MBNel - Love My Gang Lyrics

I'm a keep a hundred, I'm a it keep on this
Just point 'em niggas out, them niggas know we on 'em
As long I got myself, I ain't worried about shit
As long I got myself, I ain't worried about shit
And I ain't ever lackin' on my pistol
I ain't ever slackin' when there's issues
Bruh don't need no explanation, I believe you
I got 9's,.40's, and.223's too (Pah, pah)
I'm a pull up in my bucket when we go and shoot it up
I'm a pull up with my brothers, yeah they tried to call us [?]
I'm a always do my best 'cause I could never do enough
I'm a always do my best 'cause I could never do enough
And fuck the other side, they can never do us right
When the drama get to poppin' I'm the first one down to ride
All that fuck shit, you can leave that all behind
I'm a let 'em know when I'm throwin' up my sign
And I put that on my life, I'm always ridin' for my guys
A couple niggas left, 'cause they could never get it right
All that talkin in the message, better keep that shit on sight
I'm a represent it 'til the day I lose my life

'Cause I love my gang, I love my gang
I love my gang, I love my gang
'Cause I love my gang, love my gang
Love my gang, love my gang
'Cause I love my gang, I love my gang
I love my gang, I love my gang
'Cause I love my gang, love my gang
Love my gang, love my gang
'Cause I love my gang

I said you go ahead and keep clout and the fame
It's hard to stay clean when there's dirt on your name
You keep all the change, 'cause I just want to change
These niggas out here swervin' I'm just in my own lane
I'm just being humble 'cause I came from the mud
My nigga, he was down, I'm the one who brought him up
I don't ever fight fair, I got way too many guns
Ask him what he bang, he got busted by the cause ooh
Residin' in the south, I don't ever hide
I'm always outside, I ain't hard to find
Fuck the SPD, they throwin 'round some time
I said fuck the other side while I'm still alive
Tell them little niggas got to try harder
You put that on your partner, why you lyin' on him
My gang is tatted on me, yeah I'm dyin' for 'em
And none of you little niggas finish what they started
I'm just trying to put us on where we came from
Watch them niggas run when that thing bust
Don't try to take my chain, 'cause that's dangerous
MBG when they ask me what I bang cause

Yeah, all my little niggas on the come up
Every night we just working 'til the sun up
Got a clip if a pussy nigga run up
Got a full clip if a pussy nigga run up
I was trying to get it, give a fuck how you feel
Me and all my niggas trying to run into a mil
I was trying to get it, give a fuck how you feel
Me and all my niggas trying to run into a mil
I would never change, never switch up
Never change, never switch up
I would never change, never switch up
And I put that on my niggas
I would never change, never switch up
Never change, never switch up
I would never change, never switch up
And I put that on my niggas

'Cause I love my gang, I love my gang
I love my gang, I love my gang
'Cause I love my gang, love my gang
Love my gang, love my gang
'Cause I love my gang, I love my gang
I love my gang, I love my gang
'Cause I love my gang, love my gang
Love my gang, love my gang
'Cause I love my gang
'Cause I love my gang

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MBNel Love My Gang Comments
  1. Vapor_ Playz

    I brought my speaker to school and I played this song and a teacher walked up to me and said “Sorry we can’t let fire🔥 aff music on school campus”

  2. Christopher Baker

    trash ass my ears bleeding, yo gang dead like ur music

  3. Izzy Therealest

    💸🤑🙏i got nines 40z & 223s 2


    ya mbnel
    do your thing

  5. Lino Cervantez

    Askem what he bangs he g0t busted by the feds

  6. Justin Yang

    "pROps" lol.

  7. Mary Puckett

    I dont know if prop but i know lots of shots going of on my block sounds like glock 32

  8. Lyfted One

    Triad 14k

  9. eludeR snaps

    Its hard to stay clean when there dirt on your name

  10. HADAG0RN

    came here from the podcast

  11. TayD 794001


  12. ceeloc

    nice ass neighborhood

  13. Do4n Ly

    I love my gang!

  14. onlee643

    Fake ass bangers
    This dude started getting tattoos after he started rapping lol

    Kendy Hoang

    Cuhz he got money now lol

  15. Alejandra Gonzalez

    Gang gang my boy crippled

  16. Mr. Nice Guy

    All garbage and.trashhhhhhh hehehehh shitttt so uglyyyyyyy😅😂😃😁😄😅😁😂😁😃😀

  17. Tyerell Mack

    Shout out to Nel all the way from Los Angeles to Stockton keep up that 🔥🔥🔥

  18. gang gang

    OG gangs

  19. Robert Le

    That the reason why they like that
    First: suicide boys x "mount Sinai"
    2nd: Vokab Company feat HeartBreaka x "lead you on"
    3rd: erd1 x Smack That
    4th: Evanescence x Breath No More
    5th: ellie goulding, juice Wrld x Hate Me
    6th: Hellovenus x Wiggle Wiggle
    7th: Skylar Grey x Coming Home (a.n.o. remix)
    8th: Eminem& Royce Da 5'9 feat Bruno Mars x Lighter (Ahmir, DPryde, Chilla Jones, J-reyez, Mr Jones)
    9th: jooba Loc feat Ryan MC x 459z & 187z
    10th: unknown brain x MataFaKA (Feat Marvin Divine)
    11th: SBOE x Banned From The Radio
    12th: young FingaPrints x 2 Bricks
    13th: bangGang x Five (Official music Video)
    14th: Baeza x Nothing Average ft Philthy Rich
    15th: Yung Berg x Love Don't Live Here (Official music Video) x don't make me do it
    16th: mbel x Can't Lose :side note, he didn't right any of the verse. Drake feat Drake. Same contract as the rest.


