MC Chris - Hoodie Ninja Lyrics

I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a hoodie ninja

Got my ninja bag AKA a pillow case
Filled with nacho flavored combos, a flashlight, and masking tape

We got hoodies and some goodies, we got tools and also talent
Fisher Splinter stealth and some Barnum and Bailey balance
Katanas and shurikens so lets hurry across the yard
If there's dobermans jump over them it shouldn't be that hard

The objective is reconnaissance the subject is a hottie
Redhead from my homeroom with a bad ass little body
Hella dope telescope from little bros pirate phase
She's about to change for bed we gotta get there right away

I can't make out so I stake out take a doughnut make it glazed
I climb the tree and finally I feast upon her frame
She's rockin cotton panties, Sanrio so it seems
She's strechen and profechen, she's the cutie of my dreams
Lose the T, they're 2 B's. Yes I know her cup size
IMAX in my spy glass while my balls get bug bites. (OUCH!)

I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
You're off guard ninja star now you're injured
Tough luck nun chuck break your fingers
Gotta bolt cause I don't wanna linger

I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
You're off guard ninja star now you're injured
Tough luck nun chuck break your fingers
Gotta bolt cause I don't wanna linger

Got my ninja getup it's a Fett's Vette sweatshirt
Rockin awesome drawstrings tied so tight that my head hurts
Stolen black slacks that are supposed to be for church
Stuff the cuffs into my Chucks now I'm a ninja thanks to merch

I gotta kaginawa that's a grappling apparatus
Empanadas from my mama her burritos are the baddest
Lets eat 'em in the shed where my father keeps his porn
and I'll explain the mission it's so bitchin' word is born

Gym coach is a Nazi always got me runnin laps
I know he doesn't like me you should hear his frightening laugh
Can't put up with the push-ups and the crunches got me cranky
So we're gonna drop a dookie on his driveway like I'm Banksy

Yo you keep a look out while I drop my Fruit of Looms
And build myself a built to scale model of Mt. Doom
We hear the garage door motors and we motor mad fast
Drop a deuce into my shoes now I'm runnin crap laps

I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a hoodie ninja

I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
You're off guard ninja star now you're injured
Tough luck nun chuck break your fingers
Gotta bolt cause I don't wanna linger

I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
You're off guard ninja star now you're injured
Tough luck nun chuck break your finger
Gotta bolt cause I don't wanna linger

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MC Chris Hoodie Ninja Comments
  1. Jess Whalen

    This just blasted me straight back to my childhood... damn

  2. Jorge Bencomo

    I. Iole. Job

  3. Joshua A

    Ha..brings me back to my middle school days xD

  4. Melony Vee

    Is no one else going to say anything about the fact this video says “with lyrics” and there are no lyrics?

  5. NightFang427X3

    I’m a ninja, I’m a horny ninja

  6. Jesse Garcia

    It's 2018 lol

  7. Spider-Man

    I first heard this from H2O Delirious

  8. Lord August%

    I’m a horny ninja


    I was searching for....

    ...i'm a bloody genius in pubg XD

  10. Olivia’s whatever Chanle

    Omg I love this song!!!

  11. MissAbu

    Button mash?

  12. Allison Mollenkopf

    # love this song

  13. Tareef Dedhar

    At least I found 1 other person who heard this in a civic commerical all those years ago. So I know I'm not the only one...

  14. Ganonslayer98

    I saw him open for NSP and TWRP a few days ago and he sang this. Shit was lit my dudes.

  15. Preserved Alien

    Umm.... I know this is just a song, but he instead of going through all of that trouble to see some boobs, why not just take to the internet? PornHub exists for a reason...

  16. ColoredDepression

    Wow! Buttons Mash! Seriously, you sound like Buttons Mash.

  17. Imogen Asenath

    Just saw you in Philly, 8/27

  18. brian urbano

    This is talent unlike music now a days

  19. SeriousCo2

    can i use this song in one of my ninja defuse videos?

    Adabel Mitre

    H20delirious did

    Adabel Mitre

    So why not

  20. Oakfuture 932

    H20 delirious brought me here

  21. The_Final_Boss 61

    h2o delirious ninja defused with this song

    Adabel Mitre

    Christopher Brown your right

  22. Bryce Trr

    I'm a nija I'm a hoodie nija

  23. Jєиѕєи

    Someone needs to make a SFM parody of this with Scout

  24. Zero Kirisame

    Anyone else play this song while playing Sunset Overdrive

  25. Axel

    One of the first songs I remember listening to of his. I was seven or eight at the time, so maybe 2007 or 2008, I don't really remember. Either way, feelsgoodman.

