was happy with the zip."


    hoodie ninja 4 life !!!


    best since Hijack hands down! bitch slaps mc chris is dead

  24. the one

    ahhh hell yeah i was just coming to listen to fuking wizard and bwaaaam i got this to listen too -

  25. thecutthatneverheals

    oh god I love their skits.

  26. Coffin Nail Productions

    this is great. love it MC!



  28. M3t4ldooD Sick of mE

    He Still Fuckin Got It Man!

  29. Shawn Solo

    made some remixes

  30. Nik Tugman

    Ah mc, I missed you at Ok City man. Hope you come back soon. What venue you using? Great album btw. I like that your opening up and letting go of the past.

  31. Poppy Aowyn

    Came to check on MC Chris and I find this??❤🔥❤🔥My night is made

    the one

    i came here to check out your profile pic


    I just came.

  32. Ryn Bean

    Man, Kemo Treats comes pretty close to this, that's probably why I love them. Love MC Chris - thanks Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

  33. Fin Louie

    This has to be a dream...dude what an intense ending. Best album yet. The first song literally gave me chills. I cannot believe in less that 24 hours I'M SEEING MC CHRIS IN MANCHESTER!!!! First time!!! AHHHHHHH

  34. Zak Hill

    RIP Chanler.

  35. corinfletcher

    Hey, mc! 7,777 subscribers as of right now. Got 999 happy haunts, too?

  36. VadersNinja

    mc got that fire flow yo

  37. Victor Griffith

    does anybody else hear screaming n the final skit? n the background

  38. Deimos kai Aischylos

    I...I am so happy. Bless you, Jesus, and your goldfish-containing testicles.

  39. cosmickiller22

    I'm gonna see him on the 18th in Portland.

  40. Ralph's Gunt

    pop run is about ?

    Ralph's Gunt

    nvm i get it

  41. InternetTAB

    Say what. dis why you came to Omaha? Sad I had to work

  42. Sway N Tech

    Oh god.. I laughed too hard at suicide. especially considering I like the character

  43. Jason Scrimager

    great songs great skits!and im 36.

  44. Subliminal Thought

    omg so much yes thank you

  45. Nathaniel Barraza

    whoa thanks youre awesome

  46. Ralph's Gunt

    fucking love mc chris keep this up

  47. DeviousRC 66

    Nice long time fan Libertyville Illinois

  48. Charles KayCie

    absolutely terrific!! im so happy i totally forgot about the new album and here it comes sounding amazing, old school mc chris feel but with progression, the instrumentals are refreshing with no repetition or monotony, the flow is just perfect, its what retains that old school mc chris feel. you drive me to be better when you drop shit like this, thank you MC Chris!

    Mc Chaotic Neutral & Rusty Shackleford & Company

    Charles KayCie Amen mate

  49. Ed Jackson

    the show at the gallery (Oct 21.) was awesome. took me back to some better times. keep doing your thing Chris.


    I saw him the 29th. I love him live, he's awesome.

  50. OhTheHorror

    Hypnocil surprised the fuck outta me

  51. Kurt Steele

    New tracks means another tour.. See u soon mc Chris..


    Yep just saw him last weekend. Tourin' with MC Lars

  52. Nick S.

    HESH WANTS SEX. MC Chris for king of earth

  53. Elijah blechman

    it's been less then 3 days since i discovered mc Chris, so far he's appealed to me more then any other musician out there, i don't know why,, it's often that i only like one song by a group, so far i think he's my new favorite musician.

    Deimos kai Aischylos

    Lovely, then, that you found someone to enjoy so much. I, too, like a fair number of his songs. His eclectic style is utterly delightful, as are his skits.

    Elijah blechman

    @Deimos kai Aischylos his skits are some of the best parts.

    Deimos kai Aischylos

    @Elijah Blechman
    Like sticking some eye balls in some puss.


    Elijah Blechman Been a fan before Sea Lab 2021

  54. t wilson

    Hesh wants metal teeth

    Mc Chaotic Neutral & Rusty Shackleford & Company

    t wilson Hesh wants sex!!

  55. t wilson

    hell yea new tracks from mc chris

  56. Natural Born Atheist

    HOLY SHIT! 2016 shit! You are STILL a BAD ASS, always! Thank YOU!

  57. Beardshire

    Alex Trebek disliked this.

  58. John Spounias

    That cover is member-berry flavored as a mug.

