MC Chris - Jones Lyrics

No one can take our freedom
Uh we
We are not thirsty
But, we will be (Toht, Raiders of the Lost Ark)

I wanna get stoned
With Indiana Jones

I wanna chill with my homie
In the boonies of Wyoming
And see a TV and a Harrison a-moping

Number one on my bucket list
My fuck ‘em up it list
Get some dope
Steal a boat
Oh no Jimmy Buffett’s pissed

Lets smoke the crack
out of ancient artifacts
Lets scream at each other
til we both have heart attacks

Lets ride a helicopter
Save a couple cub scouts
Tell Melissa and Calysta that we’ll miss ‘em
But we out

We gotta, ride the waves
Gonna live off the land
Smoke as much weed
As we can carry in our hand

We’ll find a secret teepee
In the far reaches of the ranch
Where you keep a secret box
That has got a secret stash

I desire my own firewall
Inside the bowl
Let’s regard little Henry
Before we get too old

Lets burn mosquito toast
Til we taste the ash
Lets knock more back
Until the bowl is cached

I wanna get stoned with Indiana Jones
I wanna get bored with Harrison Ford
I wanna get high for 6 days and 7 nights
Don’t ask me why but the sky seems really nice

Lets feed horses to our carrots
And never call our parents
Fuck going to town
Lets never do our errands

Lets be aloof
Act a goof
With LaBeouf
Let me cross this off my bucket list
I can’t handle the truth

Got the k19 chronic
combine it with Frantic
We call it the chronic
it make bitches romantic

You can Force 10 from Navarone
so high it sounds fair
You can say I didn’t kill my wife
I say I don’t care

No clear and present danger to our teepee in the shade
We’ll get so fucking baked its like were running on a blade
We can do more Temples
Call this our last crusade
We can get Sean Connery stoned
We can chill on monkey brains

Schizo kid beside her
Come with me and trip
You throw me the idol
I throw you the whip

And this bad news for Nazis monkeys
Poison was poured
So let’s break out stinky skunk
Cause getting drunk is a chore

I wanna get stoned with Indiana Jones
I wanna get bored with Harrison Ford
I wanna get high for 6 days and 7 nights
Don’t ask me why but the sky seems really nice

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MC Chris Jones Comments
  1. arcbbb12

    its wiid not weed guys

  2. OpalAuge

    Stop nuking the fridge
    Start smoking the bowl

  3. Idolcruisefix

    thanks for the thumbs up votes. i like a more thought provoking highest comment then a line of lyric from the song. or some non-big picture snippet of someone who just smoked a whole quarter.

  4. Mike Coon

    it grows like weeds ^_^ .... wkuk reference btw

  5. Mike Coon

    the timber industry was threatened by it's usefulness along the lines, of oh i don't know paper... you can supposedly put it in cement and it's much stronger then regular cement

  6. Idolcruisefix

    You wouldn't have to TRY to wear hemp pant in order to wear hemp pants if it was still the #1 textile worldwide, which it no longer is. i wonder why?

  7. Chris Krielow

    This guy never tried to wear hemp

  8. fallnlucifer666

    HAPPY 420 :DDD

  9. fallnlucifer666

    HAPPY 420 :DDD

  10. Idolcruisefix

    Marijuana products don't just help you eat something and stop puking when you are sick, it is a renewable resource for paper that lasts ten times as long as wood paper. It makes better clothes, cheaper oil, etc. it grows in almost any soil and grows faster then almost any other plant around. But right now the plan of the NWO is to control you because you are stupid and destroy your envirionment.

  11. David Waade

    Weed...what a great thing.

  12. stalkerowl

    @rimok224 I love you. Let's get married. Sincerely, Nrrrd Grrrl

  13. crackrockstdy89

    "you can feel my temples, call this the last crusade" genius, if ya don't get it fuck you sirs

  14. fkknsikk

    When he sent out the acapella it was titled Indiana Jones... hmmm?

  15. four13dream

    "I wanna get hiiiiigh, for six days and seven niiiiightss" :)

  16. Darrell Canter


  17. imaghostya

    drinkin blunts and smokin 40's!!!

  18. JOJODAVIS1000

    @rimok224 <------Droiling

  19. Luke

    Because of this man my fav.....munchie is frozen Reese's pieces.

  20. John Francisco

    The title is just called 'Jones'... maybe my favorite song on this album

  21. freshy1229


  22. Jared Rankin

    I think the title is just "Jones".