  26. Blucifer

    Ponies the Anthology brought me here! XD

  27. Goofy Goober

    fuck,,,,,i finally found this song again,, after almost 6 years

  28. Diablo

    When i play Genji in Overwatch


    Ha. I was playing Genji and it reminded me of this song. I like to play Pumped up Kicks when I play McCree

  29. Shane Dawson Fan

    this is my fave song

  30. Shane Dawson Fan

    I thought it said I'm a horney ninja too

  31. DogeZius The Doge

    Empanadas from my mama her burritos are the baddest
    Lets eat 'em in the shed where my father keeps his porn.

    I always thought it said lets eat them in a shell where my father keeps it warm man the lyrics change the entire song

  32. H3KX

    i always that he said
    Solar black slacks that are supposed to be for church

  33. Good human be happy

    I always thought it said I'm a horney ninja.

    Dylan Ellis

    Still fitting.


    I thought it said bloody ninja

  34. Shazzy

    I remember back in 2011-2012 I would sit back and play MW3 with my friends while listening to this song... Now it's 2016 and I'm 14... Wow... How time flies...

    Kalen Tessmann

    +Shazzy Nothing makes adults feel older than kids fondly reminiscing about something. That wasn't so long ago!

    Mu Nassar

    +Kalen Tessmann feel old yet, haha. but seriously that wasnt long ago.

  35. andrew stienburg

    civic SI?

  36. laurel jade

    Look! it's the neighboorhood watch............

    ahahahahahaha made you look.

  37. Hello People

    Mc Chris is my professor's brother. 😂 I found that out last night, to be exact!

    Dominick Arellano

    Are you for reals????

  38. Jeffrey Hubbard

    kids like you

  39. GalaxyPlayz

    When "YOLO" was popular

    jazmine Diepen

    That cam back 2 and I hate it

  40. Edward Sims

    I'm a ninja I'm a horny ninja

    Good human be happy

    Lol that's what I thought it was too

  41. AllRequired

    This sounds just like Weird Al.

    Oh, and Rainbow Dash? Cover up your tail the next time you wear a catsuit. It's a dead giveaway.

  42. RAI

    This reminds me of 'Blue Exorcist' for some odd reason

    Dark Eve3

    XD it would be hilarious if rin came put of no where yelling this song


    @Dark Eve3 Ikr?! XP

  43. NinaWindia

    First time I heard this I heard horny ninja.. >.<

    Dark Eve3

    omfg someone that thought it said this to I haven't seen this song in forever and i always sung it but always said horny

  44. azgalaga

    Is it just me or did anyone else hear Minx?

  45. Javatolligii

    Like the funniest song ever

  46. Sam K.

    DAE Wunder where da leeriks r?

  47. Hive Mind

    Can you please make a 10 Hour version? :D

  48. Hannah Wynne

    this is true poetry

  49. Rankerquat

    Picture's kinda cute....

    bobby ferguson

    ur a fukin fagit


    +bobby ferguson u r a home o phobe

    bobby ferguson

    clearly I am superior to your infidel mind.  


    +bobby ferguson I have a better memery

  50. Cas.El

    H2O Delirious brought me here

    Nuka Lad

    Cas.El what vid?

    Rusty Shackleford

    Really how?

  51. - SBCVisuals

    I'm a ninja I'm a horny ninja. Yeah i thought they Said that at first lol

  52. rainbowdash h

    Hoodie Nina ima hoodie ninga
    My new ringtone

    Preserved Alien

    rainbowdash h it's ninja, not ninga.

  53. Emo Motherfuckers Have Snowflake Fun

    This brings back soo many memories :'D

  54. HyperLightSandwich

    I'm going to steal Daring doo books now...MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA


    +Galicizer (\-_-/)


    +Galicizer /)

    Chaotic Canine

    +Galicizerr /)

    Harrison Hedge

    The oddest fucking places, I swear. /)

  55. Abraman

    Towerfall Quest: Vicious Vessel and Last of the Order


  56. maqjohnny

    Hoodie ninja = assassin from assassin's creed.

  57. Kesus Riced

    Song all the ffxiv players are listening to now.

    Maniacal Wolf

    yuuuup. Had it on repeat the first night

  58. luuk ruitenberg

    I'm a ninja, I'm a horny ninja.

  59. Oscar15069 RBLX

    this guy is 2fab4yall

  60. Vladimir Manson

    did you set the belt to wumbo?

  61. The Blacksmith

    my favorite part is "now I'm runnin crap laps" LOL!