    In this song he blood dat nigga mbnel


    Dis nigga. Sloob he aint crip he threw up blood

    chris wizo

    Na he Crip.

  22. Rahman Shah

    Circles ND diamonds

  23. pechrenya hul

    The hood anthem...

  24. Robert Le

    Drake x Money in the Grave,
    Ariana Grande x Baby I

  25. Robert Le

    The Drake Still here some other deep shit
    Me and Tien got going on between

    "Drake x How About Now"
    Love you
    Like I love Cripping

    Top ramen
    Scroin x Mozzy
    Faithful x drake
    I'm gone x Hyph
    Whateva I say x Plies
    Three bitches at the same time x Philthy Rich

    Too ramen

    The Drake Still her
    Was suppose to be

    "How about Now"

    That why it didn't make sense
    Two c
    Piru Chicago C
    AbZ Crips
    We got one
    C with Doll = Barbie and pooh
    C with Cash = Bladaha Tunchii

  26. Robert Le

    Drake Work,
    Due to my Block Call
    The only way for you to be removed,

    Real Love, than she has to Love me more than Tien
    After that she broke my Block Call

    So if you love me more than

    Came from the bottle

    Don't go home to your wife

  27. Robert Le

    Never Leave the Game - Jim Jones x Philthy Rich
    Start 1:15
    Shout out to
    1 and 6 that Tien
    From Body for Body Mozzy,
    She did the Girl part where Drake did his part.
    Use the girl female voice
    And put it in Never Leave The Game
    Blood Gang
    Start 1:28
    Not another try since Tien

    Blood - Piru Love
    Bladaha Baby Body for Body

  28. Robert Le

    When she with me,
    She has to Die her Hair Red,
    And it was like Blessed
    Orange chicken some shit
    Flame up, just like blood
    Only right the bitch stunt like me
    Matching bust down Rollin female vision on me
    Bless to dye Red Hair
    Cause he was an Red Blood

    Ferrari Boy Wake Flock Flames

  29. Robert Le

    Fabolous x Dream "throw it in the bag"

  30. Robert Le

    G Eazy X Tumble Girl
    Back to Back
    Been on
    You know what we did it for
    And I'm still on that willow nest
    Blood in
    Blood out

  31. Robert Le

    Wake flocka that Flame Bladaha
    Love my Gang Bladaha
    " Ferrari Boys "mence 'll society, x Philthy Rich and we gonna keep score bladaha
    Like I just bought my brother that new Ak 13 shooter by my side

  32. Robert Le

    Philthy Rich Ft Cheif
    Mence 'll society

  33. Robert Le

    I just bought my brother
    That brand new Ak

    13 shoot by my side
    Philthy Rich x Dnt be mence of society 2

  34. kiccdoe buddha

    Shit go hard cuhZ BK all day💙💙


    Dis nigga sloob he aint crip

  36. Oscar Luna


    Oscar Luna


  37. Fernando Puentes

    Weak ass shit

  38. Tenzin Rangdol


  39. FilthyCarbon

    First video to blow up


    Video is called on me


    If y'all go watch this video with stupid young he reppn that blue Flagg cuz in PHX az u get merkt


    This nigga a fake Crip bk


    Thought this nigga mbnell was Crip cuzz

    shirka Leon

    He is a crip dumb fuck

  44. Adam Phommachanh

    Who's here in 2019 I want my like

    dailydrivenn eh2

    Adam Phommachanh stfu

    Leo Nebula

    @dailydrivenn eh2 lmfao

    LooNeY TuNeZ

    Wtf you want likes for? YouTube paying you for that shit?

  45. louielaflare

    Aye how his hair wavy like that

    VTrilla G

    boujee bum he brush his hair and wear a durag

  46. 2kCheese FR

    Fake niggaz. y’all claim crip but let people wear red in da video

    Stockton Streets TV

    U sound like a nerd. No one cares about colors anymore.

    Lyfted One

    A gang is a gang if u cant wear the opposite color and still bang ur gang most likely u just started banging after awhile color loses focus when ur view is the cause and views

  47. FBI

    2019 anyone

    Michael Thach

    FBI FUCK 12

  48. James John

    Yeah I like dis jam but I love my money more.

