MBNel - Forever Lyrics

They say that nothing lasts forever
I just keep a pistol, cause' it get me through whatever
If you not out here shooting, you the one behind the bullets
And my nigga use to have the biggest smile before they took em'
So I...
Always ride around with that fire on me
I use to think the gang forever, till' he died on me
I had some trust, then a bitch went and lied on me
Then I found some suckas' load the Glocks, then I fired on em'
They say that love don't last forever
They say that it gets worse, before you gon' see any better
They say this world is cold, so I always keep a sweater
Tryna' knock some niggas, I'm tryna' get some niggas setup
Fuck a mask, look at my face before I pull it nigga
Beat his ass, take his money I'm a bully nigga
Been in the game, I'm a vet, and you a rookie nigga
Glocks with beams, turn a dog into a pussy nigga

I know that shit don't last forever
I know that shit don't last forever
I know that things just gon' get better
I know that things just gon' get better
I know that shit don't last forever
I know that shit don't last forever
I know that things just gon' get better
I know that shit don't last forever

Aye, I'm tryna' shine just like I'm Pose' to
Remember walking everywhere, but now a young nigga is mobile
And I just got your letter my nigga, and I just wrote you
These niggas hatin' on me, but still watching like a roku
And I'ma keep a hunnid' my nigga I keep it honest
I said I love my gang, and I'll always be riding for em'
If a nigga got a problem, I promise I'm slidin' on em'
I keep a.45, like 95' Micheal Jordan
I'm quick to blow just like a referee
You ain't a teacher, bitch quit testing me
My choppa' long just like a limousine
Addicted to the smoke, I treat my gun just like it's nicotine

I know that shit don't last forever
I know that shit don't last forever
I know that shit don't last forever
I know that shit don't last forever
I know that things just gon' get better
I know that things just gon' get better
I know that things just gon' get better
I know that things just gon' get better

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MBNel Forever Comments
  1. burningknuckle26

    Nel need to go back to songs like this and love my gang...

  2. Hohi Juise

    My younger brother got Rob by some African American dude I met at the welfare department took my two ounce my brother gas and food money for work you feel me

  3. Simeon&sheanna

    I know shit don’t last forever

  4. king xdiablitoxvz

    Bruh look at the back of his head aint no shit gonna get better that hairstyle finna stay there forever 😂💀

  5. D S


  6. Meech Moua

    Mbnel, Stupid Young, Thai VG.. favorite asian rappers

  7. blijah

    This is now my favorite song


    Punch line after punch line boom.

  9. Dollface Lucy

    i went through a trough break up of a 2 year relationship, getting mistreated feeling unappreciated and a little abusive.😓and when i listen to your music it helped me get through it, there was even a point in time i wanted to leave this world , you really don’t know who you’ll touch. keep it going 💯

  10. cristian munoz

    Gas 💯🔥⛽️👹

  11. suharto gumampong


  12. suharto gumampong


  13. zPanda Lover

    He got black Air Force 1s

  14. Rocky Y

    Whats the original song to the music again?

  15. Guillermo Vargas

    If ur not the one shooting then ur the one behind the bullet...????? Don’t he mean infront of the bullet


    booooooooy nice

  17. brah For real?

    209 fuck every one else

  18. Nate Lion


  19. Lu_ Mac


  20. Ms.Meka’G De’Cambodian

    This one of my favorite so far and this was the first song I Hurd of him. Man this shit cut deep. I call it SOUL MUSIC all of his!

  21. Money Man

    Homies on the east coast fken with you cuz...Neighbor hood

  22. burningknuckle26

    They say that nothin last 4eva

  23. trippin.over.trippie ugly_boi666

    Listen to "IDFC - Black Bear" or something like dat

  24. Native RL

    Dis nigga native style?

  25. TheBig TanK

    Real homies only add me jakeyboy1661 on snapchat, mildura Australia 🎲 wanna meet some asian chicks one day solid ones tho tricks errywer in my hood I cant rap but know a lot of people who maybe help yous tour 🌒

  26. Omar R.R

    Do a track with rey ressurection from sanjo...you and bruh tha hottest asian rappers out cali

  27. KikoMickey64

    Blocc so hot fools stay runnin that stop sign 😂

  28. Safirce Syri Mossad

    Felt Gg✝️

  29. Ghoust Rider Vx


  30. SpankinMikeHawk

    Deserves so much more recognition dawg!💯💪

  31. r.i.p. Lil danny

    Studio rapper

  32. william Jappah

    I've this song an I've the beat on 🔥

  33. Enoch Pola

    oum mbnel do you no thea I live in thea house

  34. Joey Carreiro

    "And My Niggah Used To Have The Biggest Smile Before They Took Him"

  35. Niko Johnson

    That cotton candy Faygo is fire

  36. Audrice Lynn

    this came out the day my cousin died , coincidentally this my favorite song & i just found that out . shoutout mbnel 💯🙏🏼 keep doing yo thang big bro 8-2-17

  37. Nick Zhang

    Can someone make clean versions of Nel’s music so I can listen at school

  38. Mr Nervous

    this joint really make you think🙏

  39. Fried Rice

    How do u know MBNEL is blessed well he has lemon tree in front of his house 0:22


    Lmaoo this mans think you blessed just cuz u have lemon tree in front of ya house

  40. Kevin Caampued

    2019 anyone here??💯💯🇵🇭

  41. Gordo Skinny

    Check me out! If you like songs that hit the feels....

