MBNel - Dear Jhené Lyrics

Thank you, Ralph

I know I never met you, but I love you like you here
Lately I been fighting demons, thinking you might disappear
For my niggas, risk my life, now I be thinkin' twice
Told your mom I'll get you right and move your moms up out the trife, ayy
And I'm an opp to my opps, if I was them, I wouldn't give a fuck
But over you I'd do a hundred years and do a hundred plus
Over you forever trippin' and I'd bust a hundred guns
Over you I'd risk it all and I'd bust a hundred drums
And I know that you ain't here, I pray to God that you healthy
Thuggin' in my hood just make me wish that I was wealthy
Used to never give a fuck, but baby, thank you, 'cause you helped me
Used to never give a fuck, you kept me solid when I melted
And I'm praying for the best but I'm expecting for the worse
Got you tatted on my face because Jhené, you was my first
You turned me to the man, now I'm thinking of my moves
Lord, I just wanna make it, God, I just wanna move
Made decisions in my life I wish I never had to make
Been through so much shit, sometimes my life, I wanna take
Gotta keep my faith even though these niggas fake
And I been through so much shit, you can see it on my face
Damn, I miss my niggas
Y'all ain't even here to meet y'all niece
Damn, this shit is wicked
I'm forever trippin', nigga, fuck my enemies
I'll put you over me
You're my motivation, keep a nigga out the streets
But fuck it, I'm still thuggin', niggas know just how that be
You just took my heart, baby, I don't want it back
Hurt your mom a lot, but for you, I'll take it back, ayy
While your daddy here, I'ma always have your back
While your daddy here, I'ma always have your back, ayy, ayy
While your daddy here, I'll always have your back
Lately I been popping pills, help a nigga through a lot
Missing all my niggas who stuck up inside that box
I just popped another pill, damn, I'm feeling lost
Feel my problems disappear every time a nigga pop
Riding in this foreign and I'm under with these tints
Nah, I ain't Nick Cannon but I gotta keep them sticks
Used to being broke, I'm just hoping I get rich
Weight up on my shoulders, I'm feeling I'm overwhelmed, ayy
Dear Jhené, this your daddy speaking
You ain't gotta worry, 'cause baby, I ain't never leaving
Pistol in my pocket, I'll blow it, give me a reason
You the one who give me hope, I'm surrounded by some demons
Sincerely, Nel

This one for my daughter, I ain't even meet her yet
But I love her all my heart like
And it's still free all my niggas though, you know
Real thug nigga though
Any one of you niggas lookin', no ho shit
Gang, yellow shit

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MBNel Dear Jhené Comments
  1. Noe Pantaleon Tomas

    I came from Stockton and song hits deep 🔥🔥

  2. Lamont Clah

    Hell yeah Cuhz that shit is fire that song hits too Regular 🔥🔥🔥💯

  3. Norma Lopez

    know matter what happens im with u mbnel plz like this i havent gotten a like from my idols like you

  4. Cito5 Almighty

    Up next fam

  5. Cito5 Almighty


  6. Peter Urie Bae

    Real music

  7. LooNeY TuNeZ

    I'm 36. Hardly listen to street rappers who is youngins. But MB Nel has been spitting shit that I've done went through and I can relate. This youngster been spitting truths. He make music from his everyday struggles. Much respect!

  8. Faith Xiong

    “ been through sm shit sometimes my life i wanna take.” that line deep 😣

  9. Edward Kaplan

    Made decisions in my life I wish I never had to make

  10. Edward Kaplan

    2020 is your year . Keep on pushin.

  11. Mr Ghostie

    Love u bro❤

  12. Zayfromcali NethOum

    Keep doing it I’m in Stockton your in Stockton let’s go but I want to meet you sososososo bad

  13. Zayfromcali NethOum

    Lately I been fighten demons thinking like you will just appear 🔵

  14. Yes Betty

    Tha Under dawg keep Pushin ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Josh Richie

    Nel too real💯🙅🏻‍♀️🧢

  16. angel dominguez

    Ima name ma daughter after this ❤️

  17. Baraa Ozil10

    Bro u gonna blow up just keep grinding

  18. Proofy 26

    I swear Mbnel inspired me 🙏💯

  19. Ig.harry. Charles

    Is there a type beat for this I wanna do a song about my life plz let me know I love this song and u so much much love bro