  49. Ethan Hawj

    Aye next gang gang rapper coming up is going to be u stewjfilms keep it up damn your going to take the 🤟

  50. angad saini

    The guns are “props” 😂

    Stockton Streets TV

    Not a prop. Its a .22 rifle

    Mary Puckett

    Props or real are for pussys bra i use draikos

  51. Skye Maynard

    who's here in 2019??

  52. Shenika Chief

    West side till I die lil niggas

  53. Tyler Brewer

    What the fuck is up with his hair in the back 😂👀( made dislike 700 les get i cu)


    that haircut is an old asian crip haircut


    lol so you got to rap videos and see something you dont like and dislike? corny asf

    Tyler Brewer

    chonburi11 it was a joke smartyyyy 😂👌🏽

  54. Angel Romero


  55. Nana Servin

    Luvv My Gang🅿️🤞🏾🗣

  56. Ambitious Que

    Slappin dis from the 206 💯🤟🏾✊🏾💪🏾

  57. Blacksican

    mbnel i used to have the same gsg 522.i had the retractable stock tho.was my favv..your dope tho famm

  58. huy nguyen

    Garbage, disgraceful to all Asians

    Richard L

    Alright fob. You're the ones that people make fun of

  59. Barbara Evangelista

    stockton gang

  60. Kerry Lynn


  61. Louie Ruelas

    I luv my gang. Family first. Gang

  62. matt primo

    Get that mp5 22 out of here lol

  63. BlickyGot DaStiffy

    this shit str8 🔥🔥

  64. SilenceZ Vlogs

    this guys threw up blood on 0:57

    Cossa YFA

    ThAt means 8 cuz he from 8th street

  65. Basil Ahmad

    beginning of vid: all guns are props
    1:42 : Shoes a loaded clip

  66. Xhy3 Yag

    Dislike niggas.. hatin ass

  67. Otx hector S

    0:23 when u put cuts in yo hair so u have fake waves

    Shabi’ 00

    Otx hector S ha caught him slippin 👎🏿🤣

    Gerald Draymond

    LMAO 😂 😂😂

  68. matt and lyss

    Thats a nice neighborhood

  69. Augie Ramos

    Aye that’s truly_aibi’s cousin 👌🏻💯

  70. Gregorio Resendez

    These mexicans go hard😎


    Gregorio Resendez nigga I hope u know he’s asian 😂😂


    They asians

    Gregorio Resendez

    @NorCalBrah916 ...you ruined my joke😑

  71. Steve

    Where is he from?


    Stockton, Ca.


    mbnel very god

  73. TheRare Pathway

    Respect from a Marine in San Bernardino 😎

  74. Oliver N

    Korean gang gang gang

  75. Htoo Lay

    Who are u?


    Seki 💯💯

  77. moto hooligan

    Nice .22 in the beginning 🤣 watchu trinna flex boi

  78. Rizwana Khan

    Hekk yeah that's my beat and that sick dance

  79. Princess Lokka

    Fuck the other side 💅

  80. 6288 661

    Can I join your gangster club? Im really gangster and i did 2 marijuanas once so i guess you could call me a veteran marijuana doer. I also have a BB gun that looks real because i painted the orange tip black even though my mom said I couldn't (Badass, i know, i dont give a hoot). I also have a really cool henna tattoo of a giraffe that I got at the state fair thats pretty imtimidating. Anyway, I would love to join your gangster crew because I think i would be a good gangster thug


    559_ 847 damn, you a gangster already 🙏

    Malik Washington

    MBNel don’t smoke or drink

  81. Joe Mata

    Where yall vatoz from good rider shit much love from swat souf west alief tx houston tx

    Malik Washington

    Joe Mata they from an muddy boyz crip formerly known as OP & TP Filipino Crip

  82. PinoyLocc Makulet

    i love my gang rpb pinoy pride! 💯

  83. Jordan Bellows

    "ABG when they ask what I bang " At first I thought he was referring to Asian Baby Girls LMAO

    Malik Washington

    Jordan Bellows he said mbg dumbass

    chris wizo

    Muddy Boyz Gang

  84. Henry Mercado

    Fuck blood

    Malik Washington

    Henry Mercado he’s a crip his homies blood

  85. Rey Hearron

    Str8 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 on nayborhood central coast crip #LOMPOC CALI LUV 805-209

  86. Trinity Millian

    Lil boy

    Malik Washington

    Trinity Millian who’s a lil boy?

  87. Trinity Millian

    My cousin is in that mousing vedo

    Malik Washington

    Trinity Millian what’s a mousing Vedo?

  88. Richard Hernandez

    Western ranch gangstas lol

  89. Chingkhuba Moirangthem

    This rap increase my testosterone

  90. Letta G M•o•B•


  91. Deeez Nuutz

    Respect from Indiana thanx you got me listening to music again#219

  92. Jesse Vadja


  93. Gabriel Camacho

    That shit hard

  94. SixPathOfCrips SixPathOfCrips

    Cambodian New year's

  95. SixPathOfCrips SixPathOfCrips

    That's my uncle

  96. Priscilla Montenegro

    Thats the banger shout to mbnel

    Priscilla Montenegro

    From geestayfly gang