MBNel - Pose To Lyrics

Trying to shine like I'm pose' to
I'm tryna slide like I'm pose' to
I'll ride when I'm pose' to
Yo Kiwi, thank you bro
Aye, you'll hide when you pose' to
I'll slide when I'm pose' to
I'll ride when I'm pose' to
Stay strapped when I'm pose' to

Got a whole lot of niggas that's stuck up in the [?]
Whole lot of niggas that pretend to be my friends
Really not a lot of niggas fuckin' with me from the start
So not a lot of niggas fuckin' with me in the end
Got a whole lot of strips in my True Religion pants
Got a lot of people shooting, gave a second chance
Been in a lot of fights, but I don't ever use my hands
Shit, I went through a lot of nights stayin', praying to the man
But ain't shit change, nigga ain't shit change
Shooted me a line, thought it'd numb away the pain
Now I'm plottin' all night, trying to find me new ways
Shit, I met me real niggas, and I met a few lames

Whole lotta, lotta guns smoke in the air
Whole lotta, lotta fake niggas in my ear
Whole lotta this, whole lotta lotta that
I do this shit for real, it ain't only in my raps

I'm just trying to shine like I'm pose' to
I'm just trying to grind like I'm pose' to
I'm just trying to ride like I'm pose' to
Nigga, I'm just trying to slide like I'm pose' to, nigga

Got a whole lot of bullets in this pistol right now
Send a lot of shots if a nigga speakin' down
My nigga told me "Keep your head high, we gon' get right, check right"
If you don't understand nigga, sit down
I don't take handouts, so my niggas spazzin' out
Niggas seen me out in public, then that nigga ran out
I just pawned my last chain, bought a new strap now
I just made a fake page, just to make a [?] now
On the south side of town, where a nigga get found
Just throw me five bands, then I'll get 'em aired out
Surpressor on the case, so you can't hear a sound
Turn a nigga to a square when they see these big rounds, uh

Boy, I'm loyal to my soil I'll never switch
When I look into your eyes, I can see the bitch
R.I.P. to my niggas 'til we meet again
One shot to the chest, he can't breathe again

Boy, I'm loyal to my soil I'll never switch
When I look into your eyes, I can see the bitch
R.I.P. to my niggas 'til we meet again
One shot to the chest, he can't breathe again

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MBNel Pose To Comments
  1. NBA DiZZy

    Still fw it in 2020

  2. Matthew Rogers

    That gunshot at the end is loud asf on headphones 😂

  3. Ruben Salas

    What the song at the end called

    SEA Sidaz

    Ruben Salas forever

  4. Kong Yang

    Man I keep on repeat this track!

  5. steezy lizard

    I got respect for his style but that lil line saying he don’t throw hands he uses a gun made him look like a bitch. Be a man and use them hands what is he scared to get some bruises!?

    Nunya Bizz

    There was a video of him getting jumped and he didn't run and threw his hands. I think he just rapping when he said that

  6. Nick

    They sleeping on mbnel. 🔥

  7. kurt reyes

    Nel never disappoint, always coming up w heat frfr🔥🔥🔥

  8. 6 N T H O N Y

    Damn its crazy seein Nel where he is now💯🔥

    Edwin Alvarez

    6 N T H O N Y man fr

  9. Ryan Mason

    This young nigga on his way to the top☝️🔥

  10. Chaiplia Lor

    My name is......

  11. Mark Vincent Bote

    Abz down Philippines

  12. Patrick Nez

    how many of ya'll peep his homie looking at him when he said that 1:54. 😂

  13. Cruz Aguero


    Stockton Streets TV

    Theres was a video of mbmel getting jumoed and he fought and didnt run. Goofy

    Raizen Blink

    lumi 10 bro link?


    Him and tc low fought some niggas. It on YouTube


    @Raizen Blink youtube deleted

  14. ybcog bit h

    The only song that dosent have guns 😂

  15. achansy.209

    @Filipino plaza

  16. SpankinMikeHawk

    I’m jussss tryna slide like I’m poseddd too🔫💯

  17. pechrenya hul

    U n TC low.... Man, yaw niggahz killing the game... I listen to yaw everyday , loco... Straight gang shit cuhzzo... Straight from Long Beach 🔥

  18. Teresa Mamaril

    I married into the Filipino family the best peeps in the world keep on keeping it real mbnel we all love what your putting out there my boys introduced me to your slaps and I been playing it loud throughout "Stockton" know that everywhere we go There u are in my car the only tunes we listen to these days!! Your mama should be proud your doing things peace✌ and love bro

  19. Teresa Mamaril

    💋💋💋💪✊👊✌👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥😁😍😘😘😘💋💋💋 shine like your pose too!!

  20. Drhanh SA

    Music good.. but y'all do the same thing in all the videos. Stop holding a ghost gun in all the videos. Just saying. Its played out

  21. Crowded House Entertainment

    Dude you dope as fuck, i can feel your muisc

  22. Dark Smoke

    Broo mbnel and lil pete colab that shit would be fire

  23. Taulo Vanna


  24. water boy

    Legend 👑

  25. Moist Stegosaurs

    2019 anyone?🔥🔥

    Jose Montoya

    yes nigga lik fr


    2019 and beyond 🔥🔥

  26. Joseph Ibarra

    Filipino Jayson Tatum

  27. Jay Jackson

    Keep doing what you're doing one day you'll be on top. You got some bomb ass females in your videos.