  20. Kimberly Lara


  21. Pysey Sengphachanh

    This song hit hard Mbnel keep coming out with those tight music.Love your music


    mbnel is the best then any of these trying to be rappers gang

  23. Asian King

    Damn got this reply

  24. Pysey Sengphachanh

    Your gonna be a good father

  25. b b g

    ayee thanks fo bringing this wonderful baby in my life cuzzin

  26. TRUTHxCJ


  27. Chino Visuals

    MBNel hits you different when you smoking a hotbox in the rain 💯 Hardest nigga out right now

  28. Ismael Beltran

    Mbnel music video are fire asf no cap

  29. Dudewatthefuk

    Ima name my daughter bc of dis song 🔥🔥🔥😢🙂

  30. Angelo Cowan

    Been listen to you bruh since day one!

  31. Fly Eagles

    Mel and polo g man 🙏✊💪 my guys spitting real

  32. DtnlJay

    Speak dat Real Shit CuhZo

  33. Patrick Close

    Bravo.. 📀📀📀📀📀🔐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🙏

  34. Orlando Espinoza

    I dont Know if youll see this or if anyone would read it but i was 17 got my babygirl name tatted on my face i can Relate to every word and breathe youve taken to express yourself💯

  35. Asics Tv

    I feel that pain, I have a son myself. Thank you for this, stay blessed.

  36. Mrwendell456

    This video should be more than a million views. My favorite all time song of MBNel. Mad days I had this on repeat frfr

  37. t yin

    This song got me tearing up!!! Rest in peace to my unborn

  38. Luna Anderson

    Underrated--on some Joe Blow/Jacka shit; haven't heard real music in a while.

  39. Noe martinez

    Song slaps

  40. Special Yorkshire

    I'd like to thank her for coming into my life. I'd love to be with you someday, even though I told you that I just see you as my friend.



  42. BigMoney Erim

    Did his kid pass lmk asap

  43. Isaiah Barajas

    💯💯💯💯This a song im dedicating to my (daughters)

  44. Emma Dayap

    “i know i never meet you but i love you like you here” i felt that

  45. Twxng


  46. Tom’s MusicHead


  47. Rayne Run

    KEEP DOING 🔥🔥🔥👀

  48. Crazy Gamer


  49. Eddy Leypon

    Making your city proud bro . Keep it up! 209!!

  50. TaeTooWavy

    Love to see my stockton niggas make it. Mudville baby ❤💯💪

  51. Ace Spade

    Damn " You kept me solid when i melted" I feel that in my soul

  52. Walter White

    I haven't cried since my first time getting locked up at 13 years old. Then i ended up getting blessed and sent back to Canada from lake worth Florida because my moms was hooked on them pills and i had so many problems got locked up for last time time and she sent me to live with in Canada with my ead out of fear for my life whether lost to the system or the streets. At 17 i decided id join the army and went to afghanistan as a machine gunner and that was more problems to deal with. That was 10 years ago but i heard this today and finally cried. Like a straight bitch. Because my girl pregnant and we just saw first pictures of her today. Crazy the feeling. Anyways love yall.


    wishing the best for her 💪

    Vicx Tour

    Much love n respect.. Thank you for your service brotha

    Alpacha BOWL

    Youve come a long way brother keep it pushin.

  53. Darlene Him

    Stay blessed 🙏🏼💙🇱🇦

  54. SandStorm XII

    Jhene Aiko?

    dek heay

    his daughter

  55. Selfmade Dylan

    Yo Mbnel you good that sad

  56. K1eight7

    On repeat💯

  57. Brennan Long

    Song hard af realest song ive heard dont have a daughter but i can relate to all my bros and and homegirls if yall get messed with ill do a 100 years and 100 plus for yall. Mbk aka my brothers keep and msk aka my sisters keeper yall dont got to b blood related to b fam

  58. Erin Akins

    Love this song!!! Keep it up!

  59. indra2x

    Cambodian here and I fwu bro om 🔥

  60. Selynne Yang

    Mbnel been that and done that 🔥🔥 love your music bro!💰

  61. Lerv Htoo

    Raw asl🥵🥵

  62. Jared Jones

    Did his kid die

  63. Nibop Nibop

    I slap this song 5 times a day fr

  64. Juss Nayt

    The best asian Filipino rapper right now and MBNel is sooo underrated

  65. Moua Xiong

    Your other song go hard but this have emotions

  66. Ig.harry. Charles

    Is there a beat for this song any where??