  42. Vicx Tour

    Props to all the Asian rappers on the come up, you guys doing it

  43. Crypn Jynx

    I see you cupid🔵🇵🇭

  44. Crypn Jynx

    I see you cupid🔵🇵🇭

  45. Gamerkid V.2

    Who else goes to star market if you do like

  46. Lil Lazy

    Still my favorite song❤🔥

  47. Beanie 33

    Anyone know that one song that goes “everybody know I’m td up if you want beef start to pin we could meet up

    Stockton Streets TV

    D to the A freesyle

  48. DayEast

    Hella fire music

  49. Johnmike Tronzon


  50. The 408

    Tha homie straight sippin on some Faygo

  51. Hell

    Lao/Viet niggas out here ? 💯🤔

  52. cityshane1

    Ayyy lit

  53. Vid maker Tv

    South side Stockton

  54. JizzingTiger SquirtingDragon

    Straight fire

  55. Q Bae

    NBA youngboy need to get on this

  56. Ace A

    this is 🔥🔥🔥 respect

  57. Justin Doar

    that cotton candy faygo smacks

  58. Sanat Divekar

    This man needs to be on the radio

  59. Ira Carter

    He shakin the fuckk out dat faygo ! Dat shitt hella flat now ! 😝😝😝

  60. Alada Bandz

    They said it’ll get worse before it’s better 💯 that’s from the heart g o d

  61. Danielle Perkins

    Just ran into his music by accident but i guess i fucks with it

  62. Vanessa Stapleton

    You is my bother

  63. DontGetNext

    Song fye, but cut that bullshit hair in the back of ya head my guy.

  64. Niko Mango

    🔥 🔥

  65. Jaykie Brown

    I used to think all american artist are trash but he is goood

    Stockton Streets TV

    Look up j blacc dreams and nightmares bro.🔥 from same city as mbnel

    Jaykie Brown

    @Stockton Streets TV i did bro its hard g

  66. Abdullah Hamadi

    He fire af

  67. Meo Xayaleuth

    Sorry for your friend

  68. LeqitStats

    here before it blows up, good shot

  69. Young Mszyco

    Still slaps💯

  70. Johnny Fernandez



    2pac asiatico

  72. Kalvin Darapheth

    follow my insta , watermelonslice_

  73. Lil Hitterz


  74. Matthew Stagi

    the first bar is about fortnite

  75. BRODIE

    still bangin this in 2018 bouta bang this in 2019 shid 💯🔥

  76. naruto xkaliber

    ✡️ much love frm folks G

    Kim Jong-un

    naruto xkaliber gdk MOE shii lil boa, STONESHII

  77. Melo 510

    Wat they rep?

  78. 214 Cesar


  79. ItzNexler

    2018 Stockton Cali Nigga Up Next Cuz

  80. Bat Man

    I think he's the most gangster of them so far and Madison street that's crazy im from wisconsin I prolly would of roll thro just cuz of Madison

  81. Brandon Smith


  82. Cocoy Songco

    Best Filipino rapper alive!! Better than 99% of rappers today

    Classified Intel

    Lol dude is Asian dumbass

    Cocoy Songco

    The only gunz you’re shooting are in video games. Lame ass

    Manuel Martinez

    Shxrp Shooter no he Filipino I know him

  83. Fagolpoop Mcfart

    If he’s sees this comment RIP dustin 💔

  84. Cellie Lujan

    Thanks for making the song

  85. David G

    This nigga Los like he can catch a fish with a spear. He dope af tho

  86. Lacy armstrong


  87. Leilani Williams

    you is pretty

  88. Jocelyn_ Palacio


  89. Priscilla Montenegro

    My boynel

  90. Chingkhuba Moirangthem

    Weed 💨💨💨💨 blowin if you aint weed you don't know hiphop .

  91. Houdini Lee

    He go hard has anyone herd on me

  92. Diamond Acosta

    You used to go to edison huh😂🤫

  93. Young Sniper Squad

    Dime Asian crips go hard in the rap game


    Fuck a mask look at my face before I pull it !!! My favourite line 💯💯

  95. Jesse Vadja


  96. Ronald Bandy

    Take the dope got no hope