MBNel - Take Me Away Lyrics

Lord take me away, before we take him from his family
Throw him in a hole and leave that nigga baby stranded
Lord take me away, because I'm feelin my family dissapointed
All the times they watched and pointed made me feel I wasn't important
Lord take me away, from all the fakes and all the snakes that's all around me
When they claiming that they was with me but I knew they wasn't by me
Lord take me away, from all these niggas that ain't really down to ride
If I really laid and died would they really go and slide
Lord take me away, Because I'm been puttin this pistol up to my brain
And sittin there reminiscing and thinking about the pain
Lord take me away, cause I been sitting and thinkin about gettin rich, how I'm movin up out the city, and movin on with my bitch
Lord take me away, from all that stress and all that evil in my head
Couple niggas tried to do me thank the lord that I ain't dead
And you don't understand me they looking to see my feet
The only time I'm feeling free is when I talk up on the beat

Lord take me away, and help a nigga be able to feed his family
Was asking niggas for help and these niggas just left me stranded
This gang shit forever in me its all me I got it branded
My wave on another level, I'm on a whole nother planet
This 30. that's in my denems I promise don't get to jammin
I thought danny was my man tell I heard he got to ratin
I'm tossin turnin and shit cause these nightmares I been havin
These visions was vivid then I wake up in to a panic
I'm ballin feel like I'm average, been thinking about my habits
I'm thankfull for all my blessings and L's that I got to havin
I swear this deeper than rappin the demon almost had me
They pulled up we got to blastin, I'm talkin facts they ain't been cappin
Lord take me, away from all the fakes and foes that's in my face
I swear I shared my plate and they got full before I ate
Lord take me away, from all the pain and all the problems that I face
I was stealing shit from my mamma to buy me some brand new J's

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MBNel Take Me Away Comments
  1. matthew yang

    This one needs a music video!

  2. Nathaniel Huddleston

    Mbnel has gotten me through so much in my life

  3. Nathan Ogo

    This a motivation I go thru a lot but this music frees me

  4. Ms.Meka’G De’Cambodian

    His spits b hitting me feel like Musical soul food 🙏🏼👤 “senses and faith bt it’s the demons one had my face”

  5. Andrew Nguyen

    This song deep
    How I feel sometimes

  6. Xhy3 Yag

    plz do a music video on this one 💯💯🔥🔥

  7. hii Nikaika

    Filipino pride

  8. LIL ACE

    What's the best called?

    BBOYT 1

    Fade Away by RNE LM Beats

  9. Bat Man

    Thank u God and u brother God bless

  10. Bat Man


  11. Xhy3 Yag

    niggas be hating and only say he's complaining about shit TF

  12. Jeremiah

    I feel the pain I live in Stockton as well.

  13. Morong Tuoth

    dope! loving this brother

  14. Cece Ramirez

    I love his music 😍 He be speaking facts 💯

  15. Muhammad Castro


  16. Devin Dith

    This is one of my favorites 🔥 MBNel needa blow up so he can be successful but then again I kinda want him to be my lil secret cause today's music is trash.

  17. Xhy3 Yag

    holy shit this go hard💯💯🔥🔥

  18. CarDoVA13 QC

    Gang my niiigga on cripp stay on your grind

  19. Daniel Capetillo

    Damn near shed a tear just riding with the second verse. I wasn't expecting that 🔥🔥

  20. chinese restaurant

    Nigga baby lol

  21. Daniel Decoteau

    Lord take me away, because im feeling like my family disappointed, all the times they watched me, point it made me feel like I wasn't important

  22. Abdur Rahman Castro

    put this on spotify

  23. ElenaS 801

    Real talk straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. chill scrill

    First I was like this sound like everything else... then it’s grabbed me... haha... #iMob

  25. Strictly West

    This song needs a video for sure .

  26. BoNdSqUaDFnP 69


  27. Peter Cha

    Dam love this song MbNel shit 🔥

  28. Members Only Rare Videos

    He need to make a music video for this fuego 🔥🤝

  29. StocktonCalisince1989


  30. Hannah Daves

    I love this song it's my new favorite song. It explains how i feel right now.

  31. maximus astuputen

    He don't need nojumper

  32. Rabby Jack


  33. Jaylann Burnett

    Proud FiLiPiNO right here 🔵🇵🇭

  34. Dane Kunes

    This guy is a fucking God how is he not at the top of the game

  35. Chue YAng

    Real shit boss. Keep this work up . I felt this deep down .

  36. Rice God


  37. Wayne Wright

    🔥🔥🔥 mbnel littt

  38. Da Hook Mob

    On mamaz im bout 100 veiwz myself ....salute 4rm DaHookMob

  39. AzyPebble

    On buddha may god take me away

    Bobs Son

    Azyatic Buddha is fake


    @Bobs Son u want no smoke

  40. Yohany Medrano


  41. justin lee

    Heat every time 💙

  42. Veronica Hernandez

    I fuck with Mbnel heavy

  43. mackin crakkkin


  44. Joe Green

    St. Louis, MO, I put people in to you. Real music deserves to be spread and heard, hope you blow up and tour here.

