MBNel - Money Can't Change Me Lyrics

Ay mama imma gangster, went and made a way on my own
Long nights, always gone I was never at home
Had to get it out the dirt, I wasn't trying live broke
If you ain't chasing money nigga, whatchu live for?

Police arrest me, [?] ever since I dropped a bit
I've trying to make it big, so I can influence the kids
Couple times I took the fire, but I'm thankful that they missed
R.I.P my nigga Cam so I'm riding for your kid
And I swear that I'll be smiling ever since I copped that benz
My own family switched upon me why the fuck would I need friends
Riding through the city so my load I [?] so I be counting dirty money
Like my bands gon needa rinse
And I don't like to argue, action do the speaking, had to cut my nigga off, because I heard that he was speaking
I've got angels on my body, cause beside me are some demons
Make sure my team is eating, before I start eating
Ay, never been a lame, ever since I took a lost ion never been the same
Listen to my songs and I betchu feel the pain
Before you see the light, you gotta make it through the rain
Treat my cousins like my kids, cause I love to see them smile
If you need a hand, then you know what phone to dial
I've been chaging up my fashion, money change the style
Take a step into my shoes, see if you can walk them miles
Really banging what I'm living, I'm not sugarcoating nothing
Gave the city life, so you better pay your homies
Been going through too much it's kinda hard for me process it
And I know there's people changing when I started seeing commas
And I put that on my mama, imma put my niggas on
My eyes is never dry ever since my nigga gone
Music is my mind and my journal is my song
All I get is fucking favours everytime I hit my phone
I got it out the mud, swear I started all from nothing, and I've been busy
Chasing dreams why I ain't been coming around
Don't ever doubt my love, like I don't ever doubt my gun
Watch they say they love you, when they see the money come

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MBNel Money Can't Change Me Comments
  1. McKenzie Timon

    I love u bro keep going u inspire me 💯😌ur music hits like nun else 💯

  2. Anthony Brown

    Ona Gang shout out MB nel from South side $tockton Ca Cuz .... Sacramento 916 VS Everybody

  3. AzyPebble

    U right cuhz since my first paychecc homie turn to leeches n now dodgin me

  4. AzyPebble

    Got my first pay checc dat shyt was real monumental for me

  5. Xhy3 Yag

    "watch when they say I love u when the money come" Dam !! facts 🔥🔥💯💯 true shit

  6. FilthyCarbon

    Gotta make a visual for this ASAP G💯

  7. FilthyCarbon

    Really bangin where I'm livin I ain't sugar coatin nothin 💯

  8. Ian Carino

    This shit fire pare 🔥🔥🔥 keep em comin.

  9. Courtney Caprice

    Whole album goes hard

  10. Jeremiah Vang

    Love these beats 🔥🔥

  11. Slim Menace

    A gang 💯🔥

  12. AyyStayyFann

    My whole family switch up on me, why tf I need friends🥶 that's DEEP

  13. ClashingWithDG

    They still sleepin on MBnel 😴

  14. Chino Xiong




  16. StrawNana Dankwood

    MBNel 💯

  17. John Jones

    Banger fa sure crip

  18. Tee Malathong

    Yo cuhz yo shii slap yu gonna blow one day 💯💯💯

  19. Zen Dynasty

    Anybody got dis instrumental

    Prod. by Juce

    Zen Dynasty prod by me 💪🏽💯


    Prod. by Juce my dawg 💯🔥