MC Chris - Carebear (Kelly's Song) Lyrics

You're cute as a care bear
I don't even care where
You tell me to be
You know I'm gonna be there

Know I'm gonna repair
Your broken heart, I swear
Cross my own on a dare
Al Capone love affair

Got style extraordinaire
Prepare for the rare MC
Devil may care
With the bev hi hair

I will be fair
No more sad solitaire
I'll go to work like Dirk
And save you from your Dragon's Lair
You can't compare

Well, ain't life a bitch
A daily kick in the dick
If I had a dime for everytime
You know that I'd be rich

What makes it worth while
Is your beautiful smile
I can't conceive the life I'd lead
If you would leave then I would die

mc chris will appear from the rear
With headphones on his ears
And a head full of tears
Because his girly is not near

And he fears she be on
A pimp's stick shifting gears
Another bitch ass trick
That's a ho after some beers

Should I say amaretto sour
If I see ya drinkin' PBR
You're mine within the hour
You can be my woman Wanda

I will be your Doogie Howser
We'll play doctor
Take a shower
I'll go outside, pick you a flower

Write you a haiku
Say that I love you
I can't afford a box of chocolates
So yo, here's a yoo-hoo

The voo-doo that you do
Is something I'm not used to
But I won't decline 'cause in time
I'll be true blue

Well, ain't life a bitch
A daily kick in the dick
If I had a dime for everytime
You know that I'd be rich

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MC Chris Carebear (Kelly's Song) Comments
  1. t3rror5am

    :D!!!!!! Love this so much

  2. GamesULove

    God I hope you all have heard the Walking in Stereo version, its 20 times the awesomness

  3. Z0mBi3Ro8OT

    @SuperMedric yup

  4. Z0mBi3Ro8OT

    haha the shirts as good as he is lol

  5. Questionrap1

    i just saw this little kid rap ok. check it. look up alien rap and look for a kid in a blue swet shirt.

  6. SewerTV


  7. vidmuncher

    my goodness that was tight.....

  8. nottheonlysinner

    This video is like fucking forever old lol.

  9. Macdeth

    well, you're still doing the thing where you show clip art of what the lyrics are talking about, but at least you show some skill while doing it. not bad, really.

  10. Iruparazzo

    me too, this song is rather sweet =)

  11. Iruparazzo

    omg looks totally like him xD

  12. Lucas D.

    Dope vid!

  13. Andrew Lenning

    I think you meant to say "Ain't life a bitch"

  14. Matt Yeackel

    thanks bro!

  15. styles7887

    good job man

  16. Matt Yeackel

    with some help from Nate Bellegarde's drawings.. Thanks outlaw!

  17. outlawbeat

    Dude, you made this video!? Sick! Nice work! :)

  18. Matt Yeackel

    cool man! have fun.

  19. ripptorn9

    kick ass

  20. Matt Yeackel

    I agree!

  21. Spade Wicked

    niiiiice haha ur pretty good at this what video editor did u use? hit me up

  22. Craig J

    yeah, some kid draws them for him and he's fucking amazing

  23. Matt Yeackel

    Not my drawings. I got 'em from MC chris's myspace page then animated it.

  24. Hitamaru

    WOw you can draw good

  25. tyler williams

    that made me smile.