MC Chris - Kill It Lyrics

Kill it mc with your ability beams
With your newly acquired powers in this hour of need
Wi-wi-with the the greatest of ease
pu-pu-put these haters to sleep
m-m-mc chris you are my hero with no fear of defeat.

Believe it or not I am rocking the mic
An easy combo to remember like the lock on your bike
My name is mc chris havin' the time of my life
Turn the mic into dynamite, like Yosemite might, right?
Cause I got the beats and I got the flavor
The narcs on my fart like the ark's got raiders
I'm makin' paper you're makin' excuses
You're abusing glue sticks
Sorry but the shoe fits
You're what's called a nuisance, I'm a new artist
Only got the farthest cause I'm workin' the hardest
So F you hated B's need to chill real soon
Take a hammer to your grill, like I'm Oh Dae Su
Lego head girl girls that smoke too much doob
kicking ass with the 'stache of a Fu Manchu.
Two blue tattoos, that used to be black
you a bad enough dude to stay off of my back?


Believe it or not I can out-style all these know-it-alls
Getting greedy 'cause I made a CD at the local mall
Maybe these preemies need their Wheaties, perpetrating in a Powerglove
([?]The Rock swiggin' at like a plastic bag of sour nug)
Gotta gargle lava if you wanna spit fire
Save the drama for your mama, we all know that shit's tired.
Just 'cause you're hoping to flow don't mean you can open the show.
You gotta girl and she at home with a head full of holes
I'm like baseball cards, but with mp3s.
I rock bicycle spokes- just a joke MC.
See, you ride up on my grip like I got the gan-yo.
Let me hit the bong slow while I say “RAW Bro!”
This is for the haters. They got something to prove.
If they didn't hate on me then they'd have nothing to do.
Watch me body slam a n00b on the hard concrete.
I make a living musing over hardcore beats.

[Chorus x2]

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MC Chris Kill It Comments
  1. 808v1

    this is enjoyable...

  2. terrabee

    Does anyone know the version of this song that has thriller in it?  Trying to find it=[

    Irie Morrissey

    still trying to find it?

  3. She Games

    Chaosium knows what's up

  4. Chaosium

    no, this dude IS crack.

  5. blue text on white background

    mc chris has all of his songs available to stream for free on his website, including this one. Just click on the Music page link. ;-)

  6. Thomas Lombino

    I dont care what you haters say, I love this CD. And I really love the songs, so if you don't like it, then why the F***** did you even look this up or click this video? -.- really. It is like people click videos of what they hate just to start crap, or say it sucks. GET OVER IT & MOVE ON!

  7. Chuck Carte

    with the greatest of ease.

  8. Adam Warren

    Of course.

  9. Sensei MeloMelo

    love that part xD hahaha

  10. tankshot009

    I want ability beams D:

  11. omlut


    Who needs to look it up? You simply didn't think.
    I'm not mad like the other guy, but its just stupid to think its a women unless you are referring to the chorus.

  12. omlut

    wtf guys.

    ability beams, referring his rapping ability

    he keeps talking about the haters/ putting them to sleep, his ability to put them in their place.

  13. Rachael Blanch

    ya save the drama for your moma

  14. Kevin Shane

    @shivmaster2 Listen to 006 and then say he isn't about guns weed and sex XD

  15. rsbcjester

    Not sure, but. I think ability beams just references laser/beam/gun upgrades in games. just a guess lol.

  16. Jourdan Kelly

    @TheyCallMeAfro but see weed and sex is great and thats ok but if you over use it in song then it gets old like solja boi and dumb rappers like that

  17. whyarmy




  18. CarbajalQZ

    Wtf? Lol.

  19. noah grrr

    @shivmaster2 and wiid

  20. Bams

    yeah dude. if you like this, you should listen to more nerdcore. it's great. if you grew up on video games and 80s-90s cartoons you'll love some of that shit. lol

    ~Nrrd girl

  21. Esquire Hyde

    @shivmaster2 actually yea he kinda does talk bout weed nd sex.... jus not as directly nd openly as most

  22. Taytay Son

    lol k i thought that was me lol feels like someone is turning down my speakers lol

  23. syi666

    i think he had some good ass eugene gaung at the oregon concerts, the man smelled like a jamacian dream when my bro got his pick with him

  24. DreadedJoker

    It's all about the nerdcore bro ;3

  25. wundersoy

    the volume fluctuates

  26. Cris Myers

    Ability Beams!

  27. KANEANITE708


  28. OneLoveOneHeart

    Mc Chris has his shit down.

  29. zaccc

    This has also got the be the greatest cover ever. ((The CD cover, you know. On the case!))

  30. zaccc

    MC Chris has real talent. Unlike most "Rappers" He does it because he loves it, not for money.

  31. Darrell Canter

    mc chris you are my hero with no fear of defeat