  62. VinylScratch

    ask chris if i can remix this song basically adding wubs

  63. Bonk

    Sounds like I'm a horny ninja


    I'm a bloody ninja

  64. AppL

    I heard this at warped tour 2014 at Dallas Texas! And I got a pic and a signed poster from mc Chris!

  65. Samurai Echidna

    So many ways to mishear this song...
    I'm a funny ninja
    I'm a funky ninja
    I'm a honey ninja
    I'm a horny ninja
    I'm a bunny ninja
    I'm a bloody ninja
    I'm a f*cking ninja
    ...No wonder I had such a hard time finding this song!

    Then all of a Sudden

    I'm a running ninja 😂😂

    Johnny Hutchcraft

    I was trying to remember the song last night and I was thinking I'm a fruity Ninja 😆


    Johnny Hutchcraft Lmao I was thinking underwear ninja

  66. Tyler Sarsfield

    Kennens theme song

  67. Lorenzo Ritz

    no your not newb


    "newb".... Really... Dont use that word your picture with you wearing those shades makes you look like enough of a douche bag you dont need to look like it even more...

  68. Giovanni Ritz

    guys we all know im the hoodie ninja

  69. ImaHoodedNinja

    you might say that i like this song

    Jason Lingel

    Hey do you watch sao? (Sword art online?)

    Hoodie Ninja

    You could say that about me too.

  70. Ryan Jones

    @Fire Bomb People don't hate the brony fandom for watching a show demographically aimed at little girls... we hate you because you ruined that show made for little girls. And pointlessly commenting about MLP on a song having nothing to do with MLP.

    Literally, a bunch of disgusting middle aged, fedora wearing white men, obnoxious pimply teenage boys/girls who shop at shitty hot topic, like shitty 'memezzz' and listen to shitty dubstep- joined this horrible band wagon and SHAT all over this cartoon.
    This fandom was funny and cute at first, but then it took a turn into annoying starting with bronies being fucking everywhere... and then it became creepy. Then it became cancer. It's full of furries (cloppers), stupid mary sue oc's, fucked up smutty fan fiction having to do with acts of bestiality and pedophilia, the fandom is mostly made up of misogynistic man children- oh fuck I could go on but I won't.

    These same people linger at any convention that comes by. These same people buy all the Pinkie pie toys at Walmart. These same people ruined this show for kids. It's not a safe environment for little girls anymore, in other words. And the entitled pricks who like MLP don't seem to care and feel like they 'deserve' to be a part of it all.

    tldr; specifically older men who watch this show (bronies) decayed this show into shit. The brony fandom is shit. I'm glad people are realizing this now. I'm glad that MLP isn't as 'popular' anymore as it was last year or so. Nobody wants to see bronies shit posting in their songs. Nobody wants to see bronies, period.

    Fire Bomb

    Opinions, people should be allowed to have them. Also, pointing blame or trying to cause humiliation can be a result of a few different things.

    1: You are self-conscious about yourself and want to direct people's attention to other's flaws, whether or not they are true.

    2: You are ignorant and can't realize that we live in a time where everyone has different tastes and things they like. So you trick yourself with lies to have reason for not liking, or even tolerating them.

    3: You don't care about the above two reasons and think that social normality is a law that must be followed. So you decide that everyone that thinks different has to have some physical, mental, or emotional problems.

    Honestly, if you don't think any of these apply to you, I can understand that. Just don't go trying to associate every group with a way of looking or acting. People have different personalities and will act differently, it's not something you can change by yelling at someone on the internet, or even by force. Personality is something that will always be shown, and even if you don't like some people, that doesn't mean acting ignorant will make them go away.

    Just a thought.

    Ryan Jones

    @Fire Bomb   Assumptions, Assumptions.
     I'm not trying to humiliate you or anyone. Just sharing my thoughts. I think it's okay to have different opinions. You have yours, I have mine. But your whole comment has nothing to do with my comment on how obnoxious I, and many others,  feel the brony fandom is? We have our opinions, after all.

    1. Everyone is a tad insecure about something, but I am not trying to negate my flaws by pointing out how a large majority of bronies negatively tend to act, look and socialize. Saying that I'm insecure because of that just doesn't make any sense.  Please don't use pseudo psychology on people it makes you sound condescending.