  67. AvengerX Savage

    Having kids will change you, stay blessed my man! Keep grinding and stay true to yourself G.

  68. Rubin Malic

    I just popped another pill Damn I’m feeling lost feel my problems disappear when a nigga pop🤯

  69. Mia White

    Keep your head up! I like this.

  70. Savy Proeung

    Do more collaboration with mbjoemari or stupid young

  71. Anastasie Essa Notsa

    and for you, i'll risk it all. love you NBNEL!!

  72. ꧁ঔৣKสrenfreefireঔৣ꧂

    Bro sound like j.i.

    blow blow

    Nothimg close to j.i.
    I dont see it💀


    @blow blow I don't say he look like

    blow blow

    @꧁ঔৣKสrenfreefireঔৣ꧂ no shit 💀 he dont sound like him💀🤡

  73. ExoticGaming

    I felt this song

  74. Jocsan Murillo

    If you doin 100 years why dose it matter if you get 100 more nigga you ain’t getting out alive

  75. Tatiana Ayala

    unc 🖤

  76. LIL X

    If y’all can take a couple minutes out your day to checc me out please and if you like the song like share and subscribe for more real hiphop needs to come bacc shoutout mbnel one day I will be rapping with you !!!!! I’m a phillipino/blacc/Mexican rapper


  77. Elephant Abortion Inducer


  78. Bridgette Dominguez


  79. Allen C

    This one hit me right at home.

  80. GameboyTommy

    Bra this is fucking heat 🔥📈

  81. twigg centeno

    Pinoy islanders fosho! 🔥🔥🔥

  82. Typical _K

    Praying for you fam love from toronto

  83. Joel Encinas

    WTF stockton? Bout to be relevant in the rap game. Thanks to Mbnel, Ebks, and Haiti Babii. Yo Mbnel should collab wit J Blacc!

  84. Leng Vang

    be deepest. i like u then a mufuck. nickname -ccret. get it the fuck there

  85. Lo Yian Saetern


  86. jainnybenzo


  87. Destiny Mendez

    Damn .. I had to hear this twice 🙏🏻 , I’m pregnant with my son realizing shit could happen so fast within seconds .

  88. Chink Go Skkirt

    Mbnell should be blowing up🔥🔥

  89. MiguelBslumped

    Don't sleep on nel bro got barzz

  90. Naing Oo

    Pistol in my pocket il blow it give me a reason

  91. Isiah Vang

    Rip jhene sorry for yo loss

  92. Got Owned

    Dear Nate, i know i never met you but i love you like your here.
    Lately I been fighting demons thinking you had disappeared.
    When i say I miss you i pray to God you know that it's sincere,
    And it's blowing my mind that its about to be a year, because baby boy I still can't except the fact that i cant have you here.
    Dear Lord please God i just pray you keep him healthy,
    Thugging in these streets i just wish that I was wealthy,
    And yes baby Nate i know i put your mom through a lot,
    But i love her like no other and she'll always have my heart,
    Im just hoping i can make you both proud and realize i never meant to break your hearts,
    See lil man I really had it hard, i know it's not a excuse but im speaking from my heart,
    And if i had you i would never do you harm, or ever dare expose you to the type of evil I was fighting from the start,
    I would guide you to the light even though my life has been so dark,
    I still have dreams where im holding you in my arms,
    While mommys doing homework and were posted in the garage,
    Then mommy comes and gives us a lil taste of her heart,
    And says "I love you fat boys" and kisses us on the cheeks while gripping on our arms,
    Then the nightmare hits hard and i see us fall apart and everytime i wake up I feel so empty cause i no longer have the love i always needed from the start,
    But I swear I'm still so thankful i got to know life and experience this part.....this thing that we call a family and love cause i remember all those nights talking to you in the park,
    And playing with mommys belly while you were barely growing a heart,
    Now your so big and in your photos you look happy,
    But please Nathan dont ever think you never had a daddy,
    But ill explain all that when we meet and until then ill be forever missing you badly, I Love You My Lil Snorlax Molerat lil Man, I Cant wait to see you Love From Bryan Cornejo aka your Dad.

  93. Izz Empiree

    Fr don’t forget your ogs when you blow up

  94. Konceited707

    Bruhhhhhh i fuck with your shit homie keep doing your thang in your own lane i see you .. salute.. gang