  45. RNE LM Beats

    My boy snapped 🔥🚀💯


    RNE LM Beats what’s the name of the beat ?

  46. Lajuan Dorsey

    MBnelly got Next!💯💯💯

  47. Hmoob 619

    Go hard

  48. TinoShootSum

    Stockton got some talent , y’all sleep on us

  49. Racquel Mosqueda

    😓😍❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥' I love it❤


    Always track N fire

  51. Martin Miranda

    Much love homie keep it going your music helps me and my little brother escape our hell's at home so thank you so much for your music hope you read this

    Young Explicit


    Young Explicit


  52. Kane Fame

    DAMN CUZ 💯💯💯💯!!!!

  53. MB Tae

    ‘’I Was Stealin Shit From My Momma To Buy Me Sum Brand New J’s’’ 💯💯

  54. Madak Madak

    🔥 🐐🔥

  55. Ro Youngin

    He don’t rap just to rap!!! He use to go to a struggle I fw him and his music 🎶 he told me a lot.... Mbnel he’s comin up just blessin comin 🙏🙏👏🏼 love u bro #AsianMob

    Ms.Meka’G De’Cambodian

    His album is like a diary only way a mf can ya stay sain sometimes gotta hear ur life from ur mouth from ur walk n ur memories cus ppl can’t relate. how? when morals ain’t the same !

  56. L G

    My boy is always dope but he gotta stop that autotune. He better without it.

    Hellboy 1996

    John Y nah he sound good with it to

  57. C Reiko

    u can the rap game..we really in da street..u ain't outside

  58. Queen B


  59. Cavie Am

    I can relate, can you?

  60. Lemps Bad

    Can i used this song on my YT video its just so amazing keep it up

  61. StepBack Bitch

    I'll NEVER steal from my own momma specially for some fucken shoes you got me fucked up it's just as simple to run up and take it from another nigga I don't even know

  62. Mynamedontask


  63. Pablo X

    Real shit!!! I hope rap gives you a new life and an escape from the negativity

  64. Racquel Mosqueda

    It's so sad😢😢😢' I feel you' it's
    so me' 😢😢💙

  65. Fernie Corvera

    Shit slaps homie 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  66. Lil_Buddha 916


  67. ‘OPP SHXT•*

    You a real ass niccuh nelly!!!

  68. justin hayes

    S/O Nel‼️🗣🅿️

  69. Won Thouzan


  70. Lang Thao

    This slaps hard

  71. Ted Tran

    Here before a milly🔥🔥🔥💰💰💰 BARS walahi

  72. grumpyyang

    Damn another 🔥🔥🔥

  73. Kane Prow

    Got dayum... At it again bro.. 🔥 🔥

  74. Moo Nay

    Like if No Jumper should interview Mbnel

  75. Victor E Acosta

    💪💪💪 my cuhz go hard bruh fuck them sukkas🤟🤟🤟🤟

  76. Kevin Nguyen12

    You got better! Youre gonna make it broski!

  77. FahtsV2

    Slappeer !

  78. Papi Johzay

    Notice how hes always quite but has alot to say when he makes music

    Kane Prow

    real ones always are

    Wyna Rose

    stay humble

    6 N T H O N Y



    Kane Prow

  79. Nick GoGetta

    Mbnel be puttin on for all southeast asians he makin everybody wake up cuz niggas been sleepin on our race its our year to infinity

  80. Leroy Greer

    Yesss Lord!!!!!!

  81. Noelen


  82. Dont Know

    Salute all way down from Alabama.

  83. Sacramento pat


  84. vivien lu

    I like the alan walker - faded track playing in the back.. nice touch. Dope song

  85. Young Explicit


  86. DJMpro4269 Procopio

    I play the music to the world listen to. Mbnel I am still bumping your tracks daily. You make northern California's music scene that much better am in engaged to hip hip since 1984 from break dancing to forming a rap group back in 1991 d.o a. With songs cool and definition of maniac. Rich Richie Oakland mentored us. So know what music scene like. You have raw and real talent do song with J Stalin and lil Pete. Northern Cali has rap on lock.

    Young Explicit


  87. LulGeo


  88. Krissy Bousquet

    Luv thiz one

  89. Snettle Music

    Stack that money
    Mbnel and go to Atlanta Georgia move out there and start a career. You got talent . hope to see you on top and no Ionger doing local shows, big spotlights waiting on you stay on that grind, been a fan since I heard love my gang

  90. lild&babygurl villagomez


  91. CWA Crippen

    196. Here before 200 views. ⛽🔥💯

  92. 12stbklocc


  93. Trav Murray

    My dude Nel go too dope!

  94. Thugger Baby


  95. Herbalist Herbalist

    Make a video