MBNel - Alone Lyrics

2 A.M. where do I begin crying off my face

This a letter to my enemies won't let you get the best of me nigga I'm always on my ten toes I keep that teck with me nigga
I know they testin me nigga
So I keep that lead with me nigga
When I was all alone no one was ever there for me nigga
Spot light on me now feel like pockets these eyes is on me
I'm sinking deeper in that water its getting harder to breath
And from the bottom to the top its getting harder to reach
Highway to the riches seeming the roads getting harder to see
Circle small I keep a few to be around me nigga
I do this shit for everybody whoever doubted me nigga
In the dark I'm all alone just be talking to mirrors
I drop the stock and put a dick inside the bottom of my pistol
Don't try to come shake my hand cause nigga you don't know me
Just know when I come alone I don't come by my lonely
Got something bulky tucked up on me
Nigga come run up on me
I keep a torch under my Louie light 'em up like a stogy
I made a promise that I'm gonna shine like some diamonds
I got these niggas sending threats but I'm not the type to be typing
Keep playing with me I'll put an entity on war like the Mayans
Got niggas trippin of my name got something for 'em to tie it
Niggas out here sellin tree's but I'm to cheap to go buy it
Feel like flyin all alone inside this plane I'm the pilot
Got all these angels on my body cause I needed some guidance
I asked you niggas for some help and all I got was some silence
I ain't the type for discussions I don't pick up when its private
They say life's a Marathon and I'm just racking up millage
All these guns a nigga got they think I'm part of Isis
They sayin they will kill everything give this a moment of silence

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