    2. I can tolerate normal bronies, normal furries, people who make stupid mary sue ocs, nasty horse smut. Yeah, I think it's stupid and I won't hesitate to tell you that I think it's stupid, but I can tolerate it up to a point where I won't go to someone's page or something and tell them it's stupid and everything about them sucks and yadda yadda. I'm not one to do that.... Can you tolerate my opinion without thinking I'm ignorant? Because I said something you didn't like, I am ignorant?
    but anyways, I refuse to tolerate creepy entitled bastards that are into rape, pedophilia, bestiality etc. etc. and I don't see why I should have to, as they probably would not respect/tolerate me or anyone else that isn't like them. Their 'tastes'  are harmful to other people. More specifically in this case; kids who watch MLP. And unfortunately, weather you like to admit it or not, they makes up a lot of the fandom right now. Sure, not all bronies are like that. But too many of them are. Far too many.

    3. As I mentioned above, I only believe that a person might be mentally or emotionally ill when they cause harm to others. No, I don't believe in binding your 'supposed' creativity and bounding people who do not follow social norms- so long as they do not hurt others.

    I don't think every brony is the way I mentioned in my previous comment, I was just trying to show you what a lot of people think of the brony fandom and why. Spamming MLP everywhere only makes you guys look worse.

    Also, did it every maybe occur to you that I myself enjoy mlp but don't like our fandom's constant bullshit? Just a thought.

    I'm sorry if you took it as offensive, as it wasn't meant to be offensive. I wasn't yelling at you. THIS IS YELLING.

    Fire Bomb

    Thanks for clearing that up, I wasn't sure exactly what you meant by some of the stuff in your original comment.

    Ryan Jones

    @Fire Bomb No problem.

  71. Bradly Clark

    Diggin it!

  72. Stormlight Moon

    Mlp is awesome and this song too


    no mlp is not awesome and thanks you ruined this fucking song 


    @Anon bwii
    gtfo then

    Jenna Da Silva

    +Anon bwii (3bwii) Making a comment ruins a video? You're pretty stupid.


    Holy shit I said that like a year ago, square up nigga.

  73. DERBY love

    wow i thinks it cool but my friend has her mouth open wider than she shound idk if she likes it or dousnt

  74. MysticMimzi

    Not sure if I like it or hate it. But I've had it in my head for some reason and decided to look it up xD

    ManWithAMask AkA Dez

    Did you watch any H20Delirious lately?

  75. Mettanoia

    @zeth combs  we're you moron

  76. Mimiopins

    Ok, I came here because of ponies, but please stop spamming mlp stuff here.

  77. Shilah Morris

    replay...tries to look for ten hour version........finds out there is none......cries in corner

  78. killen joke

    something tells me hes definitely in the running.

  79. Leah Rolf

    I thought it was horny ninja...

  80. Zethane

    dont get mad at bronies were are awesome

  81. TrexMonkey720

    ok, ill stop

  82. WaffleDogNinja


  83. samwisegamzy

    You're not getting it, when they made the show, they made sure that any adult that was in the house with the kid could just as easily watch it. Also I'm going to call you out, how about you grow a pair and take a risk, the least you could have done was watch a funny vid that explains why we like the show. I takes a bigger man to not follow the crowd and take the less beaten path. right now you just look like a stuck up arrogant jerk that is afraid of anything girl.

  84. TrexMonkey720

    I dunno, you look pretty dumb. do you hold the record or something?

  85. RaepWizard

    how dumb can you be?

  86. Diobon Fulkmat


  87. samwisegamzy

    you do realize that the show is watched by 80% males that are 12-60 olds. obviously the show isn't only for little girls. if you want a guy to kinda explain y so many people like the show (pertty dang funny at that) here /watch?v=vw4-EpvZVbQ or you can just be in the dark for the rest of your life but plz whatever you do, don't comment about things you don't know about

  88. luigi-kun

    Actually the show was originally for little girls but the people who make the show have gotten more aware of bronies.

  89. Chris Vuong

    Is sexuality suppose to be an insult, anyway?

  90. Doss

    yea i saw pony anthology 2 too

  91. Ph 7

    does that mean that someone who isn't a little girl cant like it?

  92. Fire Bomb

    your missing my point, just because you are outside of the intended demographic of something, doesn't mean that you shouldn't be allowed to watch it without ridicule. All of those shows I said are good shows, and people in their 20's still watch them, and they aren't met with the same hostility as someone that age doing the same thing, with a different show

  93. Fire Bomb

    SpongeBob was ment for little kids, animaniacs was ment for little kids, foster's home for imaginary friends was ment for little kids, shall I go on

  94. Fire Bomb

    being gay and liking a good show are two different things

  95. killerzombie2171

    yes you did: "because i'm not a gay brony"

  96. Lauren Anderson

    YES!!!! This is the song of my dreams