  28. Not Actually Myname

    Nick Rowlette

  29. Supreme Gang

    Nigga trah u hear the clap its helping this nigga rap

  30. Meo Xayaleuth

    Duck the bloods

  31. Kong Yang

    MBNEL your my favorite!!!! Big fans of you

  32. Saydee Ayala

    Boy I'm loyal to my soil I'll never switch when I look into your eyes I can see the bitch rip to my niggas till we meet again

  33. officer vlad

    This shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. Tuti Alvarez

    Ypus fro my ral bro on moms 🙏🙏🙏✌✌👊✊✊

  35. 808 Hoodlum

    real nxggah shytt 💯✔

  36. Angel Jones

    Keep it flowing.. That's what it is..

  37. Young Deemo

    Fucking with this shit all the way from Hawaii, my niggah🔥

  38. Cocoy Songco

    Song is 🔥🔥🔥

  39. Mztr.Dros Enterainment


  40. UserGee 760

    Hard asf

  41. Xhy3 Yag

    all the dislikes niggas yall fake asf

  42. N.B.A

    Is this his own beat or a remix

  43. Ghost

    MBNel, is there a possible instrumental of this releasing?

    Billi onaire

    Prod. Kiwi supposed to

  44. Gabriel Camacho

    Ilove g u keep it g

  45. Gabriel Camacho

    My boy nel

  46. Lee SaeThao

    Mbnel makes the best songs to blast in the car.

  47. Yo Noit

    Filipino plaza that's TP (Tropang Pinoy) spot back in 1996 there's a lot of them out there just hanging out. They some crazy mofo

  48. Ghost

    This song is why my android blew up.

  49. justin scott

    He sound like aboogie wit thahoodie

  50. Augustine Reymundo

    Not a lotta Niggaz fuckn wit me N da start so Not a lot fuckn wit me N da end😆🔥🔥🔥

  51. 614 Christian

    you got some real good music bruh hit me up when u come to columbus i know a lot of clubs in columbus,OH im a huge club promoter

  52. Jessi Roksta

    Uuuugh all your shit is dope AF😎 and you hella fine 😍😍

  53. Calvin2o9

    What does MB stand for? Anyone know

    Alan 559

    Dexzy money bag

    Alexander p

    Muddy Boyz

  54. rudy winters

    That's right boy

  55. David Sipho

    This shit hot like papaya salad cuz

  56. wxcka

    ChiChiGang! ♿️💙 rest easy. Next Up MBnel 💣🔥🤦‍♂️

  57. milo encarnacion

    This boi is hella slept on...smfh

  58. Racquel Mosqueda

    I posted u on fb

  59. Louisiana 337

    Louisiana fucking with u 🤐💯 I Reminisce about my childhood every time I hear this dude👌🏽💯

  60. Kevin Caampued


  61. Kelly Neumann

    Bro you can not say this song is trash he is beast

  62. GangGang_ InDisBitch14

    Damn 🔥

  63. Angel Calderon

    Stockton Cali

  64. Kayliah Lak


  65. Lay Low

    I listen to this song cuz I “POSE TO”....🔥🔥🔥💯

  66. j3quali

    i swear my nigga MB slaaap 559

  67. Joseph Adams

    This bitch copied his whole flow from YoungBoy

  68. D.O.T.S silent


  69. Sadies L

    Fine thang 👅

  70. Shana Brown

    sooo many heart eyes

  71. Jake Grate


  72. J. Van

    Plz no N word so I can listen in public

  73. Lay Low


  74. Sanjose 408lv


  75. newmoney

    always fight but never use his hands damn that fool lame as fuk lol

  76. mini slim

    Keep it up

  77. Andres Chavez

    He copied aboogie! This is jungle the fuck?

  78. Natiive Jay

    We need this on Apple Music ASAP 💯

  79. Victor E Acosta


  80. Victor E Acosta

    I was raised an grew up out south superior st I fuck wit you bro an Los tap in let's Poe up

  81. Theresa Bell


  82. AJ Wulf

    I like his flow

  83. matthew nunez

    This shit slaps

  84. stepz _v1

    First time I heard this artist good shit check out v.bo and sneezy tweet too they go hard azn pride whoop

  85. P Dros

    Wheres this guy from? This shit fire

    Harris Jons

    P Dros South "Stock"ton

    G C

    E V I think he meant what gang he’s from

  86. Walking Lick

    MBNel x lil pete

    Kevin Yezek

    Walking Lick. I hope

    Arturo Gonzales

    They need to make a song together... Mbnel ft lil Pete

    Leslie Nguyen

    Walking Lick0

  87. fellafellawdacheese cuhz

    Make a new song already🔥

    rudy winters

    Let him concentrate on his shit

  88. Juliana Cisneros

    R u a skrap or what

    Walking Lick

    abz Cuhz

    G C

    Walking Lick where’s his hood at?

    anthony almaguer

    Fuck chaps nk

  89. Jude Concepćion

    somebody copied your song

    John Hernandez

    Jude Concepćion what's called

  90. Anthony Velazquez

    can relate to this song hell yeah Mbnel

  91. Isaiah Walls

    mbnel is fire

  92. Loeun Nem

    Does he have a instagram

    Five Sense

    Loeun Nem it's @nellynelmb

    Loeun Nem

    Five Sense ok i got it

  93. Nathan Vue

    You should put this song on Spotify

  94. CESAR Vilpandi


  95. CESAR Vilpandi

    U got talent bruh SHOUTH out from Chi town

  96. Baby_seth 42

    omm dis nigga go hard

  97. Vito 800

    The first song I heard was love MY gang you got my support bro you going crazy on them beats

    Josie Fredricks

    Fuck slime ass niggas but that beat do slap tho