  59. Ryan Welliver

    I'll see you in Seattle. Thanks for years of awesome tunes.

  60. Jones Crimson

    Google says:

    "Some consumers think glossy paper can't be recycled. That may have been true in the early days of recycling, but no longer. With today's recycling technology, nearly all community recycling programs accept glossy magazines and catalogs for recycling."

  61. Anthony Efx

    I saw a number next to Chris's name in my sub box and thought it was a mistake. Chris make more vids man!

  62. Ron Fisher

    This is the BEST DAY EVERRRRR!!!!!

  63. Zak Hill


  64. ThePurestMayhem

    i love this album

  65. Toni le Disko


  66. mikeythellama

    i just saw u live in fort worth but i dont think u played any of this

  67. corinfletcher

    Mr. Ward, I thank you, sir. (Folds hands and gives slight bow.)

  68. DayOldPasta

    Anyone else notice the 69 created by batmans left..bat..ear..thing and the skateboard wheel and the 9 on the right?

  69. DrunkenTurk

    thanks for this mc chris!

  70. VinnytotheK

    Sick as always! I'll buy this on CD next time you play in Philly.

  71. The Cybernaughts

    good work on the album mang

  72. BIGAARON100

    next are we are sticking eyes in some puss

    Randon Riddle

    BIGAARON100 or scum licking?


    Randon Riddle how about pearl necklaces

    Randon Riddle

    BIGAARON100 how bout some ass jamin


    you gotta get out on the red carpet

  73. William Taylor II

    This is amazing! Thanks!

  74. blue text on white background

    when selena gomez be suckin on your weiner and you turn into jerry seinfeld.

  75. sushifish55


  76. Toni le Disko

    mc chris 4 everrrr

  77. HandsomeJackH

    Thank you Chris, let's hope mc chris doesn't find out and shut it down


    HandsomeJackH this is his channel

  78. ChainsGoldMask

    Finally! Scum Licking!!


    @Jawdeh dude, it's in the skit he's talking about scum kicking, Jesus it's a joke.


    @Beardshire Tf does scum licking have to do with-.... Whatever

    Jared Helgeson

    LOL yeah dude I think he got lost


    go listen to "metaphor" on mc chris is dead, jawdeh


    Scum Licking? WHAT IS THAT!?

  79. ChainsGoldMask

    Thanks you, Chris!!

  80. B P

    so dope homie, keep up the good work.

  81. megadan McMan

    thanks mc. Your killing it as always

  82. BIGAARON100

    MC Chris outta nowhere


    It's uh, mc. Lowercase, no dots, REWIIIND!!

  83. qwerkaz

    Holy shit, yes.

  84. Rob

    Kruegers batmans sabers pizzas sais fetts ets slimers fries robots guns zombies skateboards etc.

  85. Rob

    whaaaat mc Chris youda best master of ceremonies. thanks.

  86. Andrew O

    I hope Mr. Chandler didn't commit suicide. I have a feeling he can't die bc of his super powers. I hope this isn't the end of those skits. They are easily my favorite parts of mc's albums. Obviously this was also either a dream and/or an alternate Earth so I think he is safe.

    This album is amazing. High quality as always mc. Props to Andrew Futral on the production. Laser focused.

    Sway N Tech

    He has taken many forms.

  87. rustynail216

    im never let down by an mc chris project . its always tasteful and something for everyone kind of vibe. loved seeing him at the gathering of the juggalos and everytime he come to cleveland . chris your the man bud stay up homie

  88. MrPopsfreshnmyer

    The beat on pop run is sick

  89. Jerry Herrera

    Daaaang mc.. Youre the missin link! That song hypnocil is what the scene is missing. !!

  90. Bunny Havok

    Where's FOES? Where's Marshmellow Campground?

  91. lnrbry

    Marshmallow Campground or riot. that is all. ( well no this rocks.. waiting for physical copy)

  92. vyrsai

    This is so phenomenal. Most varied album you have done and it works so damn well.

  93. Erin Roberts

    Damn I'm supposed to go to work, but this is so much better. mc chris the shit!

  94. Buttonz .TheCat

    Muppet Babies <3 So good

  95. Josh Belford

    Duuuuude, yo, you're still lowercase and still stupid dope fresh! Can't wait to see you back in CLE, mc!


    I saw him in Cle, last weekend.

  96. azrael226